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Aha, the reason I made a new account.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 12 August 2009
04:17:59 AM (GMT)
So the reason I made a new account was pretty much so I could make a new journal
without my stupid friends reading it, and also the last time I posted on here, I got
some pretty helpful advice from you people. So here it goes, my venting that makes up
for all that's happened since last time...
So, I know four things for sure, today.
#1 : I hate my job.
#2 : I need more friends.
#3 : Two people hate my guts for no reason at all.
#4 : I need confidence.
Yeah, well. I'm not going into the details behind the whole story of the people
hating me, one is just this ex of an ex of mine who's hated me from square one, and
the other is this lady at my work who never smiles and glares at me all the time even
when I try to make a joke.
But that's really not important.
What's important is, that I'm going into High School next year.
And guess what? 
My stupid ex-boyfriend, the pothead-drug dealer-man whore fricking shit head who
cheated on me with some hoe, and then dumped me in front of all of his friends, is
going to be there. Well obviously, he ATTENDS THE SCHOOL.
Not only him, but my two ex-best friends'll be there too. One of them really hates me
now cause he told me I was too annoying one day and I stopped talking to him simply
because he pissed me off REALLY BAD. It wasn't a jokingly "your so annoying", But a
"God kid just leave me alone your so fucking annoying get away from me." And really,
I wasn't that bad. It just so happened, that he was my last hope of a best friend
before my other hoe-bag of my other best friend stole from me, lied to me, and had
the shit-brains to deny it. So, as it went, I'm just really random. So I'll begin to
say random things at random times. [And not the stupid amateur SO-CALLED randomness
by thirteen-year-olds desperate to stand out, like "Cows cows cows cows cows cows are
purple" which makes my blood boil because really, it's not THAT hard to think of new
random material.] Cause that's just who I am. So as I was talking to him, my last
hope, he just snapped for some reason. And we haven't spoken since that day. So yup.
I have to face the three of them in less than a month. In the same gosh-damn
prison cell learning center we call torture school.
Hmm so I can't think of anything new atm, so I'm gonna go do something un-productive
until I get tired. Goodnight Kupikians/people.

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