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Chapter 1:Loving Friends,Nasty GrandparentsCategory: ok,this chapter is romantic and a lil sad
Tuesday, 9 June 2009
03:28:42 PM (GMT)
Early one morning,Violet awoke in the corner.Her imprint in the carpet still shaped
the way she had been sleeping.Violet
stretched,yawned,and went downstairs.Violet,still tired,flopped down on the stairs
and began to close her eyes until,"VIOLET,WHAT IN THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?Sleeping on
the stairs,honestly,you can't be anymore stupid"!Her grandfather yelled at
her.''But,grandpa,I...".Violet tried to reason,but her grandfather stepped in and
said,"Forget about it,you probably don't understand that we don't want the stairs to
break.That brain of yours is probably soo tiny,you can't even see it"!Violet looked
down at her feet and thought,Man,would I give to have my mom and dad back.So
after a couple minutes she snuck out of the house and ran to her friends.Zander,as
always,greeted her with a bounce and a wink.Violet was in love with Zander,but she
kept her feelings back.'So,what have you been doing today"?Zander asked."Oh,the
usual".Violet told them."Pardon me,but you look starved.Do you want something to
eat?My mother is baking pancakes".Julie asked Violet,but Violet shook her head and
sat down in the grass.Violet pulled out some strands of grass,but quick as a
flash,Amelia came out and hugged Violet tightly.Codie also came out of his house and
sat down with Violet,Amelia,Julie,and Zander.''Ok guys,what are we going to do about
this whole thing with Violet's grandparents?I mean,we have to do something"!Amelia
asked the group.Violet whispered,"You can't do anything about how nasty my
grandparents are.There is absolutely nothing"."Well,we're going to something.I want
to help you Violet".Zander said.Violet blushed and looked down at a little ant
crawling around her legs.The ant was a long way from where it was supposed to be,so
she put it back in the ant hole she found just a few inches away from her feet.Violet
looked up at Codie and the others.Violet let out a sigh and asked,"Well,what can we
do?Julie,your smart,can you think of a way to help me out here"?''Sadly,I cannot.All
you need to do is to get your parents on the phone and talk with them and make them
come home early".Julie told Violet."Grandma won't let me near the phone".Violet told
Julie with dissapointment.''Well,what if you tell your grandma that its an
emergency"?Codie asked Violet."Still,my grandma wouldn't care.She'd only have a look
at a scrape or bad cut and make me suffer from it".Violet told Codie.They all looked
at Violets new home and looked back at her.Zander looked at her and said,"We can run
away,all of us!But please,we can save you".Violet blushed once more and lunged at
Zander,hugging him.''I knew all along why you were my friend".Violet told
Zander.Zander hugged her back and asked,"Oh yeah,why's that"?Violet,held Zander's
shoulders and looking in his eyes,she said,"Because your friendly and caring.You know
almost everything to cheer me up".Zander friendly kissed her on her cheek and
said,"Oh,well,don't worry its going to be okay.Everything will clear up soon".After a
couple hours,they all went home.Violet looked at the time in which said 7:15."Phew,I
made it here on time.But,oh crap,my clothes need to be washed and again I have to
wrap up in a towel tonight".Violet told herself.She got a towel and took off her
clothes,put them in the washer,and left the Laundry Room.Her grandparents came in the
door and looked in her bedroom.Violet was asleep on the floor with a towel wrapped
around her and a blanket over her body.Her grandparents shut the door and Violet
awoke from pretending to sleep and got on her knees.She clapped her hands together
and prayed,"Jesus,Lord,and all those who look out for me,please clear this up and
make the days go by faster.I want my mother to hold me in her arms while my father
kisses my cheek and says ''look how you've grown".I want everything to be normal
again.Please,give me strength so I can face the devil's henchmen with bravery".A tear
ran down Violet's face and she began to cry.She sang herself to sleep and cried most
of the night,but she finally went to sleep at around 3:42 in the morning.

Emowolfgurl says :   9 June 2009   966275  
Awwwww...poor Violet *P.S:Zander and Violet=love*this is starting to
get really good!!!!!!


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