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i stoll thizz shitzz from alyCategory: (general)
Monday, 31 August 2009
02:57:21 PM (GMT)
Hello. What is your name?  
Hello i am shwn

On a scale of one to ten, how bored are you?  
What was the last song you listened to?  
3 aqm by eminem

What is the last book you read?  
they cage the animals at night

What is the last TV show you watched?  
sons of anarchy

What was the last food you ate?  
personal pizza

What time did you wake up this morning?  
lol god dam 4 in the morning

When did you last go for a walk?  
ummmm wene i walked around my new school

Do you have any pets?
two cats i dont like them
What is the last magazine you read?  
popular scince

What was the last thing you bought?  
lol i dont buy things

What is your favourite colour?  

What is your favourite day of the week?  

Have you had a nice day?  

What is your favourite song at the moment?  
pass th axe by dark lotas

What is your favourite genre?  
i dont know depends what yall talking about

Have you ever spoken to your postman?  
ya sometimes

What is your favourite TV show?  
i dont know lol

What is your favourite book?  
the memory the sorrow and the thorn trillogy

What is your favourite album?  
i dont know

Who is your favourite superhero?  
....... aly lol

Do you believe in God?  
i tryin lol

Do you believe in Karma?  

Do you believe in a thing called love?  

What happens when we die?  
nothing "happens" .O. you just....die. that's it xD deal with it LOL. get what you
need done while you're awake. (tru dat)

What in life do you love more than anything else?  
my girlfriend my friends and music

Would you say you're an optimistic person?  
probly not 

Is the glass half full or half empty?  
ummmmmm empty cuzz i drank what was in to avoid answering the question

What are your opinions on Peter Doherty?  
who the fuck is he?

What do you dream about most?  
ummmmmmmmm i dont really know

If you were given three wishes, what would your third wish be?  
that could do more good than bad and help the world

Do you know how to think outside the box?  
i not only think out side the box ima standing on it 

When was the last time you said a prayer?  
i dont know

Do you believe that having a job gives you freedom?  
in some ways

Would you give up your life for a friend?  
ya i would

Do you cope well in difficult situations?  
lol ima let aly answer that one 

Do you think you are a good person?  

Do you think you are shallow?  
lol ima like a puddle

Do you think you are egotistical?  
idk i might be lol

Do you have many regrets?  
ya  ..... bunches

Do you think things are going to get better?  
they migth be i am not the one who would know

Do you reckon people like you?  
lol love me or hate me 

What is the best thing about yourself?  
ummmmmmmm i am nutzz?!?!!?

What draws people to you?  
i look like a hobo and ima really hard not to see

You are an amazing person, but what is the most special thing about you?  
i can take allot of abouse

Are you a hypocrite?
lol kinda
Are you in denial about anything?  


What would you like to think as soon as you wake up in the morning?  
yo man wazz up

Do you feel as though you'll ever experience true elation?  

If you could make anyone fall in love with you, who would that person be?  
how do you MAKE a person fall in love? it can't be manufactured, it happens
naturally ( i like yo answer)

Would you change for the person you love?  
already did but it was for the better

Would you expect the person you love to change for you?  

Be honest, do you care what people think?  

And honestly, what do you think of yourself?  
i think i am a lowlife scum
Really and truly, how are you today? 

‹AudioWhore› says:   31 August 2009   751634  
"Who is your favourite superhero?  
....... aly lol"

and yes you did change a lot for kelly and definitely for the

lol. cope with difficult situations? "FUCK YOU FUCK THIS FUCK
shawnman says :   31 August 2009   126451  
lol hehehehehehehehehehehe

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