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Wednesday, 10 June 2009
04:18:18 PM (GMT)
Yesterday, In computer Emily was absent so Simrun and Alyssa were sitting next to
ech other and there wasn;t another seat so I sat next to Lea my other friend. She sat
with us at lunch because CC was stalkign her and cc isnt allowed to sit with us so
lea was safe. Alyssa and Simrun don't like Lea all that all that much because she
tends to be bossy and mean somtimes. So Alyssa got mad at me because she said I was
hanging out with Lea more then her and Simrun. Today she was still mad so Emily
settled it and told Alyssa if she could just drop so she did. Then she was telling us
that she wanted to be nice to CC for the rest of the year. I didn't want to because
me and emily tried being her frends a lot this year but she always ends up being mean
and annoying. SO when we were about to play 4 square at recess Alyssa ran to the
playground looking for cc. She doesn't come outside on Wednesdays so i told simrun to
go tell her that. Simrun must heard me wrong because I said "Ughh I really don't want
her to do this because I don't want to be nice to CC" Either simrun heard me wrong or
Alyssa came in in the middle of when I was syaing that and though I said something
else. Because Alyssa was running away form me and emily and we went up and asked her
whats the matter. And she said that I said that I was sick of alyssa! I turned to
emily and said "Did you hear the words come out of my mouth?" She said NO and I didnt
but insist I did so I am inoring alyssa and simrun.

Im about to just say Im done with you alyssa and walk away...FOREVER D:

‹Jarrod Matthews is Awesome› says:   10 June 2009   878224  
its ok kaylie!
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says:   10 June 2009   541455  
No Teri, this time its really isn't ok.
Kazol3 says:   11 June 2009   781558  
oh kaylie your having lots of problems in your life i'm sorry for you
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says:   11 June 2009   644697  
amethyst21 says:   11 June 2009   132383  
Just say bye to Alyssa. Tell her that you're sick of all this,
and that if she were your true friend, she would stop.
Explain to her that you really can't take it anymore,
and that you don't want to be her friend if she's not going
to be a friend back.
She's basically a fairweather friend.
There's 2 kinds of friends.
and trueblue.
Fairweather: Only there when they need help, or there's a problem.
Trueblue: There whenever you need them. They talk to you, and help you
with your problems, and you help them too.
‹♥Stevie;;HereSheGoesAGAIN♥› says:   11 June 2009   969152  
I used to get in fights with Aly EVERYDAY before we called it quits.

So don't let one fight bring you apart, it's not worth it.

Think to yourself: Do I really get along with this girl, overall?

If you said no, if you are always in fights, don't be friends with

But if this is just one little understanding, don't let it bring you

I hope this helps (:
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says :   11 June 2009   225992  
Yeah it did. Thanks you guys everything is ok now. She aplogized
because it was a misunderstanding and she didn't want to get into a
fight at the end of the year over something stupid and end up not
talking ALL summer ao we made up.


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