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Thursday, 23 April 2009
03:40:43 PM (GMT)
, but first lets pack” she pointed upstairs “go! Quickly!” I charged up to my
room and dug through my draws tossing jeans and shirts into my red bag. Then I went
into Xis room throwing his clothes, iPod, teddy bear and the harry potter and bone
books he likes to read I rushed down stairs grabbed my keys and we hopped in my car
and drove after matt. When we were driving Claire called him and said “Matt! Pull
over…..no your not under arrest it’s me Claire ya’ idiot!” so he pulled over
on the next gas station. He stumbled out of the car causing him to fall over. Claire
helped him up and said “Emma needs Xis they’re leaving” matt rubbed his
forehead and opened up the back door Kit Kat and Xis were trading Pokémon on
they’re Ds lights. I signaled Xis to get out of the car he held up one finger and
said “hold on she’s trading my a celibi”
I knew how annoying it can be when I get interrupted in a trade so I waited a few
minutes. I looked down a Claire, she had terror in her face I followed her eyes and
saw Dez, about 100 yards away, grinning. Matt turned around and saw him Claire yelled
at matt “Matt he uhh….SPILLED YOU’RE BEER!” matt stopped rubbing his forehead
and yelled “OH MY GOOOOD!!!!” he spread out his wings and jumped in the air he
started flying towards Dez. A blood curdling cackle ripped from Dezs lips as he
stretched his arm out and bashed matt in the face, feathers flew everywhere. Matt
quickly recovered and dashed towards arm before Dez had time to grab him matt ducked
and grabbed Dezs ankles and yanked them up. Matt started spinning Dez around and with
incredible strength matt tossed Dez far away. Matt then yelled “EAT THAT BITCH!”
he turned to me “that should by you some time go! Emma hurry!” xis was already
clinging to my leg for dear life so I picked him up and ran into my car. Claire waved
by and yelled “take care Emma and hurry!!!” I floored it and began down the rode
I looked in my rearview mirror because xis was screaming. I saw Dez running after are
car he was right next to my window he bumped the car causing me to swerve out of
sheer luck tart was near by he tackled Dez as I drove faster I herd xis crying in the
back seat. “its okay baby, he’s gone okay? The bad mans gone” he sniffed, laid
down and whisperd “I hope dad doesn’t kill you mommy”. Then I stared to cry.

I was debating with myself as whether to call Erin or tell her in person that I was
leaving. I ended up calling her and leaving a message “hey Erin its Emma, I don’t
care if your still mad at me, I’m just calling to tell you I’m leaving it’s
gotten too dangerous to live here. G’bye” after I hung up I had a feeling she was
standing right next to the phone when I left the message.
I approached the air port and parked. Xis was asleep by the time we got there so I
carried in my arms he hugged my side very tightly I could tell he was scared. His ear
socks fell off so he was shivering all over. I patted his jet black hair and
continued walking. I gave the person at the desk my tickets and she told me to wait
just a few minutes and your privet plane will be here in a minute I looked a little
surprised and relieved I did not want to travel in coach the whole way there. as the
plane approached us I glanced back to take one last look at California. The wind blew
me away from the plane, as if it didn’t want me to go. I ignored it I walked in the
plane and sat down. i pulled the seat back and put a blanket over me. Xis ran up to
me and clinged on to me and yelled  “MOMMY! DADDYS OUTSIDE!!!!” the plane was
moving so couldn’t get up I assumed Dez was not stupid enough to go near a moving
plane so I pulled up my seat and looked out. I saw him but I wasn’t sacred I was
laughing “hahahaahaahaahaha dez you can’t get me now loser!” he looked at me as
if he herd what I said he bolted at the plane. But it was too late the plane took
off. I sighed with relief I got up. Xis was still scared so he hid underneath my
covers. I was hungry so I went to see what was in they’re fridge I opened it up and
saw a bunch of junk food I clasped my hands together and said “…..god? Thank you
for making Claire….amen” I grabbed two Sunkist’s, Pringles and a tub of orange
sherbet. I came back with the stuff Xis’s face lit up. And I said “lets get this
party started little dude!” Xis ran up and grabbed the sherbet and began noming it
down with his hands. I rolled my eyes and smiled I glanced over to see and remote
“hmm I wonder what this does?” I clicked a big red button and a giant TV came
down behind me I herd a familiar sound I turned around and super smash brothers brawl
with on the screen. Xis smiled and continued eating. We went threw every game that
Claire had and at the end of it all we went to sleep he pilot dimmed the lights and
flopped in my chair. Xis crept into my seat and hugged me tightly. We eventually
drifted off to sleep.
I awoke several hours later surprised by a loud thumping noise I thought it was the
pilot so I closed my eyes again. I herd it again I sprang up in my seat I walked into
the flight deck very annoyed and yelled “hey! Could you please tell me-….” I
turned the chair and the man wasn’t there the plain was on auto pilot. I looked
over to the bathroom and the door was open no one was there. As if he just got tossed
off the plain itself. I immediately knew what happened and dashed to grab xis but
when I got to the seat xis was gone. I bit my lip and closed my eyes and tried to
think fast. Then I herd a whimper come from the back from the last seat in the row. I
rushed over to see Xis hugging hi teddy bear tightly and crying. I touched his cheek
he gasped and opened his eyes he lunged at me I rubbed his back and he whispered
“d-d-daddys on the plane”
I froze with fear and told xis to wait there while I checked the entire plane. I
couldn’t find him. I rushed back to xis and asked him where he saw him, he pointed
to the windows. I turned around and walked to the window. My hand shivered as I
rolled back the curtain. When i looked outside I didn’t see anything. I then turned
around to comfort Xis but when I turned around I saw him, drenched in blood out side
the far side window, smiling.
Xis yelped and grabbed my leg. I saw dez crawl into of the plain. We started running
in the opposite direction and closed the door but I left a crack to see what was
going on. For several minutes we remained in the closet it was silent the entire time
until Dez punched his hand threw the top of the plain Xis sobbed into my arm and
clinged tightly. I saw his arm stretch down and his head he looked around then his
whole body slowly moved down thought the hole he bended the hole back into place to
avoid decompression. He looked around some more searching for us. By this time I had
had enough of him scaring me and my child so I was going to surrender because he
would have found us anyway I mean we are on a plane. Just as I was getting up out of
the closet I peeked through the crack to see where he was when I saw a parachute in
the corner of my eye. I opened the door and walked over to the insane man and closed
my eyes, I knew what would happen next. He lunged at me but when he did he….hugged
me. I opened my eyes in confusion he looked me directly in the eyes he was starting
to tear up as he said “h-h-h-help me E-Emma I’m s-s-so –sorry.” I tripped
over on my back trying to back away. Tears ran from his eyes when he whispered
“i-I’m s-s-s-so scared and I-…don’t want to hurt you, h-help
meeeeehehehehehehe!!!!!” his eyes turned back to red and he started walking over to
me. I practily did a back flip in terror am grabbed the parachute and xis had already
grabbed onto me the emergency exit was on the other side of the plain so I had to act
fast. As dez cackled with insanity, I ducked and ran under his legs. He turned around
ran after me I opened the latch to the emergency door and sprang out into the sky as
we descended down to the earth I yanked the parachute hook. And it wouldn’t open.

I was scared out of my mind at this time I started to sob because I knew we were
going to die. Just then I looked up and saw dez with a parachute descending as fast
as us he got to ower level and yelled out “EMMA GRAB AND HOLD ON!!!” I shook my
head and shouted out “NO WAY YOUR CRA-” before I could finish I looked into his
violet eyes and when I did everything went silent and time itself seemed to slow down
and as he looked back at me he said it the most calmest of voices “Emma, grab onto
me.” after that very calming experience, I slowly without saying anything grabbed
onto him. He wrapped his arm around me and xis who I was pretty much crushing in my
arms. Then grabbed the parachute hook and it opened above us I rested my head on his
shoulder and smiled as I looked out into the night sky. He motioned me to look up I
did and saw three shooting stars. I looked back at him and asked “hey your not
crazy anymore? What happened?” he looked back at me and said “Emma I want to tell
you something important, when we get down to the ground, run. Run as fast as you can.
Because I won’t be like this for much longer.” I shook my head and said “b-but
Dez, I thought- but back there when you scared at me-” he looked at me and shouted
“EMMA you need to run or I’ll kill you!” after he said that we dropped to the
ground the parachute fell on top of Dez giving us a chance to run I picked up Xis and
ran. We were pretty much near St.Louis I could see the bridge to the illuminating
city. I dashed through allies sneaked over, overpasses because it was night time and
we were on the east side of St.Louis the scariest place to be at night. Just as Xis
and I turned the corner at an abandoned drug store, A gang of 5 men approached us. My
heart skipped a beat as I fell to the ground xis ran around the corner and peeked out
from the side. I was too scared to move, when suddenly one of them grabbed me and
pulled me into an ally. They were whistling and hollering “woo! Yeah you go
Montel!” one of them hollered. “Fuck dat bitch homie!” another yelled. he
turned his head toward the gang and yelled “hey! Could I get some fuck’n privacy
here man!?” they all laughed as they walked out of the ally. The rapists pulled
down my pants and unbuttoned his just before he began he herd a loud crunching sound
and his gang screaming with fear, he saw them all dash away. He pulled up his pants
and walked out and yelled back at them “man what fuck is yalls problem?!” then I
herd one of the say “boy look out!” then I saw I giant hammer crash down and
impaled the man instantly I herd the rest of the gang dash away scared. I sighed with
relief but quickly ran out to get Xis I stepped over the splattered remains of the
enemies. I turned the corner to see Niju holding Xis in his arms. Niju is my
seventeen year old son when I moved away he chose to stay with his father Luigi. I
didn’t expect to see him here but niju is known to sense when I’m in trouble.
I saw the blood soaked hammer on the ground next to him. Niju looked up and smiled he
stood up and hugged me. Keep in mind that Niju is not a talker, even to me; his own
mother. He whispered “mum, I missed you” Xis sprang up and down I picked him up
and Niju signaled me to hurry up and cross the bridge. I nodded and we dashed across
It took a while but we finally made it to the court yard around the arch. Xis fell
asleep while he was on my shoulders I shook him to wake him up he looked up and said
“wooooow it dis where you lived mommy?” Niju chuckled and took my arm his hand
signaled me to follow him. I followed him all the way to the metro link. We road on
it for a while until we reached the Shrewsbury stop, we paced off and took the bus to
Niju’s house in Webster Groves it was an apartment building. He unlocked the door
and pointed to the extra bedroom, as if he knew what I had been through tonight. I
looked back and the sun was already coming up. Xis and I both laid down and fell
right to sleep.

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