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Wishes [Chapter 13]Category: Wishes
Sunday, 16 August 2009
07:09:23 PM (GMT)
Warning.Warning. HUGE CHAPTER. 3,000 words approximately. 

Ereya Chloris, a seventeen year old girl from Galia, a small town dreams of exploring
the realm she lives on, Teruma. But, because of her curiosity, she ends up getting
her wish the wrong way. Now, she's off to explore the whole of Lire. And to the
vanquished golden city of Iona.


The maids came in, some minutes after Stella went to eat dinner. They set up a table,
big enough for the three of us and settled the food in front of us. Honestly, the
food looked delicious. And I was extremely hungry after a whole day of journeying.
But I was wary, along with Destiny and Bloom. Not one of us touched the food, or
maybe just poke it a bit before sitting back and just looking at it.

I wanted to eat it, obviously. But my thoughts were exactly like that of my two
companions. What if they poisoned it? The way the Queen looked at us with such
disgust didn't help out.

The maids came back a few minutes afterward and looked at us questioningly and the
food. We stared back at them. I wanted to laugh but was too hungry. The food looked
made my mouth water, but I was just as cautious as my sister with food from

"Excuse me..But, aren't you going to eat?" The maid asked us.

I looked at Destiny who sitting next to me and she looked at Bloom who shrugged. I
shrugged at the maid. "Are you mute?" She questioned us.

"No!" I exclaimed then clamped my mouth shut. The maid was shocked by my actions and
stared at me warily. I bit my lip and from the corner of my eye, saw Destiny and
Bloom shaking their heads at me.

"You must finish up your meal. We didn't poison it, if that's what you're thinking."
The maid gave us a final bow and left slowly, though leaving the door a bit opened. I
took a look at the food and began to scarf it down, not caring what the others were
thinking. I made sure that there would be no stains that dropped onto Stella's floor.
I only ate a few slices of the meat, a bit suspicious of what the animal is.

I've heard that Derians eat animals from innocent bunnies to dark horses.

After we called the maids, who were surprisingly (not) standing outside the door, and
let them clean up, Bloom took out the chest while Destiny stood guard against the

She took out a semi-golden staff, the color matching her hair. A blue jewel was
sitting amidst the golden, and it was glowing. Bloom smiled and said, "This one's
reserved. For me."

I cracked a smile and so did Destiny. "I wouldn't want to touch it. It looks so
fragile." I commented, raising my eyebrows at the staff.

"Sometimes, the most fragile people are the strongest." Bloom told me, in her
lecturing voice.

"That made no sense whatsoever." Destiny told her and we all laughed in unison. I
looked out Stella's balcony, the curtains swaying to the wind's music. It was dark
already, and the moon looked like a spotlight from the distance. It glowed on the
curtains which was rainbow-colored. I was tempted to touch it but thought better of

Maybe we'll meet Pira tomorrow. The royalties seems to be taking their time with
dinner. Probably talking about how to destroy Teruma. I felt as if I was in the belly
of the beast. I looked at my companions. They didn't seem bothered, but Destiny and
Bloom weren't people who usually showed panic.

When I began to open the chest, we heard footsteps. Destiny peeked through the crack
and said, "Stella's coming. With..them." Bloom's eyes went wide and she practically
threw the staff inside the chest. It didn't break so it wasn't probably as fragile as
I thought it would be.

I closed the chest and pushed it inside Stella's bed. Destiny moved over, and sat
down on the princess' bed. When the door opened, we looked exactly like your typical
dirty people of Teruma.

Stella came in along with her brothers, I think. Saffron and Aidan. They narrowed
their eyes at us while Stella smiled. We narrowed our eyes back at them but stayed

"Uh..So.." Stella broke the deafening silence.

"So." I said.

"So." Aidan said.

Stella fidgeted and looked at us and spoke a sentence. The only words I could hear
was they, duel, and you.

"What?" Bloom asked her, straining to her.

"They want to duel with you." Stella said clearly, looking sober.

"Precisely. Our youngest with your youngest." Aidan said, proudly patting Saffron's
back, who was wearing a look of pride. I looked at Destiny and Bloom who looked a bit

"You?" I asked, pointing at Saffron, "Against me?" I wore a look of disbelief. "You
don't even stand a chance."

"Hmph. First blood. A magic duel first, then a blade duel. Let's see if you are still
going to stand a chance." Saffron answered, his eyes flashing dangerously. He left,
Aidan following him from behind. They had to make it dramatic, and bang the door.

"My cousin is very confident. He's supposed to act like a prince, but he chose to
become one of the queen's guardians." Stella explained to us. Royalty is so
complicated. Usually, in fairy-tales, royalty had no other family. But I suppose
kings and queens still had siblings and cousins.

I took out the sword that I chose from the chest and glared at the door. "He is going
down. Hard." I was so determined, that I didn't notice Stella slipping something in
my pack.


Everyone was watching. Well, not thoroughly everyone. The queen's other two guardians
were there. Destiny, Bloom and Stella were there. The queen was there along with
Stella's parents and her brother. Saffron's parents were there, speaking quietly
among themselves.

I was there, with only my sword and the clothes I wore two days before while Saffron
was dressed in mage (a boy enchanter) clothes. He would have more defense, but my
agility would be faster.

"Drop the swords. Magic duel first." The queen spoke as imperiously as I heard her

We did as she told. I kicked mine to my group who staring at me, and (I think)
praying for me to win.

I clenched my fist. I saw Saffron concentrate. Five fire torches were behind him.
Jeez. Way to take sides. I closed my eyes and felt the west forest. I smiled and
nodded. Let's go.

"And fight." The queen started.

I gave one sweeping motion and two trees came up from the ground.
"Enchantis..dueala." I closed my eyes and I felt as if my race's blood flowed faster
and I became one with nature. One of the trees slowly formed into a shield. This one
was temporary. The fire would burn it easily. But my leaf blades would catch him
before his fire touches me. "Enchantis..Dagario." The other tree separated in pieces
and though not seen, turned into daggers behind my wood shield.

Saffron had both his arms raised, fireballs lunging here and there. I dodged them,
but one singed a tiny part of my hair. Hair didn't count unless it was close to the
scalp. I knew so.

"Hmph." I muttered under my breath. He was still a novice, I could tell. His arms
were shaking and the fireballs looked a bit uncontrolled. I held my shield with my
weak arm, the left. And targeted my enemy with the leaf blades that I controlled with
my right arm's fingers. Like a puppet they lunged towards him, evading the fireballs
that was trying to swallow them. With precise control, I made the leaf blades move in
an unreadable pattern, going randomly.

Then, I saw that three of his fireballs were missing. Saffron wore a proud look
behind his sweaty face. I looked behind me, pulling the leaf blades back.

Two gigantic fire swords were behind me, like wings that were trying to kill me. They
lunged for me and I did a back flip. Who knew, being flexible would actually count.

Then, I saw it. A potted plant so tiny, you could almost not see it in the dark. But,
my desperation was so huge that I noticed it. Looking at the fire swords lingering
towards me, I sharpened the leaves of the plant and it slowly moved towards Saffron,
unknown to him.

The swords again attacked me, but my leaves had already cut him. The swords was just
a foot away, when I heard him say, "Ugh." The sharpened leaves had brushed against
his cheek and the fire swords dropped as he felt the tiny bit of blood dropping from
his cheek.

I smirked and brushed my hands together. Victory. The fireballs went back into the
torches. My shield turned into a tree and so did the leaf blades. As they went back
down and to the forest, I thanked them for their help. The cement that they ruined,
the trees pushed back into place.

"Winner.." The queen paused and Stella whispered to her my name, "Ereya Chloris." She
spoke my name as if she was tasting dirt. I gave a sigh of anger.

Then, I heard a sword being drawn.

"You won the magic duel. As I have anticipated. But, let's see if you are as good
with a sword." Saffron said, his silver sword gleaming in the dark. The people on his
side, muttered with satisfaction.

My blade skidded towards me and I looked to my sister and my friends. They mouthed
good luck to me, mutually.

I swallowed and drew my blade.

"Fight. Saffron, win." The queen told her nephew. I bit my lip and positioned myself.
I felt a laugh behind me.

I turned and Saffron was already there pushing his sword towards me. I slammed my
sword against his. "Give up. You know you can't win." The metal's sound was piercing,
as I again defended myself against his blade.

"Yielding is for cowards." I spat out, "And I am not a coward." Trying to balance
myself, I wished that I still had my shield. "Heh." I heard him. He was fast. Faster
than I expected. Maybe guardians had special training. Either I didn't had time to
figure out. He was right behind me, holding my arm tightly and slicing his sword
through my skin quickly.

"Winner. Saffron." The queen announced happily.

"Che." I said, wiping the edge of my shirt, to get rid of the blood.

Saffron looked proud. Well, not exactly proud. More like, snobby, conceited,
arrogant, cocky, egostical, stuck-up and the list could go on until forever.

Destiny and Bloom ran towards me and asked, "Are you fine?" They looked at my wound.
I rolled my eyes. "A little bit of Starain's dew would heal this." Starain was a
common plant in Teruma and also used to heal many wounds along with being an antidote
to a normal poison.

They smiled at me and we stared at Stella who didn't know who to go to. Finally she
decided to go to her family and congratulate her cousin. The queen stood high and
said loudly, "Saffron, you were amazing. As a swordsman as well as a mage. I knew
that brat from Teruma would not stand a chance against you. She is too inexperienced
and well, not well-minded."

I opened my mouth to respond but instead, went (well, ran actually) to Stella's room,
my sword clenched tightly around my hand. Destiny and Bloom were following me. For
once, I felt tears in my eyes. I didn't learn how to manage a sword, what did she
expect? I was a damn good enchanter, I could tell her that. I packed my stuff, not
even waiting for my sister and my friend and ran towards the gates.

I was nearly near the gates when Destiny and Bloom followed me, being followed by the
royal family. "Ereya, you- you can't just leave. You need to get a change of clothes
and..and." Stella stopped when she saw me looking at Irene's drawing.

Bloom noticed it also and worded out, "Oh..Her."

"We have to go somewhere more important than this palace. We have to find someone who
can actually help us." I didn't know how Sonia was going to help us, but I just had a
feeling from the events that had happened.

"Just because you lost, doesn't mean you have to take it out of my family." Saffron
said, his sword appearing.

"I have no business with your family." I said through clenched teeth, as I tightly
held Faye's mirror and Irene's drawing, "I'm on a quest and your family have no part
of it." I said, as the sentries with terrified looks, opened the gate for the three
of us.

"Wait..Ereya! Wait!" Stella cried out, before being drawn away by her family who
threw glare daggers at me.

I closed my eyes and stared at the capital of Teruma. I felt a bit homesick, but I
promised Faye. I will do this. "Indeed you will." Faye spoke, when we reached the end
of the stairs. I was so startled I almost dropped the mirror but Bloom caught it just
in time.

"Can you read minds like my sister?!" I yelled out loud before closing my mouth,
seeing that it was almost midnight.

"Oh, no. I just understand that expression you wear. It's the same expression you had
when you were leaving Galia and while you and Bloom were talking about this journey."
Faye explained to me, smiling serenely.

It had been a long time since I've heard from her. She began commenting on how
beautiful Deria was. I muttered harshly about Deria. All we could do was giggle and
laugh as we headed towards the west forest where Bloom managed a complicated spell
that made a tree house for us.

As I looked through the window of the tree, that surprisingly managed our weight, I
saw a glimpse of Stella and her rainbow colored curtains. I waved at her, hoping that
she could see me. We were pretty high up but I was never actually scared of heights.
Maybe she saw but I saw her waving at a distance until I saw a figures come out that
I thought was probably Aidan and her parents.

I curled myself up in a leaf bed chatting in a silent tone with Faye and she spoke of
the journey through Sater's rivers. I began wondering if this mission would be

As Faye said good-bye to me, I felt tears swell up my eyes as the queen's words
pierced through my heart once more. I unclasped Talia's anklet and Raine's pendant. I
settled them in a row along with Irene's drawing. And while I was cleaning out my
bag, I saw something green. Then something silver. Then something blue.

I picked it up and came out, three different colored brooches, all well-made. The
green one was probably mine, because a piece of paper was stuck between the clasp and
it said, "Ereya." I looked at the other two, and the silver said "Destiny." The blue
was written down for Bloom.

I smiled. Another momentum from another great friend. I would never forget Stella. I
hoped the best for her. And for her wishes. I knew that she would make a better queen
than her aunt. Because she cared for others and their feelings. And she wants the
best for her people.

I stared at the seven different items that reminded me of the friends I met on my

Talia's anklet had a dull glow, but it was a glow that would last forever. Like the
friendship that Talia and I have.

Raine's pendant only had a bit of glow peeking out from the tiny corner of gold.
Raine and I were only friends for only a small time, but it would last longer. And
then our friendship would glow completely, like the pendant that will be remade very

Then Irene's drawing. She had swirly glow sides. Irene was my sister's friend but she
also mine. Although she isn't as good as a friend to me, she would support us
forever, blocking the bad with those glowing sides.

Then Faye's mirror. And my parent's remembrance. Faye was appearing now and then,
just like the glow from the shiny surface. But my parents, their glow is hidden
behind that surface. They might not show it, because they don't even know that we're
not in Teruma but they still love Destiny and I very much. And we would always
remember that love. Because it was supporting us every moment of our lives.

Then Stella's brooches. It was fancy and beautiful, like her, but I knew that
whenever I held that brooch, it will be like Stella will be there along with us.
Forever guiding us with her smile and her own magical shine.

I began to miss home by then. Then I remembered the "home" that I just had. And I
knew then, I didn't miss my home. I missed the people inside my home.

Because it isn't the home that matters. It is the people inside it.
Last edited: 16 August 2009

Bootheghost says:   17 August 2009   655953  
The last three lines are great.
Bootheghost says :   17 August 2009   327525  
^ Lol, productive comment much. xD Good job over all. <3 Great length


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