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Another meme to stop me from homework ;DCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 7 October 2009
01:15:26 PM (GMT)
Name: Txxxxxx or Rainy ;D
Status: Single and  past caring ;3
Age : 13. 14 in December <333
Religion : Taoism... a form of buddhism ._.;; *Is not that religious*
Eye Color: Dark brown. How exciting. ._.
Hair Color: Dark brown, blacky brown. AZN HAIR xDDD
Partner: ... None? =3
Vehicle: TEH 65 BUS. 8D Or foot. ;3
Overused Phrase: When I talk? It's LIKE. When I type? I dunno xD. I write a lot of
things a lot. =o
Sexual preference: Straight as a ruler? =o


Pub/Disc/Restaurant: ... Satori/Any other food store in my town centre ;D/Starbucks
Candy: Chupa Chups/Chocolate [ANY KIND]/Soft mints/Rowntree's Randoms
Number: 6
Colour: Purple/Black/Aqua blue/White
Animal: Fox/Meercat/Lemur/Panda xD
Drink: FANTA 8D COCA-COLA 7-Up Strawberry milkshake <33
Body Part on Opposite sex: Eyes, hair, eyebrows [Don't ask LoL]
Perfume: Ralph Lauren Romance on special occasions/Very sweet or fruit scented
bottles from Claires' or WTH xD
TV Show: Uhh... does this count anime? xD Uhm, X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, Comedy
Roadshow, and... random shows on Sky Plus xD
Movie: The Grudge <3 Scary but... xD and John Tucker Must Die, LMFAO. Wild Child is
OK, if a little childish xD
Symbol : Gothic Cross <3


Pepsi or Coke: Coke. RAWR. >=o
McDonalds or BurgerKing: Neither... ._.;;
Chocolate or Vanilla: CHOCOLATE <3
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot chocolate. *Obsessed with chocolate*
Kiss or Hug: Hug. I'ma not too fond of super close body contact... -_-;;
Dog or Cat: DOG. They're moar loyal.
Rap or Punk: Punk, rofl.
Summer or Winter: Winter. Winter = My b-day + Christmas. ;D
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Funnay. Scary is scary. =o
Love or Money: ZOMFG MONAY *W* But love is also important xD


Bedtime: 11PM into bed. Then, lie in bed listening to music. 1AM, take off earphones
and sleep. =w=
Best phyiscal feature: NAILS. Teh only good bit of mey ;3
Ambition: Doctor. Gets good munay <3
Best Friends: I'm best friends to lots and lots ;D
Weakness: Making friends in real laif. >.>
Fears: Anything with more than 4 legs. And anything that is a bug. Except
butterflies. And sunflowers. They look like they'll eat yew. D:
Longest relationship: ... Not yet? ;o And... dreading that moment, yes? ;D


Cheated Your Partner: Never had a partner. Otherwise they'd have divorced mey long
ago~ xD
Ever been beaten up: Not physically. =o *Is tall* I look very threatening ;D
Ever beaten someone up: Oooh. The number of people... ;DD
Ever Shoplifted: ... nu?
Ever Skinny Dipped: YEH. IN TEH BATH LMFAO. 
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: No. =o
Ever Kissed Same sex: Yeah. My MUM LMFAO.
Been Dumped Lately: xD No. If I was to be involved in dumping, I'd be teh dumpER. Not
teh dumpEE. If you understand LoL xD

Favorite Eye Color: GREEN. OR REYD. Failing that...chocolate brown? :3
Favorite Hair Color: Black ;D Browny black. :3
Short or Long: In the middle. =o
Height: Taller than this girl ;D *Is prettay tall*
Style: ... I dunno. xD
Looks or Personality: 5 looks, 5 personality. xD
Hot or Cute : Cute ;3
Muscular or Really Skinny: IN TEH MIDDLE FOR FECK'S SAKE LMFAO xD


What country do you want to Visit : Jahhhpan <3 USA.
How do you want to Die: Smothered in icing and nibbled to death by sugar pink teddies
Been to the Mall Lately: Going this... no, next Monday. Inset day ;DD No, I mean open
evening ;D So no school. <3 And I mean in ENGLISH terms, to the town centre to watch
Fame. =D
Get along with your Parents: A rocky and bumpy realationship with mother. Lie a lot
to dad, but get along OK overall.
Health Freak: No. Never. xD
Do you think your Attractive: Yeah. There goes a flying elephant and so baby stripy
mint green and orange bears <3 [i.e. NO BBY ;D]
Believe in Yourself: 10%?
Want to go to College: Uni? Uh yeah? And yeah to college? I think? I dunno?
Do you Drink: ... I'm under 18, as you may or may not have realised? =o But I still
drink sometimes, LoL xD Not much though :O
Shower Daily: Twice daily. Three times if possible. ;D
Been in Love: No... I stay safely up in teh world of shoujo, rofl. xD
Do you Sing: Yeah. Usually alone, but usually when I've had one too many skittles,
LoL xD In front of my frirends tew. Usually shreiking the lines to new songs. xD
Want to get Married: Owh. I dunno. :3
Do you want Children: I dunno. xD
Age you wanna lose your Virginity: I DUNNO. =o
Hate anyone: A LOTTA PEOPLE.

;D Stolen from Dawn :3

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