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MCM Anime Expo October '09Category: (general)
Monday, 26 October 2009
03:39:35 PM (GMT)

I saw...

... lots of anime characters. 8D

I suppose that was basically most of what I remembered~ xD Buht yeah. I guess I'll go
talk about eet now ♥
Sadly, I will not be posting any pictures, as most of the ones I took are of
cosplays, and I do not have permission from the cosplayers to stick up their pictures
over teh internet.


There... were many Ls in that convention, and all had black hair and black outlined
eyes and stuff xD And Misas. And one or two Lights. =o Buht my favourite of these DN
cosplays were one of three friends all as each of the three characters. There was an
asian girl with blonde hair playing Misa, and she had this little card with an arrow
pointing at her friend dressed as Light, saying MINE. 'Light' had one pointing to teh
girl/guy playing L (I don't know which gender - wan't looking closely xD) and Light's
card said UKE and an arrow to L. L had a card with an arrow pointing at Light saying
SEME. FAVOURTIE DN COSPLAY BY FAR. Their costumes were good tew, very accurate
especially Misa. L is tew easy to cosplay xDD *shot* So whut I mean about teh
card thing was that L had an arrow to Light saying SEME, Misa had an arrow at Light
saying MINE, and Light had an arrow at L saying UKE. That's whut I'ma trying to say.
Misa and Light were both cosplayed by girls. Dunno about L, I couldn't see their face
properly, buht they were awesome anyways ^^

One L I saw outside had the words 'Free Hugs And Rape :]' in biro on teh back of
his shirt.



Hatsune Miku

I never knew so many people actually knew who Hatsune Miku was in England ^^ Forgive
my ignorance, buht it was only about 6 months ago when I realised Vocaloid were that
iconic in teh world of anime and Japanese stuff and stuff and stuff =o Anyways, I saw
about 4? 5? Mikus. I have two particular favourites in teh Miku field. One for being
weird, unique and funny, and teh other for... being awesome and pretty and fitting
Miku's image perfectly, as well as having an utterly accurate costume ^^ Anyway. Teh
first Miku I'ma talking about I first caught my eye as I walked up teh steps to
London ExCel. She was dressed in teh standard, average Vocaloid outfit, buht teh ting
that set her apart from teh other sea of Mikus was her face xD Instead of walking
about with her real face, she had a piece of skin-tone coloured card strapped like a
mask over her face, with big blue shiny anime eyes drawn on in black marker pen where
her real eyes should've been. She had a gothic lolita-style dressed girl going around
after her, with a giant lampost-like stick with FREE HUGS on top. :D Free hugs huh?
Definitely a common sight in that convention =o Anyway. Teh second Miku I've already
said. She was so prettay and cute and stuff, with just teh right coloured twintails
wig, and Proper control buttons and panels on her two sleeves. She even had teh right
shoes and teh pink and black hair ties looped over her hair :D That Miku even had a
stuffed leek that I know was on sale there for a ridiculously high price D:. I
saw her as I was going home, running down teh steps tew, going home, when she was
stopped by teh 'Free hugs and rape :]' L guy for a photo~ I remember seeing one
little girl playing Miku, actually holding a real, thick leek tied with a rubber band

Oh yeah, and also, I saw a grown man cosplaying Miku also. Nice to know Miku is a
popular cosplay choice, not only for women and girls, buht for men ^^


Len/Rin Kagamine

I was surprised there were not as many Rins and Lens as Mikus, buht there yew go. In
fact, I only saw 2 Rins and 3 (or was it 2? o-o;; ) Lens, buht only one of them
really, really stood out tew me, and that pair were - I daresay teh best cosplay

Both Kagamines were played by girls, buht brilliantly <33 They had exactly teh right
outfits and everything, buht it was teh contrast on teh details that made me ask them
for a photo. The black parts on teh outfits were silver on Rin's, and so were her
shorts, whereas Len's were black. The little button panel things on their sleevs
actually lit up blue like atorche, and flashed whenever they pressed a button on eet.
83 I was impressed x3 Even their hairtyles totally matched everything, and they had a
chibi stuffed Miku with them when I took their picture <333 I actually thought to
myself at one point 'OMFGH! IT'S RALLY LEN AND RIN!!' before my common sense punched
myself back to sense and sensibility. xD They even had proper headphones with
yellow buttons and a circular shape and everything, and little mics attached to it~




I put these all in one category because I only saw one or two of these particular
characters ^^ Which surprised me, as these are pretty popular anime/characters, no?
=o I saw a couple of Ciels, including on with real, dyed blue hair. 8D The girl
cosplaying her had teh proper little hat thing and everything, plus teh right outfit
and isdugbosdugb. It's orettay hard tew explain, as I haven't read or seen much of
Kuroshitsuji, buht I knew enough to say that teh outfit was awesome, and it was teh
best Kuroshitsuji cosplay out of teh two or three I saw. And it was uhh frilly? I
think she was my favourite Kuroshitsuji cosplayer, as she actually had real blue
hair. 8D *is a sucker for crazy hair colour* Oh yeah, and I saw a really tall man
cosplaying Ciel Phantomhive, with long grey twintails tew~ 83 I even have a photo of
him 8D The cosplaying man I mean. Not a picture of teh anime characger xDDD; 



I... saw 2 Ashes and a Misty (teh original). Teh first Ash and Misty I saw were
walking down teh massive ticket queue right in teh morning. Ash had his trademark red
cap with that symbolly thing on it, and straight jeans and those finger-less glove
things that are green. Misty had natural reddish hair in a short ponytail on teh back
of her head. She had those denim shorts and a yellow tank top, with uhh.. brown
brace-type things holding up her shorts over her shoulders. She too, had those
finger-less glove things on. I was disappointed that they did not have Pokeballs or
Pikachu, buht they were still pretty good cosplayers ^^ They had to keep stopping as
many people kept stopping them to take their picture <3 An original choice
surprisingly, as I didn't see many Pokemon catchers. =/ Oh well~ I saw a pretty
saggy Pikachu during one of my wanders around teh con, buht as teh person was pretty
tall and skinny, it looked like a very skinny, thin Pikachu =/


Super Mario

I only saw one pair of Marios and Luigis, and they had teh most voluminous hats and
moustaches~ They were both cosplayed by women, and they looked awesome. Buht yeah xD
I can't really compare them as I only saw one of them. They were good. Buht there yew
go. xD Nice outfits. That dungarees and big red and green hats may be simple, buht it
was a very original choice.


Fruits Basket

Interestingly, I saw about 4 or 5 Honda Tohrus, a Sohma Yuki and Hatsuharu, buht NO
Sohma Kyo. =o Interesting... ¬w¬; There was... no particular Tohru that stood out
to me, them all having the same store-bought Tohru school uniform, bought from and that was it. No unique thing to set them apart from
teh other many Tohrus, so I wasn't particularly pleased. It always annoys me when
some people just go and buy their cosplays when they can save money and make their
own original cosplay at home... ¬¬* And they never look unique either! I was
however, a little more interested by teh two Sohma guys. I think they were both boys
that cosplayed Yuki and Hatsuharu, buht their uniform made me recognise them quite
quickly. I couldn't tell if Yuki and Hatsuharu had both dyed their hair accordingly,
or wore wigs, buht they did look scarily similar to teh anime characters. ^^ I was
impressed indeedly. :D


Sailor Moon

*nods* Yeup yeup. Oddly, only saw a couple of Sailor Jupiters and a Sailor Mars. =o
Accurate cosplay. ^^ One of teh Jupiters actually held a little talk about how to
pose when cosplaying. My mum was watching. :D Buht as I wasn't really paying
attention tew much, I don't remember much ^^; *shot* xD Buht yesh. They even had
gloves and head tiara thingys 8D


Shugo Chara!

Why did I put this in a whole subsection?? >.>;; I only saw ONE Shugo Chara!
cosplayer in teh whole con. ^^; Buht oh well. I saw Hinamori Amu walking around the
con, and also queueing for tickets in the morning as I arrived x3 She even had a
chunky Humpty Lock hanging off a gold chain, and a little chara egg box. She was
wearing Amu's classic 'Cool And Spicy' customised uniform and even had (ZOMFGH) PINK
HAIIIIR. OK, maybe it would've been a wig or something xD I saw two little red X
clips in her hair tew <3 She was accompained by her dad or uncle or something~ Amu
even had that 'Cool and Spicy' expression on her face tew~~ WAAAH. So amazing~ <3



As much as I HATE HATE HATE dislike this anime/manga, I am inclined to write
about it, as many, many people were cosplaying Naruto and Sasuke, etc. Although most
of them looked teh same, with those silver forehead bandy things. I spotted a lady
cosplaying Sakura, complete with pink hair and that reddish costume she had =3=;;
Can't they cosplay something more original?? -.-;; And, I saw a few Saskue and
a Naruto I think o3o Buht that was about eet. And oh yeah. That one with teh greyish
white hair and thing over his mouth... and Hinata! Complete with shy expression and



I myself cosplayed Cross Yuuki from Vampire Knight, wearing teh Day Class uniform and
skirt. =w=;; As I didn't have any thigh high socks that weren't completely black, I
wore black tights instead :3 And school-type black shoes. I forgot frigging band
though. Grr. My mum and I made my cosplay myself at home, at teh expense of about
£40 :3 I am sorry to say my choice of cosplay wasn't particularly unique, having
seen about 6 other Yuukis. Evey Yuuki I saw had teh proper TokyoToys made one, with
proper flaps for teh collars and stuff 8S I saw a Year 10 girl from my school there.
She was also cosplaying Yuuki. -.-;; Next year, I must cosplay more originally. >.> I
high fived another Yuuki, gave one a thumbs up and yelled 'OMG! WHAT ARE YOU DOING
HERE ZERO?!' to a random guy dressed with white hair and a Day Class costume ^^ He
said 'What about you Yuuki?', winked and walked away. I would've looked like a prat
and/or a retard yelling at strangers if he'd hadn't so yaay ^^ I saw another
home-made Yuuki uniform, this time by an older teenage girl, who'd also sewn sequins
over teh white ribbony parts on teh uniform~ She was with a guy dressed as Kuran
Kaname, in a slightly different, if cool, Day Class uniform. I also saw several
Zeros, I think, and about 2 or 3 Kuran Kanames in Night Class uniforms. :D All very
accurate, if a bit boring as they all looked teh same ¬¬'' So I'ma gonna make my
rating based on these monotonous uniforms, buht also on teh several more different
and more customised Day Class/Night Class uniforms. I will; do my best not to be tew



Right. Almost there. If you're still alive and reading at this point, I will
congratulate yew~ *claps* I saw 2 Sakuras, and a Tomoyo. Also one of their other
friends, I think, whose name I can't remember. Teh first Sakura I saw took me a while
to work out who she was, as she wasn't wearing one of teh usual costumes. It was teh
Staff Of Clow that gave it away. The evolved one I mean, with teh star and mini wings
instead of teh bird's head. She had exactly teh right hair colour as Sakura, and wore
teh blue and yellow dress thing that I remember faintly that Sakura did wear in teh
anime. Teh only aspect of her costume I remember most of all was teh giant blue bao
type hair things that were affixed to teh side of her hair~ It was cool 8D I think
there was a stall that sold hand held cosplay accessories, at about £49 for stuff
laik a giant sword and Kingdom Hearts Keyblade for around £100... o.o;; Teh other
CCS cosplayers I saw were teh trio with Tomoyo and Sakura and teh other one whose
name I couldn't remember. They, interestingly, wore teh Tomoeda Elementary School
uniform, with even teh little poofy white hat thing with a black ribbon thing at teh
back. They looked fabulous, and I was surprised they wore teh ordinary uniform
instead of teh many fantasy-type clothes Sakura usually wears when she catches teh



I saw a grand total of... two Kingdom Hearts cosplayers. OK, maybe there were more
than that, buht this one I saw was awesome, and stood out tew me most of all. I first
spotted this one, cosplaying Sora over by teh music/rock band/Guitar Hero-type stand.
Sora was standing roughly by teh edge of teh crowd, buht not actually watching teh
show. Sora was cosplayed by a girl, though I didn't realise till I saw her face. Her
hair was kind of gelled up, and in spikes. It looked just laik teh actual character,
even teh colour of eet~ <3 She was standing with teh Keyblade - not teh original one
Sora had though, buht one I guess she made herself or something, that was all twisty
and striped red and black - between her shoulders, with both hands holding it on
either side. She looked just like what I'd expect Sora to look and smile and stand in
reality, and I was super super impressed by her awesome pose. I can prove that she
looked totally amazing, because Sora was being photo'd by about 4 other people. She
even had though big round yellow shoes and puffy black trousery things and jacket and
yellow belts and everything~ But because I was just walking past, I didn't get teh
opportunity tew photo. D: Though teh amazing cosplay has been burned into my brain


And that concludes my cosplay talk for this year!
Get ready for teh next giant babble diary in May '10! 8D

‹gunk› says:   26 October 2009   259224  
‹PalletTown› says:   27 October 2009   629225  
wow thats sounds fuunnn
Bootheghost says:   1 November 2009   314001  
There were too many Vocaloids, Hetalias and Ls. D:

You're lucky... there were a bunch of VK cosplayers in May... -__-; So

My group did ANBU Naruto, because we always like to be a little bit
different! It turned out great!
jamesrgrimes says:   1 November 2009   262904  
Wow That Truly Rules
‹F R E E F A L L› says :   1 November 2009   124128  

Then go tew America.



It was :D I hope tew go again next May in 2010. :3


Oh gad, INORITE? D; I saw Japan and Hong Kong there tew. And LoL,
about 4854628 Ls xD VK everywhere, mostly Kanames and Yuukis. I saw
about 2 Zeros. I noticed they sold A LOT of Kuroshitsuji posters. And
VK ones.

Ah, LoL. Nice tew know you have fun cosplaying ^w^ 
I saw a Suou Tamaki from OHSCH outside as I was exiting.
And a Souseiseki and purple Suigintou from Rozen Maiden also I thinks

OH YEAH! And... so... many... Akatsuki cosplayers... x_X;;
SDPIFPAHIGHBPA;IG. I HOPE I SEE YEW THAR. =o I'll tell yew whut I'ma
cosplaying next year when I decide. :D Awesome choice~ I look forward
tew seeing you cosplays =o


LoL, it did (: 


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