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Meow. Things about me.Category: (general)
Sunday, 13 December 2009
09:02:25 PM (GMT)

Name: {not real name} Vanilla. :3
Relationship Status: Happily tanken. <3
Age: Well, 12, but I know a lot of old things, so I suggest that I am totally old. ;
Languages: English. xD;;
Label: PSH. Okay, Pyromaniac, Goth/Emo, Loner. You know, that misunderstood, crazy
hyper active, and sometimes quiet and lonely person at your school, who also loves to
burn things and brings lighters too school, with a pocket knife? Well, that's me.
Current Location: My room? In a Jungle by the coast of California.
Eye Color: LOL. Well, originally it was green turns hazel sometimes, his a neon
green, most times now its grey, with a slight green, a dark blue, and a hint of
brown. pretty much all the colors. xD;;
Hair Color: Eh, Brunnette, with a auburn kind of thing now, and blonde streaks.
Partner: Ain't tellin'. :>
Vehicle: Lolnope. I walk. :D
Overused Phrase: well.. "Liar." "Ohwhat?" "OHHALENO." "Dayummm." "Ohbloodyhell." and,
"Ohbitchwdh? Nyahhh, jeezus crist! -rollover- NOOOO."
Sexual preference: Does it matter? Well, Bisexuel.
Hobbies: Drawing, poetry/writing, singing sometimes, dancing, being lazy, not doing
homework, scaring the shiznits outta little kids. Burning things, and bringing
lighters to school, and having snitches tell on ya.


Food: Er, Ramen, Anykindofmeatexceptforfish, Sorbet Zesty Lemon ;D, andd, any kind of
mexican food really.
Restaurant: Hmm, Sapparo's, and Chipolte's Mexican grill. Ohyeah, and STARBUCKS.
Candy: Eh, Sour Gummi Worms, and Lollipops. Sometimes Chococlate if I have any. :>
Number: 13 baby. 8D
Color: Green/neon green, White, Black, Dark Red/red, silver, and dark blue.
Animal: Er, Cats/wildcats, such as White Tigers. Erm, Snakes, geckos, and baby
turtles. Big dogs, Like german sherpards and stuff.
Drink: LOLCOFFEEE, and Soda if we have some. And a couple of energy drinks a week.
Maybe like one or twice a week.
Body Part on Opposite sex: Er, Eyes, upper body.
Perfume: Eh? LOLIHATEPERFUME. Unless its the stuff my mom uses :>, well, since all my
friends smell like AXE, it gets on me, and I'm always about to kill myself for having
the smell on me.
TV Show: Eh, Flip Out, VH1, MTV, Comedy Central, andddd, sometimes G4
Movie: Friday The 13th(all of the ones, including the 2009 one.), Halloween
series(and the new ones), The Proposal(because Ryan Reynolds is in it.  )
andddd, Pirates of The Carrabiean(Spell xDD, also because of JOHNNY DEPP.<333)
Actor/Actress: Hmm, Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Stewart, Jon Travolta, and,
Matt Czuchry. Ohyeahand, Jack Blackkkkk.
Animes: Haha, alot.
Manga: Too many.


Pepsi or Coke: Coke definetly.
McDonalds or BurgerKing: Ew, but if it was for my life.. Well, still ew I'd rather
Chocolate or Vanilla: Psh, both.
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Both. Mostly Coffee. 
Kiss or Hug: Eh.. Kiss. :>
Dog or Cat: CAT.
Rap or Punk: Punk.
Summer or Winter: Eh, inbetween. <3 but SUMMERBBY. Winter is cool too. :>
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Scary, funny depends on what mood.
Love or Money: LOVE.
Favourite symbol: The.. Swastika. GOHITLER. I love Jews also. 'v'


Bedtime: Eh, 9:30... Usually Midnight. xD
Best physical feature: Er, eyes.
First Thought Waking Up: fucklife. 
Ambition: Eh, a singer, artist, cartoonist preferably, chef, orrrr, in a band, being
a guitarist.
Best Friends: My cousin, and Sabrina.
Weakness: ER, SCHOOL, homework, preppys.. Jocks.. andandand... INSECTS. D:


Ever been beaten up: Gangbanged. D:
Ever beaten someone up: Er.. Gangbanged. .-.
Ever Shoplifted: ONCE, it was like 2 energy drinks. xD
Ever Skinny Dipped: Nope.
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: LOLYEs. :>


Favourite Eye Color: Hm.. Grey, chocolate/light/dark brown, green/bright, maybe blue,
but a dark shade.
Favourite Hair Color: Brunette, a kind of blonde/dirtyblonde, blackkk. 
Short or Long: Eh, inbetween. My love has short hair because of his work. I love
swept side/emo haircuts. 
Height: Preferably like 2-3 inches taller than me. :>
Style: Eh, casual, gothic/punk, skaterrr, and yeah. no preps. or jocks. :<
Looks or Personality: Looks and personality go together, so there's no choosing.
Hot or Cute: Cute, and sometimes hot. ;DDD
Muscular or Really Skinny: Eh, I don't want muscular, or really skinny. I want
average. ._.


What country do you want to Visit: Eh, Europe, Italy, anddd Sweden. :>
How do you want to Die: Getting run over by a car, or crashing the quad runner again
and hopefully die.
Been to the Mall Lately: Actually yeah.
Get along with your Parents: Depends. Mostly my mom.
Health Freak: Eh, about noon, to 7pm then I say, "fuckit." xD
Do you think your Attractive: Lolno.
Believe in Yourself: Depends on the situation.
Want to go to College: Yes, go to New York for college baby. <33
Do you Smoke: No.
Do you Drink: Eh, depends. I do, but not everyweek.
Shower Daily: Yeah like everyday.
Been in Love: Yep.
Do you Sing: Depends.
Want to get Married: Eh.. Depends. I kind do, and I kinda don't.
Do you want Children: Yes, adopted preferably, because, whats the point of bringing
another baby into this world, when theres lots of others that need parents? :<
Age you want to lose your Virginity: Hm.. Preferably, Freshman year(14-15) or maybe
Sophmore. (15-16.)
Hate anyone: Yep.
Love anyone: a lot of people.

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