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h8 girlz I think I'm gonna go gay now but jaCategory: (general)
Thursday, 2 July 2009
10:06:36 PM (GMT)
gawd 99 ppl caring that I ugly and now someone msged me saying "Ya you were sooo
ugly before! No offence, glasses and that picture with the guy with red hair." and
now the

some mad mad kawaii chinese other girl on hare that mad kawaii I thought
http://kupika.com/mego her that iz but ya thee, theee

after her sayin I ugly once and said maybe if I dunt wear glasses I'd look OK but ya
and kept bein =/// that she kares about looks but the

then she said "omfg ur hottt <3333" to some kupika guy on here's pic that probably
stole the pic from sum emo site o wel and the

kept freakin out to her with her being all "... *weird smiley that looks pizzed
off*" and it just made me all ;_; able n then explained how people shouldn't like
others just cuz they sexually look Hott and Sexy in perverted zexual ways and
instead inner beauty should count @_@

n then she told me:

"get over urself. its OK to think someone is hot, alright?
 anyone and everyone in middleschool thinks that way. 
and i wudnt go out with him JUST because he is hot, ok? he
 is actually a really cool guy. and u are going to think somebody
there are people that u think are good looking, thats 
just how everything works. "

followed by another weird smiley but ja

h8 girls and she just said there that "anyone and eveyrone" think thats too in
school o wel but ya

and NOW she said @___@!!

"Well i hate guys who pity themselves.
Anyway you look at it, girls are proven to be more attracted to a guy who has
something she likes,
 like good looks. scientifically proven (seriously), and at this age thats all
people care about, really.
So you have no right to hate girls that like cute guys, just because YOU didnt make
an effort to try to fit in or make friends."

...@___@ What..  ya I think I'm going to become gay literally now that I heard that
but ok @_@ that it's scientifically proven that girls just care about good looks but
o k

o she said she h8s guys that pity themselves cuz I said how in school people kick
the garbage away when I throw food and then laugh at me and I have no friends @ all
in school cuz everyone in school makes fun of me and h8s me cuz I a nerd so thats
why she said she Hates guys like Me that Pity themselves for bein made fun of @
school but ya, er o just clearin that line up but ya I dunt kare about that line
much tho

but ya h8 that accordin to her it scientifically proven girls just like good looks
and then said that's all people care about at all really @___@ ya now I'm gonna be
gay now I think but ya

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