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Monday, 20 July 2009
01:21:27 PM (GMT)

Courtney’s POV

“Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood mornin’! Good mooooooornin’! Start the
day out with good mornin’! Good mornin’! To yooooooooooou!”

“Meeeeeermph…” I moaned as the song reached my ears, knocking on my skull and
shaking me awake. That was it, and I knew it; once somebody had woken me up, there
was no hope of falling back asleep again.

I creaked a sandmanned eye open and saw Yu~ki, already dressed and make-upped,
skipping around the room while singing his face off.

“Are you uuuuuup?” he said, poking my forehead repeatedly.

“Yeeeeesh…” I murmured in response, forcing my head up from the pillow beneath
me and stretching my long legs.

“Well, you have to get ready a bit quick. I let you sleep in a bit, and we don’t
want to miss breakfast!” he responded.



Apparently, my stomach agreed with him.

Yu~ki dragged me over to his closet, and I helped him pick out an outfit that looked
small enough to fit me; white jeans (ACKTMOREWHITE!), blue tank top, and a pair of
bare feet. Heh. It’s not like we were going anywhere.

“Now, this, my sweet, seems like a drawer that you’d like the most,” he said,
pointing to a large, widened drawer in the middle of the closet. I grabbed the handle
and gave him a quick glace that said “Can I open it?” He nodded.

I yanked the (really heavy) drawer towards me and gasped.

Piles upon piles of belts.

Wide belts.

Shiny belts.

Belts with studs.

Belts that were fuzzy.


“Which one can I borrow?” was the first thing out of my mouth.

“As many as you like,” was the reply.

Immediately, I dived into the huge mass of belt-age, pulling out the strangest ones
and attaching them to my jeans and waist. I chose: A music note pattern one, a
studded metal black with chains one, a jagged black one, and a bright yellow and
black striped one.

I liked the way they clinked together while I walked.

Just to prove said fact, I did a quick gallop around the room, laughing as I heard
the “Chinkbrakclikchink!” of the belts.

“See why I like to skip around?” I heard Yu~ki laugh behind me, and I nodded

“Most def!” I said, but then my stomach let out one of its unearthly howls

“Time to go eat, then! Everyone else has probably been awake for a good while!”
Yu~ki grabbed my wrist (which, oddly, didn’t bother me at all) and led me from the
room, down a dark hall, and into…the UNKNOWN.



(Hehe. I always wanted to do that!)


(okay, only one more time, I swear)



Rachel’s POV

“You have to keep a firm grip on that end at the moment, okay? I’m going to start
up the sewing machine again.”

I nodded silently, and gripped the fabric between my firm hands as I heard the sound
of whirring and stitching rip through the air. The piece of cloth shuddered as the
thread wove through it, creating a beautiful, straight line of dark black.

“Aaaaaand…finished,” Mana mumbled, pulling the last of the dresses off of the
table and fluffing it out to give it an extra poof. 

We had stayed up for a good part of the night, actually; when I awoke, it had been
around four AM, with nothing to do and no tiredness to zonk me back to sleep. 

So, instead, Mana (whom was also quite an insomniac, it seemed) and I decided to make
some random clothes for the gals that were currently decked up in their captor’s

I chose some random dresses from Mana’s closet and, with a lot of help from Mana,
redid them to fit my friends, even making one whole dress from almost-scratch. 

By the time we finished, my hands were sore from the entire experience, plus my
stomach was shrieking at me in a very obscene way.

“I can’t way to show Kacie this one!” I said, adjusting the sleeves of her
outfit and tying its bow a little tighter to give it more form.

Mana gave me a small smile.

“I never would have guessed that you had a flair for designing,” he said in a low
voice, “I’ve been the one making costumes for so long that it’s odd having
another person like me in the house.”

I giggled lightly and gave him a grateful grin.

“Thank you! But I’m nothing compared to you, of course,” I said quickly, “I
know that Katie was a big fan of your work, but I never knew that your clothing was
this amazing!”

“I’m honored that I have a fan in you both,” he said firmly, handing me a top
that we had worked on, “See if you could attach a small buckle right there; I
don’t think Courtney would like having to tie that repeatedly.”

I worked in silence for a couple minutes until the buckle was finally put on; then
Mana took a glance at the clock.

“Ah, time for breakfast already?” he murmured, “Well, I guess it’s a good
thing; we’ve been working for a good while and deserve a break.”

He gave me the stack of dresses for my friends and motioned toward the door; I
followed him out quietly, struggling under the immense weight of lace and pure gothic
Lolita in my arms.


Frenchie’s POV

“I have a question, Kozi-chan,”

“Hm? Kozi-chan?”

“It’s an expression that Katie uses a lot,” I answered, scribbling down a few
words into the notebook clutched in my hands.

“Fire away, then, Frenchie-chan,”

I gave him a quick eye-roll before continuing: “Do you like Dracula?”

“Dracula?” Kozi said incredulously, “Why?”

“Why do you answer every question with a question?” I shot back at once.

“…Touché,” he mumbled, “But no, I can’t say that I’ve ever been that
into Dracula.”

“Ah…” I trailed off. Oh well. I was used to being a fan not-among-other-fans. 

I was writing down story ideas in a small notebook that Kozi had let me use. I mean,
when I wake up with a good plot point, I usually just have to jot it down ASAP. So
luckily he had paper on hand, or else I would’ve probably used his forehead as an
improvisional notepad.

“But…still. Why do you ask?” 

“Because I just wanted something to talk about!” I snapped, my pencil slashing.

“Chill,” he said, and he turned the scythe he was sharpening so that it reflected
light into my eyes. 

“Ackt!” I said, shutting my eyes quickly.

For the past hour, all the noise in the room had been the scribble-scribble of my
pencil, plus the *shik* *shik* of him working on the scythe. So, should a girl be
persecuted for trying to start a conversation?

The author cut through the fourth wall again. 

“Can you move it on, a bit? I’m on a tight schedule,” she murmured from her

“Yeshums,” I said sheepishly, shutting my notebook.

“What was that?” Kozi said, looking up from his weaponry.

“Nothing,” I said quickly, standing up from my corner, “But I think my plot
device senses are telling me that I’m hungry.”

“Mkay! To the breakfast room!” he said smiling, and I pushed the door outside
open and walked down the hall…


Kacie’s POV

A couple hours of stationary fear can do wonders to a girl’s sanity.

Not moving for a long time? That was painful enough.

But being watched? By a psychotic jerk with freaky friends? Oh yeah. This took my
metaphorical cake.


The alarm next to his bed rang, and I felt his gaze break for the first time in
around six hours. Okay, I lie; he did blink twice, about an hour or so ago. But
anyways. You understand my discomfort.

“Breakfast alarm,” Kami said simply, sitting up and brushing off the front of his
shirt, “Time to get ready.”

He sifted through his pile of clothes and pulled out another sweater and a pair of
shrunken jeans, tossing them over to me. 

“Well, this has been exceedingly anticlimactic,” I said dryly.

“Shut up.”

Well, screw you, too.

Sighing, I pulled on the clothes and tossed my hair out, using my fingers (nature’s
given brush!) to comb through the tangled spots.

“…You look gorgeous, you know,” he said quietly as he watched me get ready.


“Thanks,” I said, astonished at the sudden compliment.

“Probably because you’re in my clothes, but-,”

“YOU shut up,” I murmured, and he gave a quick laugh and sunk back into silence.

I finished getting ready and he walked out the door, me trailing slightly behind him
with a bemused look on my face.


Katie’s POV

Something was really warm…

I felt heat when my conscious first sprung into my head. I was melting like butter,
feeling the hot pulses of warmth against my skin…

And then I open my eyes.


Luckily, I stifled my scream by biting down on my tongue quickly. I swear I almost
fainted as well, both due to the situation and the blood loss from my mouth.

We were…er, for lack of a better word, tangled. My arm was around his waist, his
arms were holding me close, and he was vaguely sitting on top of me with one leg. I
felt myself being crushed against the comforter; apparently, Gackt was heavier than
he looked.


I think I had died and gone to fangirl heaven. 

Heaven, for sure.

“Mmm…” he let out a groan through (perfect) lips, and then I realized: Oh crap.
He was waking up. Desperately, I tried to worm my way away from him, but heck, he was
NOT that easily moved. 

“Morning…” he whispered in my ear, causing me to shiver.


And then he opened his eyes.

“F******!” he yelled, immediately pushing me away from him. I did a double barrel
roll across the bed, crashed over the cushion wall, and-


-fell down the steps onto the ground.


“Holy *bleep*, are you okay?” he said worriedly, jumping from the bed and almost
tripping down the stairs himself. 

“Good, good,” I said quickly, lifting myself off the floor. 

“Er, sorry! *cough*” he cleared his throat, embarrassed, “Sorry. You startled

“Ditto,” I murmured, feeling my stomach’s emptiness with a hand.

“Um, you have a little…” he motioned to the corner of my mouth, which I then
licked; I tasted my warm blood from my bitten tongue.

“Well, I guess we should…head to breakfast. Yeah. Breakfast.” I said quickly,
wiping my face off. He nodded, still looking at the spot where my blood once was. 

I decided to lead the way out of the room, sighing that my fangirl paradise had ended
in the blink of an eye. Ah, well.

End of Chapter Five.

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