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I'm so bored right now I might clean my room..Category: Quizzes, Surveys,....
Saturday, 21 March 2009
12:51:52 PM (GMT)
Do you know anyone named Chris?
Yes. Quite a few actually. And speaking of Chris', I think one is mad at me and
ignoring me because I told him I wouldn't give him a BJ..he'll get over it...if
not..oh well..I didn't lose anything..

What's the closest blue thing to you?
A big pillow.

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?

If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you?
I don't know.

Do you wear big sunglasses?

Do you cook to music?
I have no need to cook.

Does the future make you more nervous or excited?

How many different things did you drink today?

Would you rather marry a musician or be one yourself?
I don't know. I sort of am a musician, just not famous for it.

Have you ever punched a hole in the wall?

Have you ever told someone you hated them?
No. Wait. My sister. But I'm supposed to hate her some.

Are you in a good mood?
I'm neither in a bad mood nor a good mood.

Can you roll your eyes?

What house cleaning chore do you hate to do the most?
Washing dishes. I hate it.

Do you love 8th & ocean?

Do you know the names of all the band members that you listen to?

At what age do you want to get married?
Just when I'm ready and have found that "right" person.

Do you dislike any part of you?

Do you have a nickname?

What was the last thing to make you really angry?
I don't know really.

Is it only boysboysboys on your mind?
No. I have school stuff to think about. And life.

Do you have to work tomorrow?

Have you ever had your heart broken?
What exactly is a broken heart?

Do you wear flip flops, regardless of weather, all the time?

Who was the last person to see you cry?
I don't know. I don't let people see me cry.

Eaten a bug before?

When's the last time you cleaned your room?
I don't remember. I'm thinking about cleaning later since I have nothing better to

Last restaurant you ate at?
I don't know.

Have you ever been stung by a bee?
Yep. Twice.

Are you taking anyone for granted?
I don't think so.

What are you excited about?
End of classes. Trip to New York.

When was your last time you saw your Dad?
Step-dad: On the 8th.
My father: Sometime before Christmas.

Who is your favorite superhero?
I don't have a favorite.

Do you get annoyed easily?
Depends on my mood.

Favorite characteristic in the opposite sex?
Hmmm...I don't know.

Do you like winter?

Who was the last person to call you
My mom.

Where did your last kiss take place?
I honestly don't remember.

How did you wake up this morning?
On my own.

Do you talk a lot?
Not really.

Do you own any lacey underwear?
I probably have a pair somewhere. I don't know.

How do you walk?
I don't know. I can't see myself walk.

Do you hate your last boyfriend/girlfriend?

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
It depends.

Have you ever broken your nose before?
No. But I've broken an arm.

Who was the last person that held you?
Oh wow. My ex I think.
Last edited: 21 March 2009

_abc_ writes:   21 March 2009   376916  
Now you are bored.......that has to suck
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says:   21 March 2009   942847  
It does.
_abc_ whispers:   22 March 2009   284497  
Do you own any lacey underwear?

hehe...... you left them in my back seat
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says:   22 March 2009   752623  
That's where I left them...darn..guess I'll just have to come and get
_abc_ sings:   22 March 2009   865713  
I'm wearing them this morning
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says:   22 March 2009   824329  
I guess I'm gonna have to come take them off then, huh?..
_abc_ wonders:   22 March 2009   942475  
Again?                   ?
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says :   22 March 2009   315383  
If I have to..


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