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Rant 'bout my fucking classmates...Category: My life.....
Thursday, 16 April 2009
04:51:22 AM (GMT)
Yo! Here I am again, ranting about my Japanese classmates...

This morning, there's this 2 girls talking about me. Girl#1 is beside me and Girl#2
is behind Girl#1. Since I wasn't paying attention at the start of their conversation,
I wasn't able to hear the other ones. XD But I woke up from my daydreaming and was
able to listen to them when this conversation popped up. Girl2 said that I'm skinny
and it's freaking her out! I was like "WTF?" because no matter how much food I eat, I
DON'T GET FAT! It runs in the family so I can't do anything to change it! D:< She
also said that I may be poor because if you're skinny, they'll think that you don't
eat anything when in fact the "skinnyness" at the age 14 or so runs in the family!
Just because she's a little bit fat doesn't mean she can humiliate me and call me
skinny! T_T

Then, Girl1 beside me said that I have a dark skin color and said that she hates
black people. XD (So the rumors about the Japanese hating black people is really
true, eh? But I have a friend of mine who says she doesn't mind black people as long
as they don't hurt her or they're kind or stuff. I'm the same, I think black people
are cool, actually. Especially, rappers. XD) Please kindly browse through my diaries
and click the diary entry "Real life pics" and look at my pic posted there. Well...I
can't deny the fact that I have a slightly dark color but what bugged me is the "hate
black people" part. -_- Soooo racist or unfair or something.  And you know what?!
These girls pretend to be my friend when my "popular" or "most influential" (or
something of that sort) friend is near me! "plastic people" as how you would say it
in Filipino. ^_^ URGH!! I'll kill them someday!! XD

/End of rant
Last edited: 16 April 2009

‹Luvvy♥› says:   16 April 2009   676293  
who the hell said your skinny...
i saw your picture few times...
and tell you what, you are healthy....
dnt listen to them..
ignore them...

and we are not black people....
just because we have brown fair skin doesnt mean were black...
we should be happy at our colour...

if i were you i would have beat them bad...
dnt care if i get suspended or expelled...
they f*cking deserved it....

i think i went overboard...
i just hate people like them...
they are big fat PLASTIC people...
used to have loads of them pretending to be my friends....

TC olwaiz;; ^^
Lyncheh says:   16 April 2009   548914  
I have the 'problem' of never gaining weight too. xD

Your skin isn't THAT dark. o_e
What the heck?
And even if it were that dark, who cares?

And yeah, I think Japan is probably racist.
Like they have all those signs saying, "Only Japanese people can come
in". :|
‹Luvvy♥› says:   16 April 2009   823983  
they hava that in here as well...
some polish shop says " POLISH PEOPLE ONLY"
and sometimes it says " ONLY 2 STUDENT PER GROUP CAN ENTER"
how fair is that...???what if its a big group and they havent done

and oh yh...
i got the gaining weight probs as well...
even if i ate a whole rice cooker and meat...
never get fat...
which is good...
MissRandomChick says :   16 April 2009   521196  
i have that problem with never gaining wait too.
and i hate people who judge people on the color of their skin or how
big they are in the stomach it doesn't matter what they look like it
matters what they 
act like and who they are and stuff.
i hate judgmental people.


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