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Wednesday, 24 June 2009
10:59:35 PM (GMT)
Don't you hate when radio stations continue to play the same songs?	
Haha yeah.

Did you really ever have "the talk"?	
I have not(:
My parents just let me go, with knowing nothing, to repro health class.

Do you currently have a tattoo on your body somewhere?	

Whens the last time you had your hair cut, or cut it yourself?	
I got it cut like, a month ago? 2 months?
, I would not trust myself enough to cut my own hair.

Was the last thing you drank carbinated?	
Coke zero?

Do you ever match your shoes with your shirt?	
Not on purpose.

What color is the blanket on your bed?	

How are you sitting right now?	
One leg on the chair, the other one down.

Does your bedroom door have a lock on it?	

Have you ever had a real tea party? Or been to one?	
Hahahhaa, yeah for my 6 year old birthday party.

Do you consider a family member one of your bestfriends, or close friends?	

Do you do month-a-versarys when your in relationships?	
No. That's gay.

Are you currently trying to quit something?	

Are you guilty of saying "thats what she said" jokes?	
Hahah, no.

Do you feel like song lyrics fit your situations sometimes?	

Do you pick your words carefully, or just tend to blurt everything out?	
Blurt it.

Where did you grow up?	

Whats the last thing you put in your toaster?	
Toast? hahah.

Why do some people shave their arms?	
Ew, people actually do that?

Is there anything special you go to bed with?	
My "little blankie" (:

What do you do when you have no toliet paper?	
Yell at someone to bring me some.

Have you ever ran away from home?	
I tried.

Whens the last time you played with water balloons?	
Like 2 weeks ago.

Have you ever participated in an eating competition?	
haha no.

What are you most likely to pick off of your pizza?	
Too much cheese, or too much pepperoni.

Do you think babys have dreams?	
Who knows?

Are you wearing pants?	

Whats longer, your first name, or your middle name?	

Do you ever put lotion on your legs?	
Eww, not "lotion" I use "moisturizer". 

Can you relate better to songs, or movies?	
Songs. Wait. Both?

Ever dated someone in a band?	
Ha, no.

Do you own anything that has to be held together with duct tape?
Hahahah yeah.
Whats better, home made cakes, or store bought ones?	

Do you actully knock on wood, when you say knock on wood?
I used too(:
Who are the last people you saw kissing?	
These random old drunk people in the parking lot of the pub. Hahahahha.

Would you give your number to an attractive stranger?	

Whats the best advice your moms ever given to you?	

What is one reason to prove your friends, are better than anyone elses?	
I don't know?

Can you have a mature argument without using attitude?

Have you ever had someone you like sing to you, or play guitar for you?	
Sing, haha(:

The abc's are as easy as ____?	
Doe, Ray, Me!

Do you say "no offence" when you really dont care if they're offended or not?	
Who doesn't?

What do you like better, those singing cards, or the regular ones?	

I know you hate this, But i just want to know.
Should i keep making surveys, i mean are mine okay, or boring?
I don't care...?

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