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Friday, 17 April 2009
11:11:15 AM (GMT)
Oki So first off Before i even get to the conversation,
I do not mean this in any offence to anyone, it was just a silly little conversation
myself and another one of my friends had about religions.

Alright so the other day Me and my good friend Sabrina were sitting in our extra
block and we're supost to be doing math but you know fuck that and we go into a
conversation about Christianity.
Now for myself im athiest and i dont quite bileave in the whole god + Jesus = World
conspet, i've been to church once and i scared me shitless and i've never been back.
Sabrina on the other hand is unsure about her religion so she's not really sure.

And a few days ago we had learned about Jesus and the birth place of Christianity
Jewish and Muslim and how basicly..they all hated eachother back then. we also
learned about the whole Adam and eve thing as well.

So i asked her
"What'you think about Christianity?"
and she thinks for a momment tapping her chin in a thoughtful manor before looking at
"The belif that some cosmetic Jewish zombie can make you live forever by symboliclly
eating his flesh and Telepathically that you
acepet him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is in
the entire human race because of some Rib-Women
Who was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.....Yea uh No"

She said that and we just started to crack up laughing and well the bell rang and we
left to go hang out with all our other friends.
Now i have a feeling that im gonna get flammed by this alot xD so bring it on.

Lyncheh says:   17 April 2009   314893  
Cute, except she didn't invent that and saw it on an internet image.
I prefer the Atheism version more, myself.

Wait, I'm horribly misrepresenting your views?!
Yeah. Sucks, amirite?
NARWHAL says:   17 April 2009   728523  
From what I've read, you have no idea what Christianity is. 
God + Jesus doesn't equal the world.

I don't believe, but I don't believe because I know what Christianity
is, I go to a Roman Catholic School, thats just fail. Jesus is God.

But whatever, I have no time for Religious debates, but you need to
revise your facts.
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   17 April 2009   843295  
:O:O:O How could your friend say that? And how could you laugh? And
how did Christianity get into your convo anyway? And how did church
scare you? And OMG! I just realised you can spell who from the word
Lyncheh says:   17 April 2009   643168  

I would like to point out before you receive death by flamethrower,
that I wasn't offended by this diary.

I'm just doin' it for the lulz. ;D
HelloKatie says:   17 April 2009   664313  
Don't worry. I wrote the most horrendous and offensive athiesm diary in the history of human existance, and I'm still alive. Good stuff.
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   17 April 2009   518873  
Yeah, maybe you should've paid more attention in church... You and
your friend don't really seem to understand Christianity at all. If
you didn't mean to cause "offence" then you wouldn't have posted this
garbage. Seriously, I'm not going to hang around her and feed you the
attention you're so ungraciously craving. You're just another Katie.

Ah, and don't flatter yourself, Katie. Even this diary beat yours in
offensiveness, you spineless coward.
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says:   17 April 2009   161289  
well...sara... I can see you've gotten hate mail. XDD I DOO no
offence but I think her purpose for posting it is because she just
wanted people to laugh. She didn't want to be offencive, so please
dont get defensive when there's no reason to. Maybe with a little
tolerance and an open mind you'd be able to see that. And I think she
has the consept of christianity it was just easier to type than to go
through the whole bible. Why do you guys insist on making drama? You
complain about not wanting it and then you go and make it? If you
don't have anyhting nice to say, don't say anything at all... 

It made me laugh terribly and I have to tell this to my friend XDD
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   18 April 2009   815468  
I think an entry like this is basically calling for drama. Some
people are Christian and DID take offense for it. If you write a
public diary and people get mad, then you'll have to deal with it.
It's a public diary, not everyone is going to agree. And I don't think
we're the ones that needed to be open-minded here, this girl just
laughed when someone insulted our religion. You don't mock people and
their beliefs and expect some kind of nice little reply back. You
start trouble, you get trouble. You know the saying -- "you reap what
you sow". You GET what you GIVE.

If I was unnecessarily rude, I apologize. However, I stand by my
opinions and what I said. Don't insult my religion and expect me to be
happy about it. And yes, believe it or not, saying that "some Jewish
zombie will save you lololol ur dumb" IS an insult, and is NOT
open-minded to Christianity.
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   18 April 2009   628661  
I'm a Christian and so is my whole family 
I take offense to that 
but let me tell you some thing

In the afterlife, you will pay greatly.
‹~// Sara \\~› says:   18 April 2009   148872  
Well i compleatly knew this was going to happend xD

I recently relize that she found it off the internet xD and i thought
your picture of athisem to be very Humorous.
Lol dont worrie i warned everyone when they began to read it that it
may offend some ;D

Well for one i never said that i have any idea what Christianity is it
was a simple topic in a conversation.

How did Christianity get into our Conversation Topic? Well we were
having a conversation of religon and Christianity is one of the
biggest one there is out there.

Lol well hope you got a good grade on it at least its not like im
going to be struck down my lightning because of this, im just going to
get flamed xD

I agree greatly and im sorry that i offended you in anyway. I wasen't
trying to start anything i was simpley writing what had happend, im
not craving any attention at all and im glad that you debated your
half and wrote your oppinion everyone has there own.

Well i warned in the begining that it may be offensive it was a simple
joke and maybe to some it was over the top and insulting but to others
its a joke, nothing more i wasen't trying to hurt anyone or crave any
Yes...because im going to Pay greatly in the afterlife for posting a
joke if This God can't take a simple harmless joke then let it be. But
truely i dont bileave in afterlife im more of a recarnation kind of
girl ;D

Thanks to all for taking the time to read this Shit and write in your
oppinions =] They were greatly Amusing.
‹[[Deja Voodoo]]› says:   19 July 2010   276070  
To all those who read, I mean this with all offense against you, your
families, and your friends who can't handle what I have to say without
taking it at face value and understanding that other people have other
ideas other than you. Period.

Fuck Christianity.
‹brisé› says:   19 July 2010   943206  
I love you.
go agnostics?
‹[[Deja Voodoo]]› says :   20 November 2010   758397  
Fuck Religion. That is all.
[[For a further explanation behind my comment, just Google Jihad.]]

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