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Star-Stabbed... part 3.Category: Stories
Saturday, 20 March 2010
05:49:17 PM (GMT)
A few minutes later, they’d reached the top floor. They could hear music thumping
from the end room, where Simon said the party was being held. Chris fished in his
pocket and took out 2 VIP passes. He gave one to Max, and they walked toward the
room. The bouncer was standing in front of the door to stop uninvited guests from
entering. He saw the passes and stepped aside to let them enter. Once inside, they
were surprised to find an ordinary room, with ordinary party decorations in. Of
course, there was a television crew in one corner, and a few tables and chairs set
out. There was a buffet along on wall, and a stage in the center of the room. Max and
Chris made their way over to a table for two, close to the stage. They looked around
for signs of Simon or some other celebrities, but so far it was just they and a few
finalists. They heard the door swing open, and watched as Max’s mum and Simon
walked in, laughing. Max raised an eyebrow and watched as they went over to the
buffet and helped themselves to some cocktail sausages. Simon saw her looking at them
and went over to talk to her. “Oh hello Max, you got here early. Enjoying
yourselves so far?” Chris actually managed to talk to Simon now.
“Yes, it’s great fun. When are the acts going to perform, and more importantly,
when is Max?”
“Well, as soon as everyone gets here I suppose. You two wouldn’t mind moving to a
table for 4 would you? Only I’d hate for your mother to sit on her own Max.”
“Oh, yes of course! But whatever am I going to sing exactly?” Max asked.
“Whatever song you know I suppose. Our DJ, David, he’s got pretty much any song
you could wish for on CD over there. Go talk to him and sort something out before it
gets to busy eh?”
“Sure thing. Come on Chris, let’s go now.” She said, grabbing Chris’s hand
and pulling him over the stage to the DJs booth on the other side. David asked what
she wanted, and when she couldn’t think of anything, Chris had a suggestion. “How
about that song you were singing earlier, in the hotel room?”
“Oh you heard that? Well ok.” She turned back to David. “Have you got ‘Taylor
Swift- You Belong With Me’?”
“Yeah, I think so. Bit of an oldie isn’t it? Ah well. I’ll see what I can do.
What song do you want in reserve, you know, incase I can’t find it or whatever?”
“Hallelujah, please.”
“Okie dokie, so, come over and tell me when you want to begin ok?”

When all the guests had arrived, along with Piers, Ant, Dec and Amanda, Simon came
over to Max to ask her to ask the DJ to begin. Simon then went over to the television
crew to tell them that they can start filming for the live show when Max goes on
stage. They started filming with Steven Mulhern presenting the show over the noise of
the disco. Max was now standing on the stage, ready to begin her performance. Max’s
mum and Chris were sitting at a table close to the stage. Max’s mum gave her a
thumbs up, but Chris blew her a kiss. The spotlight focused on her, and she felt the
feeling of joy and terror that she’d felt so many weeks ago, standing on the stage
in front of hundreds of people. She gripped the mike, and nodded to David. The
television cameras focused on her as she started singing to ‘You Belong With Me’.
Her mum looked at her in disbelief, as if she simply couldn’t believe that this
angelic voice was coming from her daughter. Chris got his phone out and started to
text Max. He wrote: ‘Max, I’m crazy about you. I love you so much. You are so
pretty, I couldn’t live without you. With you go out with me?’ He didn’t send
it though, but held it under the table, with his fingers hovering over the ‘send’
button. Max had finished her song, and stepped off the stage. She handed the mike
back to David and started walking back towards her seat next to Chris. He pressed the
‘send’ button and bit his lip. Max sat down and rested her head on his shoulder.
She felt her phone vibrate in her bag and took it out. She slid the screen up and
touched the text to read it. She read the text, but had to read it several times over
to make sure she’d got it right. She looked into Chris’s eyes, and saw them
glint. She knew he meant it. “Yes.” She whispered.

At 10 pm, the under 18s were sent off to their rooms, as it was getting late. Max and
Chris walked down the corridor together and kissed goodnight as they parted by their
doors. Max entered her room, flopped down onto her bed and smiled. She changed into
her pajamas and slippers and lay on her bed. She glanced at her phone and saw it
light up. She grabbed it, lay on her bed facing the ceiling and read the text. “Hey
babe, missing you already. X Chris X”
She didn’t bother to reply, but slipped her phone into her pajama pocket, grabbed
her key card, and made her way to Chris’s room. She knocked on the door and
listened as Chris hauled himself out of bed and unlocked it. He opened the door and
yawned, but he seemed to wake up when he saw Max standing there in a short silky
nightie and slippers. He put his arms around her waist and picked her up. He threw
her over his shoulder, and listened to her delighted giggles as he spun round, kicked
the door shut and let her flop onto his bed. She lay on one side, playing with a
loose bit of thread on the duvet cover. Chris took a run from the wardrobe and belly
flopped onto the bed beside her. “So what do you want to do?” She asked.
“Well we could always…” Max knew what he was going to say.
“No Chris, I mean, I love you, but we’re underage. And we don’t have a condom
anyway. What would my mum say if I got pregnant?”
“Fair enough. I miss you when you’re in your room though… Can’t you stay
“Well… I suppose so. I mean, my mum’s never going to find out, and we don’t
have to do anything.” Chris dived under the covers and Max followed, smiling. She
lay down and let her head sink into the pillow, gazing into Chris’s eyes as he did
the same. Max closed her eyes, smiling, and soon fell asleep. Chris was still looking
at her a long time afterwards, but eventually fell asleep himself.

The next morning, Max woke up at 8, lying next to Chris. He was still fast asleep. It
must have gotten warm that night, as Chris was now lying there in his boxers. She
found a post it note and a pen and scribbled a quick note to him. ‘Gone back to my
room to shower and get changed. See you at breakfast Love From Maxii xxxx’
She placed it on the pillow next to Chris, made her half of the bed, and then went
back to her room. She opened the curtains and looked out over the streets of London.
She wondered what time the party actually finished last night, and turned the shower
on to warm up. She went into her bedroom and picked her phone up to check for texts.
There was one, from Chris. ‘Hey babe, just got your post it. That’s fine, stay in
your room, I’ll come and give you a knock at 10 xx’ She checked the time- it was
already 8.30- she needed to get a move on. She grabbed a towel from the top of the
wardrobe, undressed, and got into the shower.

At 10am exactly, Chris knocked on Max’s door. Running to the door, she unwrapped
her hair from her towel and ran her fingers through it. She unlocked the door to find
Chris standing there, wearing his blue jeans and red shirt. He had one arm behind his
back and one hand in his pocket. She put her head to the side and smiled at him.
“What have you got behind your back?”
“That always means something…” She tried to look around him to see what he had
behind his back. He spun round to stop her seeing and backed into her room. She
followed, kicking the door shut behind her and chasing him around her room. Chris
stopped by the window and smiled. The sun was shining through the blinds and
reflecting off his eyes, making them glitter brightly. “Close your eyes and put
both hands out.” He told her. She did as he said, and opened her eyes as Chris
placed a beautiful bouquet of blood red roses in her arms. She put it down on her bed
and leant forward to hug Chris. He was so cute, and kind. She kissed him on the cheek
and went over to the mirror to brush her hair. Chris blushed and sat down on her bed,
stroking the rose petals on the flowers. Max brushed her hair and clipped a small bow
into one side. She picked the roses up and put them in the empty vase that sat on her
dressing table, pouring some cold water into the bottom. Her and Chris held hands,
entwining fingers, and walked down to breakfast. They ordered a bacon bap and some
pure apple juice, and sat down at a table for two. Tucking into her breakfast, Max
looked up at Chris’s face. His baby blue eyes, his tanned skin, his perfect nose.
There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with him.

That evening, Max got changed into her black skinny jeans, blue blouse and belt, and
her blue dolly shoes. She tied her hair into a side plait and tied a piece of blue
ribbon around her bobble. She traced the outline of her eyes in electric blue
eyeliner, and brushed black mascara onto her eyelashes. She put her keycard, phone
and money into her handbag and knocked on Chris’s door. He smiled when he saw her,
and told her to come in- he wouldn’t be a moment. He was still topless, and his
boxers were showing over the top of his jeans. Chris reached in his pocket and looked
at his phone. He read the text that had just popped up on the screen. He sat on his
bed and stared into space, dropping his phone. Max picked it up and read the text.
“Hope you’re having a good time Chris. I head you and Max are in London to see
the BGT final. Hope you enjoy it mate. Love From Dad x” She looked at the top of
the screen and saw that the ‘from’ address was really from his dad’s phone.
“So, do you think that’s actually from him?” She asked, putting her arm around
Chris. “I mean, if it is, then he isn’t dead. But if he’s alive, what was in
the coffin?”
“Well, I guess if they can’t find the bodies, they fill the coffin with bricks.
If your father is alive, does that mean mine is?”
“I think so, I mean, they’re best mates right? So they’d help each other.”
“I wonder where they are… Well, lets not let this spoil our evening. Come on, the
show starts soon.

After the show, they went back to Chris’s room and sat together on his bed, piecing
together the puzzle. “Come to think of it, you know, we weren’t allowed to look
in the coffins. And neither were our mums. Maybe they were empty, or had bricks
“And if there were no remains, or very little, how would the officer have known
that it was our fathers?” They were scribbling all these points down on a page in
Max’s notebook, when they heard ringing. Max ran over to her bag, which was hung
over the hat-stand in the corner, and took her phone out. The screen flashed ‘Dad
ringing’. “Should I answer?” She asked Chris. He looked up from his notes and
nodded. Max pressed the ‘accept’ button and put the phone to her ear.
“Hello?” She began.
“Yes. Could I ask who this is please?”
“Max, don’t be silly, it’s me, Dad.”
“Dad? No, it can’t be. The officer came to our house and, he said…”
“Calm down Max. I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch, only some idiot planted a
bomb in our army truck, and blew my laptop up.”
“But the officer came to our house and told us that you were dead!”
“What? That’s ridiculous. They must have found the remains of my laptop and
assumed that I was dead. Or it could be because I’m not staying at army barracks
right now. Sorry Max, but international calls are expensive. Let your mum know I’m
ok, and I’ll email you as soon I get onto a computer.”
“Ok Dad. Bye, I love you.”
“I love you too Max, speak soon.” Max pressed the button to hang up, slipped her
phone into her pocket and flopped down on Chris’ bed. He closed the notebook and
lay down next to her. “So he’s alive then?”
“Yeah… My life couldn’t be any better right now…” She picked the notebook
up, kissed goodnight to Chris, and went back to her room.

In the morning, she had a shower, packed all her stuff back into her bag, and went to
her mum’s room. Her mum opened the door standing in her pink fluffy dressing gown
and let Max inside. She followed her mum to the bed where she sat down. Max stood at
the end of the bed. “Mum, last night, dad spoke to me.”
“What, in a dream? Did his ghost appear at the end of your bed and take you to the
past and future?”
“No mum, he phoned me.”
“But Maxii dear, he’s dead.”
“No mum, he’s not! He phoned me, and Chris’s dad text him! I can go get my
phone and I can show you the list of received calls if you like…”
“No Max. Some bloke probably stole his phone and…”
“Mum, the army thinks he’s dead, everyone does. But he isn’t. He told me that
he’s going to get a job, and as soon as he has enough money to fly home, he will.
He says that even if he has to fly to other countries for work before he gets back
here, he will. He’ll do anything to see us again mum.”
“Ok Max, I believe you. Go on, go wake Chris up and tell him to get packed, we’re
going to have to leave before 12 if we want to get home before teatime.”
“Ok mum. Can I call dad?”
“Go downstairs with Chris to the lobby and ask if you can use their phone- tell
them you have no credit. It’s free from there, so we might as well make the most of
it. The television studios have paid for our stay here anyway.”
“Ok mum, see you later. What time and where do you want to meet?”
“Oh just go love, enjoy a few hours around London. Text me and I’ll come and pick
you up from where you are ok?”
“Great, see you” She said, running out of the room and down the corridor to

She knocked on Chris’s door and stood against the opposite wall, tapping her foot.
Chris opened the door a few minutes later, in his boxers, and yawned. “Oh hi!”
she said. 
“What time is it?” Chris yawned.
“Time you got up! Come on, I’ll help you get packed then we’ve got to go down
to the lobby to phone our dad’s. I need to ask mine about getting home and
“Look Max, you go phone your dad. I’ll wait until I get home to phone mine.”

Max made her way down to the lobby to use the phone, but hesitated at the bottom of
the stairs. It was quiet, almost too quiet for a posh hotel. All of the contestants
should have been signing out, a few other guests or staff milling around minding
there own business- but they weren’t.  It was like a ghost town. She slowly walked
through the hall and poked her head through the doorway. There was an old man sitting
at one of the tables, reading through a newspaper and sipping a cup of coffee, and a
tough looking group of blokes standing near the main entrance. She swiftly made her
way across the hall to the desk and looked around for someone to ask. She glanced
around quickly and rang the little silver bell that lay on the desk. She leant on the
desk and began playing with a strand of her hair, when she felt a hand on her
shoulder. She froze- knowing it must be one of the men. “Yes?” She asked, trying
to stay strong.
“Shut up, just come with us.”
“What if I don’t want to?”
“Oh, don’t you? I didn’t want to resort to violence, but I guess I have no
choice…” The man said. Max turned around and faced up to her attacker. She
remembered her self-defense course and moved away from any objects that could be used
as weapons against her. She put her fists up and prepared to fight. Looking past the
man facing her, she could see that the old man was lying on the floor, blood
trickling out of his nose and a cut on his forehead. Max knew that with one blow,
she’d end up like him. Her attacker launched a punch at her chest, which she just
about managed to dodge. She took the opportunity to kick this man between the legs.
He winced and fell to the floor, his face twisted in agony. His friends, that had
been watching from a distance, saw this and came over, two of them carrying knives.
Max ran back towards the stairs, but one of the men was quicker and blocked her exit.
One of the men stood by the main entrance, blocking any way of escape. She ran back
across the hall to the other staircase and pounded up the stairs, the men close
behind her. She managed to lose her pursuers for a minute and stood outside Chris’s
room pounding on his door. He opened the door and shut it behind him, seeing Max
panicking and crying. He told her to go find a place to hide, but she refused to
leave him. He tried to open the door, but he’d left his keycard inside, and the men
were approaching fast. He grabbed Max’s hand and ran down the other staircase down
to the lobby. He tapped the bloke guarding the doorway on the shoulder and when he
turned around, kicked him on the shin, punched his chin and ran past him. The men
that had chased Max upstairs came down in the lift, and surrounded them. One of them
drew a knife from his jacket pocket and swung it in Max’s direction. It narrowly
missed her chest and cut her shoulder. She cried out in pain and kicked the man
in-between his legs, but he didn’t even wince. He grabbed her arm and pulled her
towards him. He held onto her and held the knife high above his head. Max winced; she
knew she could stop this blow. The man brought his hand down hard, and stabbed her
stomach. He let go of her arm and ran away, letting her flop to the ground. Chris
looked over his shoulder and gasped. Whilst he was distracted, one of the men stabbed
Chris in the side and ran off, the rest of them following. Despite his pain, Chris
managed to stay conscious. He knelt down beside Max and took his phone from his blood
soaked jeans pocket. In agony, he dialed 999 and asked for an ambulance, telling them
what had happened.

2 weeks later, Max weakly opened her eyes. She could see a bright light, and
everything was blurry. Her vision focused and she glanced around, but she couldn’t
see Chris anywhere. She tried to sit up, but she could barely move. She was attached
to loads of machines, tubes and wires everywhere. Looking out of the window and
seeing that it was dark, she decided that it must be nighttime and went back to

In the morning, she wearily opened her eyes again. The sun was shining brightly in
through the window now and there was a doctor and a nurse in the room. “Excuse
me…” She croaked. “Can I have a drink please, or can one of you like, explain
what happened?” The doctor asked the nurse to fetch a glass of water and sat on the
chair next to her bed. “Max, you were stabbed, remember? Look, I don’t know the
whole of it, but you are very ill. You almost died.” Max nodded, trying to take it
all in.
“Oh. Where are the men… that tried to… kill me?”
“The police have arrested 5 men who have pleaded guilty for intending to cause
grievous bodily harm and intending to rape you.”
“Oh… so hopefully they’ll like, be sent to jail?”
“Yes. They’ve been released on police bail but have been placed on the sex
offenders list and…”
“Ok, I get the idea doc, but… wait… where’s Chris?”

It was 4pm and Max woke up to the feel of someone stroking the back of her hand. She
partially opened her eyes and squinted at the figure sitting near her. She could hear
one of the machines making a faint pinging noise, and another one making a high
pitched whining noise. A nurse rushed into the room and fiddled with one of the tubes
until the whining stopped, then left. Whoever was in the room was gripping her hand
and crying, not realizing she was awake. She closed her eyes for a while and listened
to the person. It was too low pitched to be her mother, but it was too low pitched to
be Chris. She thou

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