Under your covers, more torture than pleasure. And just passed your
lips, there's more anger than laughter.
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Under your covers, more torture than pleasure. And just passed your
lips, there's more anger than laughter.
Category: (general)
Thursday, 8 April 2010
09:16:17 PM (GMT)
Not now, or forever will I ever change you. I know that to go on, I'll break you, my

I hear you, I do.
but I still don't feel a thing.
why? I don't know.
I almost want to, but I'm too bitter i guess.
Jake says that so many people have done this to me
so now, I'm calloused to it.
I just don't give a shit basically.

That sounds pretty true from my own perspective.

Not that you are a bad person, because you aren't
it's just that your "hot and cold" attitude turns me away.
really. it does.

its like one day you're hanging on my every whim
the next day you complain about something i did
even if it was an accident, or i didnt mean to do it.
 even if, to me, what I did was nothing wrong.
and it goes back and forth.

you keep saying Everyone does this to you.

ever stop to think why?
they probably all feel the same as i do. like you go from hot to cold. constantly.
i know i dont like the inconsistancy of your temperament. its hella annoying.
I know some people can put up with it, but I just don't have the patience for it.
i feel like you act like a kid who throws temper tantrums.
and now you complain that I shut you out. but honey, you shut me out first because
you thought[s/] i was upset with you.
instead of appologizing for that misunderstanding, you kept draging it out so i said
fine. and i got out of it.
if you would have come to me and said "morgan, im sorry for getting so upset. I
jumped to conclusions before asking you and i shouldnt have"
then i would have said "I'm sorry too"
then voilà. problem solved.
but you didn't. you kept getting madder and madder at me when it wasn't even about

now we're here. you think i'm not close to you anymore, but its because you act like
I'm almost done with highschool and I'm honestly tired of the petty childish drama.
its soooo stupid. and im ready for you to act a little more your age.
i know you have problems, so does everyone. 
and I'm almost positive I've been through a lot more than you.
that doesnt mean i'm angry at the world or that i have the mentality you do.
babe, you're only making yourself miserable by thinking life is so bad.
suck it up doll.
don't be so over emotional. all your friends, myself included, are on your side.
so live it up
quit being so arrogant and over-dramatic.
you weren't this boy when i first met you, at least you didn't show it.
Last edited: 8 April 2010

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