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i will disguise myself as a sleeping pill and descend inside of youCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 26 January 2010
06:26:45 PM (GMT)
Do you think that people judge more by looks or personality? 
Both? :U

Name one person who gave you butterflies this month?  
fdysuhsadjkl c:

Do you know anyone who can make you happy no matter what?  
why, yas i do.

Do you like anyone special right now?  

Who's the last person who surprised you?  
ahm..well..idk LOL

Have you kissed in the rain lately or ever?  

Do you have anyone on your mind lately?  
well yes sir.

What's your most missed memory?  
5th grade ;c

What's the saddest you've ever been and why?  
oh, ahahaha. last spring, why? well, that is being a little nosy C:

Do you have a reason to cry right now?  
Kinda? :U

Are you sad that Jersey Shore is over or do you not care?  

What's the last movie you saw?  
part of "The Rookie" because ahm...in health class we had too.

Do you have any plans for tonight?  
..read a book and sleep? :U

Who's the last person you wanted to kiss?  

Why do people say "like" so much?  
because I like that word. C:

Do you have a formspring, tumblr, etc?  
uh..no? xD

Is there anyone you wish wouldn't hate you?  
hate is a strong word ;D

Do you think if you took a pregnancy test today it could come out positive?  

Is there anyone in your life you cant stand?  
if i can't stand them, i sit down C:

Do you have any hypocrite friends?  

When's the last time you couldn't stop smiling?  
today xD

Has anyone ever gotten on your bad side for good?  
eh..not really.

How do you think you're going to die?  
in a park. while i'm walking. when it's beautiful out. i'll just drop dead

Are you ever scared of the world coming to an end?  
well..not really. xD

Do you have any weird phobias?  
ohnono. excepts clowns. 

If you could pick two people to have in your life forever who would it be?  
marissa] AND DAVIM :> [david and kim]

Are you more likely to pick truth or dare?  

What kind of pets do you want in the future?  

Do you want kids in the future?  
idk. i mean, that really stretches someones vaggo.

Do you think you've already met your soulmate but they passed you by?  

Have you ever been called a whore, slut or bitch?  
well, david, is so nice to call me those names c:

Do you ever eat your feelings?  

Would you rather walk through rain or snow?  
snow *U*

How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?  
santa is real FFFFFFFFF

Do you think you're a bad or good influence?  
inbetween? ;D

Is there a class you don't think you could live without?  

Have you ever drank shots?  

Do you get attatched to people easily?  
yas ;c

When's the last time you felt alive?  
for the past few days i have felt that C:

Have you ever laughed til you cried and why?  
i have, but i dunno about what.

Are you mean to anyone on purpose?  
sometimes ;D

Would you date a blow up doll for a million dollars? 
well, why can't i do it for free? C;

Did you do something dumb the last time you were drunk?  
no? i don't drink, really? xD

What's your favorite body spray?  
..dream from GAP c:

If your ex came to your house right now with flowers, what would you do?  

Favorite store in the mall?  

Do you tend to blow up or hide your feelings deep inside?  
i hide them, then i blow up on people C:

Are you more of a myspace or facebook person?  

Do you think Barack Obama has been a good president so far?  
hasn't really done much, i think o_o

What are you currently reading?  
To Kill a Mocking Bird and Total Oblivion. C:

Where do you want to travel next?  
britiannnnnnnnnnnn c:

Favorite nail polish color?  
bright colorssssssss ♥

Do you curse a lot?  
yes, too much sometimes LOL

What's the last CD you purchased?  
technically it was me and david. u____u
but it was owl city.

Would you rather paint, or make a collage?  
paint c:

If you had to listen to one musician all day, who would it be?  
paramore, i suppose c:

Have you heard the song TiK ToK?  

What are you listening to?  
nothin' :>

Do you prefer to have long or short hair?  
i wan longar hair. i used to have longar hair @______@

What is your favorite type of alcohol?  

When people piss you off, do you let them know or just play it off?  
lmfao. usually i tell them.

Straight or curly hair?  

What pisses you off most about people?  
that they are fake c:

What's your favorite fruit? 
..pears? kiwi?

What are your plans for Valentine's day?  
well, the friday before valentines day i plan on giving my friends shit c:

Team Jacob, Team Edward, or Team I Don't Give A Fuck?   
Team Major Cock.
Guess who's the captain? C:

What kind of phone do you have?  
..does it really mattar? :U

If you could color the sky any color what would it be?  
ahm..sunrise color?

Do you prefer soft music of shit you can dance to?  
both. LOL

What do you usually get at starbucks?  
cupcake? C:

Your given a million dollars, what do you do first? 
idk, save eet?

If someone wanted to buy you a new car, what would it be?  
a nice car? not like i can drive.

If you work, where do you work?  
on the corner.

Do you sometimes wish you could rewind time?  

Do you think the person you were five years ago would like the person you've
no. no i think not.

Do you like to follow trends, or do you like to have your own trends?  
Both, I guess.

What do you think is the most overplayed song on the radio right now?  
idk. tik tok? C: but i like eet.

If you could skip to any age, what age would you want to be right now?  
well..senior please. i would be..17? no wait. 18. i think.

what song reminds you of your ex?  

what was the last thing you spent a lot of money on?  
clothes? :U

Do you believe in long distance relationships?  
no. no i don't. it's shit. :U

Are you going to vote in the next election?  
no lmfao

If you could change one thing right now, what would it be?  
too long of a list, sirm'am.

Pink or purple?  

Do you think its attractive when boys wear tight skinny jeans?  
if it is too tight, that says something.
now doesn't it? C:

Whats your favorite flavor of gum?  
the best flavor.

If you could ask a psychic anything, what would it be?  
..."so k, am i gonna die soon or what? cos this shit is getting old"

Do you believe in tough love?  

What TV show do you hate right now?  
...ahm i guess..those dumb MTV shows. EXCEPT: My life as Liz ;D

Do you like to drive?  
a go-kart

If you could move anywhere, where would it be?  
britian i suppose.
get a nice accent C:

Whats your favorite thing to buy?  

Whats your favorite animal print?  

What's the thing that scares you most?  
well. sometimes, being alone scares me.
but then again.
aren't I?

What's one thing you wish you had more of? 
no what.

Davisaur says:   26 January 2010   181738  
I noticed that I called you a whore, a slut, and a bitch. o______o
‹we'rejustaimingtoplease♥› says :   27 January 2010   696120  
yas you has >:U

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