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Help me find the runawaysCategory: (general)
Sunday, 13 December 2009
09:03:44 PM (GMT)
Some penapls of mine have used Kupika as a place to organize a group runaway to the
state of Illanois. One of them is twelve years old, and attempting to travel by
electric scooter from New Jersey. She commented saying she was going to leave that
night four days ago. Her username is catmagic101a.

The other person whose already gone is user name MommyPsy. She's from the state of
Colorado, is thirteen years old, and plans to walk to Illanois along the highway. She
claims her name is Dakarra, but I suspect this may be false.

 this is a picture Dakarra posted
of herself.

I've tried searching for missing children their states, but I haven't found anyone in
their birthyear who went missing within the correct ammount of days, and there are no
Amber Alerts filed in either of their states right now. Part of the problem may be
that I'm searching from outside those states.

I remember that Kupika used to be a community where people would help total
strangers. We need that community. Is anybody good at searching the web?

I'm telling you, these kids aren't prepared for life on the streets. Please
help me find some way to contact their parents, or local police departments, or
something. Maybe saying "she's going to Illanois" isn't much information, but
it's a start! I don't want them to die!

All the palns for the runaway are in the comments of this diary.

In Illanois, there are concerns of the rising cougar population- In Illanois the
tempature drops below freezing every night in December- In Illanois you need
to be sixteen to even file for working papers, which these girls can't do without
adresses, leaving them to beg until they turn eighteen- It is virtually impossible
that these two will find each other out of everyone in Illanois, leaving them
completly alone. If they aren't found they won't live. As in, right now they're
probably alive, and in a few days they'll probably be dead.

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   13 December 2009   300280  
Runaways on Kupika?

I'm not sure how I could help there, but honestly, I would if I could.
Kirti says:   13 December 2009   864753  
Thanks Role. I know you'd be working with me if it weren't for the
whole differnt-countries thing.
‹Panda  Bear› says:   14 December 2009   863271  
I would love to help, but unfortunately i'm not on the U.S...

Let's help people.
Lyncheh says:   14 December 2009   458147  

They're sitting at home eating cheese sandwiches. 
Lyncheh says:   14 December 2009   383159  
She commented saying she was going to leave that night four days ago. Her username is catmagic101a.
catmagic101a Last login: 1 hour ago
Well, this one's definitely run away, right? That took all of two seconds to check.
Kirti says:   14 December 2009   776549  
Ordinarily I dislike your condescending attitude, but in this case,
thank you. Last night it said she hadn't been on in four days. Exuse
me while I go and slap her stupid twelve year old self for saying she
was going to do something so reckless.
‹hypnohsis› says:   14 December 2009   885471  
Thank you Kirti.For trying to find her.Thankyou.
Kirti cries:   14 December 2009   577722  
Please make an effort not to misunderstand my intentions in the
future, Ri. Pointing out it's stupidity means I care a lot, not that I
don't care at all.
‹hypnohsis› says:   15 December 2009   318670  
Oh trust me the comment I had first wasn't sarcastic.I think its
stupid to.She is risking people who care for her.People who trust
her.People who need her.She's risking it all to do a stunt that
probably wont work. 
‹Queen Of Thee Pit Of Darkness xD› says:   13 January 2010   330293  
Can you take this down kirti? Im not dead nor have I run away.
‹Queen Of Thee Pit Of Darkness xD› says:   13 January 2010   741448  
And dont i have to give you permission to use my picture?
Please take this down.
‹Song'smymessenger› says:   13 January 2010   589729  
Catmagic is still here....she was on yesterday.
She's ok.
Bootheghost says:   13 January 2010   726812  
They'll both be sitting at home, eating cheese and ham
sandwiches. <3
Kirti says:   13 January 2010   862985  
Yeah I know. I'm leaving this up in an attempt to remind them that
their plans were retarded, and doomed to failure. (With failure
meaning death that people flip out about.) 
‹Queen Of Thee Pit Of Darkness xD› says:   3 April 2010   619162  
Not retarded. Retarded to let you in on the plan or to let you know
about it. Next time, 

i'll keep it to thos who I can trust.
‹Claire<3Bear› says:   8 April 2010   896017  
Look Kirti, this (Is psy) could ruin my future, I plan to be know
someday (Im hoping) and If people do a search, this pops up. Pleas at
least edit the names on here not to be my actual name. I know you are
concerned, but please change it or edit it. Please?
HaruHime says :   10 April 2010   330192  
OLOL.I died.


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