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The Nobody's King~ Charter 1(unfinished)Category: story
Monday, 11 May 2009
01:41:07 AM (GMT)
Smoke filled the air of the forest of Jahv.  Dust, ashes, burnt wood, and dead
bodies were all that was left of the clan of the tree worriers.  Evalein watched
while the once burning village, now only burnt an ember glow.  She was the daughter
of the cheifton of the tree warriors.  Her clan, like her, were tree elves, and they
were the protectors of this forest.   But they were all killed by an army of the
king, he whom know she dispised, and wished for his death.  Tears ran down her face
as she thought of her once living clan, and her life.
She was bound to live her home, there was nothing lift but ashes.  Her people would
live forever in the forest.  They were born and died here, and only know would their
spirits remain in the quite forest of Jahv.  Only things she had need for where on
her back, it would take a long walk to the nearest town to buy a horse to ride on her
quest.  Though she was ready, and determind.  Her kind were much faster than himans,
swift and agile, that while running would seem to be gliding.  At last she started
her journey.  Her black long hair waving in the wind.  Her like ebony skin, consealed
only by rags of clouthing riipped and faded, as to seem caveman like, exposing her
toned stomach.  
Light was fading from the forest, it had been a few hours since she had last started
her journey, but now she was almost out of the forest.  Her feet ever touching the
ground so slightly, it was as if her foot was never there.  The trees started to
decrease in number.  Every step closer and closer to beyond the forest.  At last, the
trees were behind the fair Evalein, but still she ran.  The day became darker and
darker as night began to fall on the Land of Morbreb.
Stars shone bright in the heavens as she found herself in a village.  There was still
life in a pub, but everyone else seemed to be asleep.  She waslked down the street,
her spear in hand.  Few were on the street at this time of night.  The air was cold
and a fog seemed to start appearing.  A stranger in a cloak walked down the street
toward her.  A man, but yet not a man.  Visable from his hood were horns, but the
hood covered his face.  He continued to walk toward her.  This was strange for
Evalein, but she was ready for a fight.  Her grip of her spear tightened as she
continued to walk.  The two walking closer to each other. 
At only five feet away, both stopped.  Silence there was as both looked at each
other.  Evalien spun her spear, then pointing it at the man, coming almost inshes
away from touching his clouths.  In reply, the man took out a short sword, only a
little larger than a dagger.  He then proceeded into tapping her sear with his

(I'll finish this later...)
Last edited: 11 May 2009

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