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Funny things wid me and peoplezCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 9 June 2009
12:32:55 PM (GMT)
With K •I never knew birds sly that flow •Dicky cherry •Self Erected Tent that likes Suigetsu and Take That porn with Dicky Cherrys •Naruto, Sasuke, Jack, Oroshihararararacume*Near the end of the lesson*kashikukukuhasa..... *bells rings* Class dismiss •RIPIMS Dicky Cherry (Rest in peace in my stomach dicky cherry) •I'll use L's L of the L in Ocust •*MY NINJA INFO CARDS (KAJ REMIX)* Rubber Ducky cards *later in the song* Ninja ducky cards •Mr Kakashi Rubber ducky •*Let the bodies hit the floor* Let the duckys hit the floor •Cheese Hats •Cheese P's (If you want to know what P stands for. Ask me) •Shirt (Shirt is Luxord from KH2) •Ho ho ho. Merry fucking christmas! •Someone stole the light switch!!!! >.< •He could have been a pedofile! You could have been rapped... IN THE BUTT •I thouht you launched your cat into the toilet!!!! >.< •*This is how you remind me* This is how you ate me. One bite at a time. This is how you ate me. Without a knife and fork. •*Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep* Kiss my ears and lay me to sleep •Genital Herpies girl •My Toe is coming out of the toe hole! •Flossing Ninja!! •Shaunie: So what happened to your Saturday? K: Well... It turned into Sunday... •It's Von Llarma! Not Von Karma! •Galvin •(Other stuff I can't remember)
With Lauren •Shaunie: AHH! George Sampson is on my ceiling! Lauren What?! Shaunie: ... Wait no. Thats just my fan •Strike are coming through the window! •*Both watching Death Note. Some guy just died* Lauren: Who's that guy? Shaunie: I dunno some guy from the Mello •*Over Msn* Lauren: I got Shin. Who's that? Shaunie: Oh he's a prostatute •"High school girls, High school girls. All for me. High school girls"-Shigure (Fruits Basket) •"If I was a woman I'd be a slut. A Lesbian slut."-Bubba (The Good Girl) •Lauren: *Walks into my house* Hi! Shaunie: Hi Wonder Apple Beaker •Apple Beaker •Wonder Disc series •Wonder Quotes •Lauren: Light is such a bastard *Reads his death in the last book* Aw I feel sorry for him now he got that far and he dies. I'm warming to him now. *A few days later* He is such a bastard I'm cooling to him now •Lauren: I can't believe I'm warming to Yuki Shaunie: Told you! •Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sheep •*In maths* The graph shows the age of Shirt •Clang clang. Scrape scrape. Pyramid head is here to rape. •Lauren: Seriously don't do that! Random Year 11: Yeah don't do that. Lauren: F*** OFF!!!! *Slight pause* S*** that was a year 11!! •Jerzack Steven Homo Land Unicorn Rainbow •Lauren: Clayton and Ethan broke up Shaunie: Awww. What were they in a relationship or something Lauren: Yeah Shaunie: Awwww •James: I'll Put a C4 in your house! •James: Whats a square root? •Stacey broke up •Saving Amiee broke up •Was/Is he ugly?
With Sophie •Ross is a woman •(Excuse)Noo... Not you Ros... We're on about my My next door neighbour called Ross who is actually Micheal that lives in Canada which actually lives in France who came from Japan who is actually Chinese but his Parents are Italian and they came from Spain •(Something that happened today in Maths 25/5/10)
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