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The Emotional Diaries - Chapter thirteen.Category: (general)
Sunday, 14 June 2009
11:20:54 PM (GMT)
"Ugh,I'm so fucking hungry!" Skye complained.
     "The lunch line isn't that far away," I pointed to the lunch line.
     "Yeah,but look at all those people.I'll be there forever," she rolled her eyes.
     "Well,you can have a half of my sandwich if you want," I held up a half of my
ham and cheese sandwich.
     "Vegetarian,but thanks," she refused my offer.
     It was silent for a few minutes,until Xavier cut in."Skye?"
     "When's your dance class?Today?"
     "Thursday afternoon.You know that," she replied.
     "Forgot.What about you,Ro?"
     "Wednesday,Friday,and Sunday," Roman answered.
     "So,you're both free tomorrow?" Xavier asked.They both nodded.
     "Well,Avery wants us all to hang out."
     "Good idea.We should." Skye nodded.
     We talked a bit more about what we would do the next day,until the bell
rang,which indicated second half of lunch.Second half of lunch is where you just get
a little break to hang out with your friends and urinate and stuff.
     Skye,Xavier,Roman and I were sitting down on the benches in the grade nine
wing.There was this group of like...6 girls...standing a few feet away from
us,whispering.Oh,Jesus, I thought to myself.Not this shit again.
     Suddenly,one of the girls came up to me."Hey.You're the new kid,right?" she
asked.She had multi-colored hair,teased to the max and had about a full bottle of
liquid eyeliner whacked on.She had purple eyes(contacts,I'm guessing) and had a
monroe piercing.She was wearing mega tight clothes,such as a skin tight Drop
Dead,Gorgeous band tee and checkered skinnies with bright rainbow converse that
looked like they collided with a pack of sharpies.She looked like she belonged to a
fucking circus...but still managed to look somewhat attractive.
     "Yeah,that's me." I nodded.
     "Awesome.I'm Annabelle." she held out her hand,smiling.
     I shook it."Nice to meet you,Annabelle.I'm Avery,and I like your shirt."
     "DDG are fucking amazing,aren't they?" she glanced down at her shirt.
     "They're definitely up there on my bands list.I saw them live a few times." I
told her.
     "Really!?You're lucky!I saw From First To Last last month.They're pretty
good,too." she gave me a thumbs up.
     "Not bad." I agreed.
     "Yeah.Well,just thought I'd say hey to the new guy.I heard he was hot,and hey!He
is." she grinned.
     "Thanks,I guess.That's flattering." I smiled.It actually was.
     "No problem.What do you have after lunch?" she asked.
     "English,then my option.Which I haven't picked yet."
     "Cool.Well,I'm in your English class,then.And you should pick Photography." she
suggested."I gotta go.I'll talk to you in English." she waved and skipped down the
hallway behind her friends.
     "Ugh." Skye rolled her eyes.I looked over at her,wondering what the hell she was
ugh-ing at.
     "Nothing.I just really don't like her," she shuddered.
     "Why?" I questioned.
     "Nevermind.Long story.But did you see how she totally ignored us?"
     I nodded,confused,but left it alone.The bell rang a few minutes later.Skye and I
headed to English.As we got into the classroom,Annabelle was already there,waiting
for me."Over here,Avery!" she pointed to a desk right next to hers.I quickly sat
there as Skye gave me a "WTF" look.She sat on the other side of me,though,without
saying a word.
     "Okay,kids.English has begun," our teacher,Ms.Cole told us,as everyone took
their seats."We have a new student here today,Mr.Avery Grove.Tell me something about
you.I love learning new things."
     "Hey," I said quietly."Uh,I like pancakes?"
     "Great!So do I," she laughed."Anything else?"
     "Hmm...well,my iPod is my best friend."
     "Cool,cool.What kind of music do you have on there?" she asked.
     "Heavy metal...techno...stuff." I replied.
     "Techno rules," said Ms.Cole.
     "I know it does."
     "Okay!So,I hope you enjoy your learning experience here at Laieville
High,Avery.If you don't enjoy your learning experience....well....that's just too
bad!" Ms.Cole smiled."Kay,guys...I've got some grammar worksheets for you to do,so
you can work on those for this period.If you decide to slack off and not do any's due Wednesday." 
     Ms.Cole got a girl named Bailey to hand out the sheets.Once I got my sheet,I
began to work away.It was easy.I knew my grammar well.
     "Avery?" Annabelle looked over at me.
     I cocked my head to the side."Yeah?"
     "Did you pick your option class yet?" she asked."It's next period,so you'd
better hurry up,or they'll pick it for you."
     "Right." I pulled out my option sheet and looked at all of the
options.Art,Gym,Career Education,Fashion Studies,Drama,Home Economics,French and
     "What are you taking?" I asked Skye.
     "Art.You should pick it.You could help me with my sculpture I've been working
     I looked over at Annabelle."Photography's fun,too.You get to take and edit
pictures.On nice days,the teacher takes us outside.It's amazing," she told me.
    "Both sound extremely fun," I said,truthfully.
     I spent the rest of the class thinking about what to take.I really liked
Art,even though I sucked at it.I also really liked Photography.I knew Skye would be
pissed if I didn't take Art,but Photography won it over a little.Five minutes before
the bell,I circled Photography,slapped my name on it,and brought it up to the
office.Skye was glaring at me the whole time.

‹Kyliebear has quit› says:   15 June 2009   493453  
: D

Good chapter
I realy like how you introduce some competition for skye
And how she gets a little jellous
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   15 June 2009   894976  
Yehyita says:   15 June 2009   671962  
This is tight. Good Awesome.,
‹Avada Kedavra♥› says:   18 June 2009   196497  
BooRadley says:   21 June 2009   188991  
:3 Please make Annabel die
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   21 June 2009   712489  
LOL she's not going to die. D:
BooRadley says:   22 June 2009   448154  
Why not? D:
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   22 June 2009   125223  
I dunno. o.o
I don't feel like killing people in my story.
Well.Maybe she will.
BooRadley says:   23 June 2009   132238  
You just make her move away :D
SexFlavouredPancakes says :   23 June 2009   239128  
Maybe she will die. o.o

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