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Sunday, 20 September 2009
08:20:50 PM (GMT)
I'm back, I'm back I'm back back back!

Cuz I didn't go black! :D

Eh...Sorry if that offends you.
Well now that I'm back I need to make sure my friends get back or why
else would I be here? ........Other then to get rid of teen angest.
And I HAVE been angesting and at the same time almost getting a boyfriend.

A senior boyfriend.

*smirk*I'm just that good.
(not really I've been making a total fool of myself, but he likes me. go figure.)

Now! On to our other topic.......American comics!!!

Point A.

When I think comics I think Superman and all that shizzz.
I respect their epic-ness but I never really got a nerdgasum over them.
(unlike manga. EEEEEP!) But over the summer I watched a thing similar to the
E! true hollywood story, a documentory (once again bad speller unless I spelled it
right) about comics.
Only American comics, although at the end a comic bigwig said manga was next.
As in next in line for the revolution(in the US) because the special was Comics:
(something or another)

Anyhoooo, the point is I was informed about comics and how they were moved to the big
lunchboxes, TV shows, not in that order. After watching this I felt respect toward
comics, I was only able to watch a little bit seeing as my Tia dragged me off to

It made me feel less "Ewwwwww. American stuff." Let's get this stright I wasn't a
bitch who 
refused to call manga that was written or drawn by people who aren't Japs manga.
(I've always liked Dramacon.) It's just that...........

Point B

Art. The art style is different. I'm not above not reading something because the
artwork dosen't
appeal to me. There is a manga called "He is my master" the art is so cutesy shaded
with mulitpule prints
it's an eyesore, and of course hard to read because of the art. It literlly blinds
I didn't like the "Silent Hill" graphic novel artwork at first but after looking at
it for a while it no longer bothered me that parts of bodies had extreme detail and
others looked like chicken scratch. 
(I don't like bodily dispraportion unless it looks good) The colors and gore fit into
what I like to call
fetish catagory( which I've been taking a like to recently ) and seeing as I don't
hate realism anymore....
I thought ....."Okay...I actually don't mind this....I may even like this."

Point C

Narration. I found it extremely hard to follow. The pages could not stand by
themselves. Speech bubbles.
They didn't fit into the story and the shapes and postitions were odd.

But seeing as I've only read "Silent Hill" and "30 days of night" I need to find my
sealegs on this.

So I'll type again when I have more information, perspective, and experience on
American comics.
Last edited: 12 June 2010

i_likes_L says:   1 October 2009   612878  
heheh i tried to read the whole thing O.e
Akiba23 says :   14 November 2009   839366  
Gah? I SEE!


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