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quiz i STOLE from CVS [Saralyn]Category: (general)
Saturday, 31 October 2009
02:29:14 PM (GMT)
srly :]

If you found out that you were going to be a parent, what would you do?
oh god.
i'd get rid of it

What does your most recent text message say?
"HOE" from lauren at 12:58 which i didn't open until now because this quiz reminded
me of my phone

Do you currently have a crush on someone? Or any feelings at all?
uhm yeaaa xD

Could you forgive your bestfriend for sleeping with your bf/gf?
THAT'S hawt WEIRD i guess
if one of my female best friends slept with him i wouldn't mind all THAT much. i
mean, that sounds weird, but i wouldn't like freak out and get all emotional and hate
them for it.

What sport do you enjoy watching?
i only watch House and anything on Comedy Central

What do you miss most about the past?

Do you like country music?
Not especially

Did you kiss anyone this summer?

Are you cocky?
haha i always giggle when i hear that word because well you know
and no, i'm not cocky LOL

Are you listening to music right now?

Is any part of you sad at all?
i suppose, cuz i'm really tired i guess. but i'll feel better at the party tonight

Connection between you and the last person who text messaged you?
actually. i'm her hoe. but i like to think she's my hoe
she's a good pimp. she lets me do whatever i want and even gives me some leeway if
i'm late with her money

Name something you dislike about the day you're having?
i'm too tired to get going. i need more sleep but i can't go back to bed now cuz i've
been awake for almost 2 hours
and i know that later i'm going to use robo to make me feel better when it's actually
eating my brain and making me itch to bleeding
how can you still look at me?

Is your room ever clean?

Do you like being around a large group of friends, or a best friend?
large group of friends. i prefer 3 or 4 at all times. 5 is fantastic. i'm not very
good at one on one

Is there a night you would like to put on repeat, and live it forever?
yes, quite a few
volunteering at camp for 8 wonderful
spending the whole day with my fantastic friends
seeing a scary movie and shitting my pants, wanting squeeze myself in the space
between shawn and his chair so the evil forces in the creepy house can't get to me
ben sleeping over at my house on the floor on my living room, and then me
sleepwalking and back falling asleep on the stairs

Are you hard to please?
Not really.

Who were you with the last time you went to the movie theater?
uhhhh IDK uhm....shawn and his fam and nikki for harry potter? NO WAIT it was shawn
and his parents for Inglorious Bastards

Have you ever asked a boy for advice?
oh yea i get advice from travis allllllllllll the time. and ben and alex and shawn
all them dudes :D

Are you ticklish?

What song did you hear last?
All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix

How often do you listen to music?
every moment i can. i'm so sad cuz my ipod is always dead since i use it so much

Do you trust all your friends?
I don't know. yea i trust my best friends but i have a few friends who i don't know
as well

When you say you don't care, do you mean it?
usually not

Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
probably not

Do you listen to music when you're down?
yes of course

Did you say "f---" today?
that was my first word of the day besides "guhhh"

What do you bite on more, your tongue, lip, or nails?

Where did your last kiss take place?
duh, ben's maison

Look to the left. What catches your eye first?
tara's super cool keyboard that she never uses

Are you thinking about someone right now?

Are you dating anyone? If so, how long have you been together?
yes and uhm...one month as of today. i never really thought of it

How old will you be in 5 months?

Where is your mom right now?
her room. she's calling my cell phone D:

What piercing/tattoos do you have?
6, 3 on each ear but i hardly ever use them. lauren is going to pierce my naval
sometime, when she can get the needle and clamp from her friend. i forgot about that
until now i bet she doesn't remember either

What color is your hair?
brown lol

Is it naturally that color?
yep, no dye here!

How was your Summer?
very great i guess.

What were you doing at 10:30 PM last night?
errr half-sleeping i think

Who was the last person you talked to on the telephone?
my mom. she wants me to unload the dishwasher right now but i'm finishing this up

Who is the most beautiful person you know?
i know quite a few <3

If an ex said they hate you, what would you say?
uhhhh that would suck. cuz i have stayed in touch with them for the most part

Can you honestly say you would die for someone?

Do you have a laptop?
Nahh i don't got no fancy crap like dat xD

Are you proud of who you are?
oh i don't think so

Do too many people say things they don't mean?
i guess

Does it bother you when people lie to spare you 'heartache'?

Do you believe someone can be loyal to their loved one until death?
yes if they are right

Do we 'say too much and feel too little'?
the other way around mostly

Have you ever had a black eye?
yea ;D not from being punched though. and they aren't really BLACK they are really
blue then purpley brown then bright yellow

Do you laugh at jokes that no one else find funny?
YES and it's so awkward

Do you consider crying a weakness?
no not at all

Are you an "outdoorsy" type?
yeaaa i would say that sometimes

Does silence help you relax?

Ever done something you knew was wrong, and kept doing it anyway?
you have no idea

Do you believe we "live and learn?"

shawnman says:   31 October 2009   935369  
pocahantas bro pocahontas
‹AudioWhore› says:   31 October 2009   314241  
shawnman says:   31 October 2009   539335  
i grounded cuzz my parents are fags
‹AudioWhore› says :   31 October 2009   475527  

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