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When will it stop...?Category: Short Story
Saturday, 7 November 2009
03:12:45 PM (GMT)

Help me...When will it stop?
I am Jessica, and i am being terribly bullied...
I have told my mom, but she says to just ignore them... i try..But one day...I
ignored them too much, they got fed up and at the end of a painful day
it got even more painful! I was waiting at the bus stop where the sun shone, but i
saw 3 big, looming shadows in front of me, i knew who they belonged to...
Gabrielle, Carla and McKenzie, They were the bullies, i turned around and before i
knew it, i saw a great, scrunched up fist coming towards my face, i stumbled
and fell against the shelter, I held my face as pain shot through it and blood
dripped off my hand as i pulled it away, i quickly dabbed a tissue at it and payed
for my ticket, and went to the back of the bus. When i got home, i shouted in a
squeaky voice, 'I'm home' and slipped of my shoes, dropped my bag, and ran up the
stairs, tears running down my bloody face. I ran into the bathroom and locked the
door shut, turned on the cold tap and splashed my face with cold water, and watched
the blood drain away, down the plug hole. I heard a loud knock at the door, 'Jess,
Are you alright?', My mom called through the door, Panicking, panting, i called back
'Fine mom just washing my hands' and i heard her footsteps fade away down the
stairs...After drying my face and looking at the large cut on the bridge of my nose
in the mirror,I scowled and went to my room. Before going down stairs to eat dinner,
i covered my cut up with foundation and blusher. I had had enough!! I was angry, and
wasn't going to stand this anymore. The next day, i decided to stand up to The
GabCarlKenzie Gang, so when they came up to me at lunch to tease me, i said straight
back... 'Coming to bully me again you 3 measles?. well don't try, cuz I'm not scared
of you anymore, you have ruined my face, but you haven't ruined my confidence!' The
gang stood there shocked, amazed and my come-back, and they walked away whispering. I
expected more at the end of the day but... to my surprise, the girls walked quickly
past me and looked scared out of there short mini skirts. I went home, happy and
proud as i could ever be! 'I'm home!' I said in a cheery voice, my mom replied 'what
are you so happy do la about?' in a confused voice. 'Nothing' i replied.

The End... {x}

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