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Hehee.. Don't laugh. ^^;Category: (general)
Monday, 5 October 2009
08:04:15 PM (GMT)
Okay so school was.. different. Anyways, first was band, gotta show off meh old silver Cmelody saxophone~ That was good, downside, got a playing test on Wednesday(NOOOO) Second period, Religion♥ I am completely un-religious, howeverrrr, I think I have a crush.. but he's three years older.. and in.. -coughcough-grade12-coughcough- I sat by Adrian~ He's meh buddeh now xD For computers anyways. Otehr than that class was boring. Third period was home ec Eck, fine. Took a test I missed last week, wrote bunch of recipes down. Funn-not- Fourth period was SHIT. Grr.. Got stuck with an interview for the paper, and now I need to take all the pictures for the assembly! Complete B.S. Everyone took my ideas and now I have to do the one thing I hate.. interviewing people o.o;; Lunch. Sat alone, well kinda August and Liv sat by me, but August wouldn't let Liv talk to me, so a pretty sad lunch. fifth Period was Math. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. Had a test, totally got hundred percent, finished thirty questions for lunch. Sixth period was science, got a small bloody nose cause Braden and Landon had a fight and I was LITERALLY in the middle of it. I sit between them and got a punch to the side of the face when Mr. Doolittle was out of the classroom. Lots of homework. Finished. Wrote a test I missed. I HATE MRS. LAGLER. I fucking hate her, bitch can burn in hell and Braden thinks so too. Now I have to do a stupid survey with my dad when he gets home, I have like three written stories due for next class gotta finish my book and some other stuff. And the bitch wouldn't let me go for volleyball cause I was sick last week so I didn't have the privalage to leave her classroom. So I missed today's game. B.S. All in all only upside was I think I like someone~ Awww.. he's so cute, :O and older than me, but don't judge me! Shaylyn and Chalsea are both dating grade 12's and only Chelsea is older than me. So screw off ♥] Cause I like him, my mind's made up~

‹--Stephy-Star-Bright---› says:   5 October 2009   219621  
Chelsea and Shy aren't dating people in grade 12 they are dating
people in grade 11 and Justin is only 1 and a half years older than
Chelsea, and Damon is only 2 years older than shay, and i think its
cute that you like Adrian
alleygirl92 says:   5 October 2009   413476  
I didn't want to be critized. ^^; And sorry, I get confused very
easily, but then agian only idiots do. 
And really?
LMAO, that's a pretty bad couple right there.. And it would never
happen to ugly people lol.
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   6 October 2009   277729  
Why do you hate Mrs. Lagler or what ever her name is. If she is a
teacher, I know some students hate their teachers, but still. They
still are teaching you things that you need to know and so on. I don't
know why you hate her, or what she did. I was just saying my option.
I'm in 12th grade now, so I kinda know.. xD;
Sorry if you mad at my wring this. D8
alleygirl92 says:   6 October 2009   981962  
Whatever, think your right lachia. Everyone is entitled to their own
opinions, and MOST students dislike her in the beginning, and I
frankly could care less if your in a higher grade than me, most of my
friends are, and I could care less because that doesn't mean your
always right, and that also doesn't give you the right ot boss me
Taht is your opinion, not mine, and this diary wasn't focused on her,
it was focused on MY NEW crush. But I guess taht's all old news, lets
all go and tell the world that I hate Mrs. Lagler, I'm not hte only
one. Everyone in my class does.  And it's perfectly natural to dislike
teachers, no one loves all of them, unless your a teacher's pet well
then, that's just peachy-keen for those people. I gave up on that
stuff because frankly, those type of people are usually very VERY
annoying. So well.. .
alleygirl92 says:   6 October 2009   169712  
Oh, btw I'm not mad or angry. 
That was your opinion and I just tried to state my own.
‹--Stephy-Star-Bright---› says:   6 October 2009   778658  
Message me i really need to tell you my two new crushes. >.<
kNICkers says:   6 October 2009   152434  
alleygirl92 says:   6 October 2009   599343  
Pshaw, I know.
They kill yaah
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   7 October 2009   844768  
Oh, I wasn't just saying that you was the only one that disliked her.
I meant like I think there is some point in some ones life that they
would hate some of their teachers. I also said I was 12th grade
beacuse I'm almost out of high school. I did had not so good teachers
too, but they still made me learn about things to go on my life. I
know I'm not always right, and same as everyone. Just was saying my
option and I don't mind yours.

I hope you can talk to that boy btw. :]
I'm to shy around people, and so I never really had a boyfriend in my
whole life in real life. I feel like I'm just not a pretty person and
such, but your very pretty.
alleygirl92 says :   7 October 2009   814893  

I'm not pretty. Especially today, and I probably won't. Actually, I'm
gonna upload a new picture from my webcam(figured it out!) 
But.. Ughhhh! Half my hair is curly, so for pictures I had to curl the
other half so now it looks horrible. :[

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