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Sunday, 3 May 2009
04:08:58 PM (GMT)
May 3rd

...because she makes me feel my life isnt miserable.

	Audrielle stared at the reflection in the mirror. Her long black hair curled against
her heart shaped face like a frame. She hated this. As a kid, Audi had always been
teased for having chipmunk cheeks and she knew the other kids were right. Her eyes
didnt help much either. She stared into their icy blue pigment, turning her face to
the side. They were too wide, the signature sign for innocence, and in her mind, this
was frightening.
	The mahogany flooring of the hallway was cool against her feet. She entered the
kitchen to an eerie silence. Things were too quiet now that her boyfriend, Shaddix,
was working longer hours. Audi leaned against the side of the window, making a foggy
film over it as she breathed. The view wasnt pretty. In fact, ever since they moved
in, she had demanded the curtains be closed at night from fear of what was out there.
She overlooked the miles and miles of endless fields, straining to see past the
horizon line. Today was misty, making the edges of everything blurry. She tucked her
hands into the sleeves of her jacket as a chill ran down her spine.
	Audi turned toward the mud room as a startling key in the lock sound cut through the
silence. The door swung open to reveal a tall, lanky figure with a black mop of hair.
A curtain of relief fell over her as she realized it was Shaddix. She immediately
wrapped herself around him into a hug, letting go just enough to feel his warm lips
sofly press against hers. She kept her eyes closed as he pulled away and stepped into
the kitchen.
	"Arent you cold in here?" he asked, throwing his coat over a nearby chair.
	She did realize she was cold, but ever since the incident next door, she was too
scared to go into the garage alone. Shaddix climbed down the garage stairs to the
oddly placed thermostat and turned it up a few degress. She peered after him, not
wanting to leave his side.
	"We need to move that into the laundry room" she complained as he returned to the
	He sighed and looked around in the fridge. Usually Audi was the one to go shopping
but, recently, she barely left the house. Shaddix finally grabbed the carton of
orange juice and poured himself a glass. 
	"Maybe we can go shopping this weekend. Just to get out of the house. Then we could
go to dinner afterwards, kay?" he suggested, pulling her into an akward hug.
	"We have to leave?" she asked worriedly, looking up at him with wide eyes.
	"Babe, your going to have to get over this. Theres nothing you can do right now.
I'll drag you out if I have to." 
	Her chest closed in on her. It had only been two weeks since the accident and she
was still shaken. Audi had been the only one home when the neighbors started
screaming and she heard the shots being fired. It was terrifying. She had refused to
go to counseling, even after experiencing the pleading and bloody sight of her best
friend. At night, the scene repeated itself over and over across her eyes until she
awoke, still thinking she could hear the gurgled struggling sound of Pallis's
	A flashback played over in her mind.
	She was cooking dinner and watching the neighbors kids play outside the window.
Pallis, her best friend since as long as she could remember, had just recently moved
in next door after months of Audi telling her how great the town was. The oven timer
went off and she walked to the cupboard to get some oven mits. As she opened the over
door, a loud bang rang through the air. She looked out the window to she a man
approaching on the horizon line of the fields holding a revolver. Kids started
screaming and running inside. Audi was frozen in shock. She was greatly afraid of
public shootings and now this was happening in her back yard. The man ran to the back
window of Pallis's house and started shooting into it. A deafening scream cut
throught the air and she realized who it was immediately. The man took off on a small
trail leading back to the side of the fields. 
	Audi stood there in silence, trying to decide what to do. The screams were now
terror filled as the kids now realized what had happened. She ran outside the garage
door and almost fainted at the sight of the man standing a little farther than ten
feet away. He was pointing the gun at some arriving police officers who apparenty
heard the shots also. Audi ran back inside the house to the back door, sprinted down
the stairs and across the lawn to Pallis's house. As she approached the sliding glass
door linking the yard to their living room, she saw a crumpled, bloody figure on the
side of a dark brown couch. Opening the door, she could hear the muffled gasping
sounds coming from her best friend. She ran over and carefully turned her over on her
back. Audi evaluated the damage. Two shots to the stomach and one in the leg. She
looked up at her friends panicked face and saw the blood flowing from her mouth
before the police entered the house.

May 4th

	She looked over at Shaddix.
	"Can we take the long way, through the neighborhood?" she pleaded. 
	He looked at the clock. It was late and he didnt have time to argue with her now. He
could see the tired look on her face from waiting up for him, like she always did. He
never knew she had a psychopathical fear of shootings, until one actually happened.
He blamed himself for that. It was his decision to stop at the Auto Shop on his way
home, even though he told her he'd be home by seven.
	When he got home that night, he found her curled up in the middle of the bed. He
thought she had just went to sleep without him. As his hand touched her shoulder to
tell her he was home, she swung and struck him square in the jaw. Without even
hesitating, he pinned her wrists down on the matress and started yelling.
	"What the hell is your problem!" he demanded. It was then he heard the terrified
noises coming from her shaking body. He immediately released his grip and sat back on
the edge of the bed. She scrambled over to the far corner of the bed and buried her
face in her hands, her whole body shuttered as giant sobs of fear escaped from her
	"Im sorry," she whispered, shaking her head "I thought you were the shooter."
	He looked at her, puzzled. Slowly, Shaddix crawled over to her and gathered her in
his arms. He could feel every inch of her tiny body trembling.
	She told him the story.
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simplemuch_audrielle says:   3 May 2009   788999  
I love it!!
Thankers you!!!
‹FearrFerocious› says :   6 May 2009   525887  
this is epic.... O__O


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