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Funny storry in here but !!!i need help also!!! BIG TIME!!!!Category: (general)
Thursday, 2 April 2009
10:49:27 AM (GMT)
ok ok i got some things to say there all mad wack... yo... pshh haha... like


1. i gots a story to tell

once there was a girl called kiki ( that is me ) and she was playing football with
her friends. Amy threw the football and kiki was not looking cause her and jen were
talking about guys... ( again ) and so when she looked up her and jen thought they
say a football but it was not a football here is what it was

Jen: Omg!! amy can you throw that high
Kiki: geez that football was like... really hight...
Amy: you guys stop talking 
Riah: amy is right you guys it was a bird not a football!
Jen and kiki: ohhh.... huh! ARE BAD!
bahahahahhaha... lovely story if i do sayso myself 

2. i need to ask something

Ok... there is this guy let us call him... eieio.. I really really love eieio. But
alass he has a girlfriend lets call her.. Boom.. well Boom does not no that i have
been following her. this is what i havve found out so far... SHE IS CHEATING ON
EIEIO! Yes i saw her making out with let me call him.. Chicken boy. So what am i to
do... should i tell EIEIO and break his heart.. ( wich i could never ever do to
someone ) or just say nothing and let him find out the truth? wich could break him
even more!

I really like him you guys and i don't want to hurt him at all! but if i don't tell
him then finding out would just about kill him!! this is driving me crazy and i am
like crying over this cause it's so hard....

3. something 2 ponder...

If Cheese is really milk and milk comes from cows but cows just eat grass then would
our milk just be grass... and not milk?? ( i ask myself this allot )

4. a song 

i love you you don't know.. your girlfirend is cheating on you how i would love to
tell you so.. don't wanna break your hart don't wanna make you cry.. but the truth is
boy.. your girl is in love with another guy...

5. Friends
I need more friends on here so add me.. please ! 

ok i think i am done writing... 

on number 2 I REALLY NEED HELP i mean if i can't get help now i might go crazy.

love_to_laugh1_6 says :   2 April 2009   267613  
you told the bird/football sotry... ugh!! why lol!! now we look

Jen: Omg!! amy can you throw that high ( this is jen lol )

and EIEIO needs to EIEINO.. even if it means breaking his heart... it
be better then him finding out for himself... Just tell him to come
over your house one day and tell him the truth... THE TRUTH WILL SET
YOU FREE!! (hahahha) 

and i like someone to... idk if he has a girlfirend or not.. i don't
talk to him at all but i know you know who it is are lovely...
*popcornpants* (insside joke)

lol (all the names are coddes people)


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