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Sunday, 22 February 2009
12:06:14 AM (GMT)
So, resently I have been in a play, musical.  THe musical is Babes in Arms, and I
play Phillis.  So, I have this crush, and he is in this musical, and his part is Val.
 THe man leading dude.  And this guy I like, lets call him Ewan, is the hot stud of
the freshman class.  

Well, today, I went to Paramont Studios, to get a video of my self, to send in to
innerspark.  So I was standing in line, with this awesome dude standind infront of
me.  And we were talking, and then we both went in to get filmed, and he was
brilliant!  And my performace, I must admit, sucked.  No it really did suck.  I
really fucked up my audition.  My timing was all off.  I had gotten some of the notes
wrong.  I was semi-rush the songs.  My monologe was the begining of Spamalot.  Come
on! Who on earth does that monologe?! I mean it's horrible for showing off your
acting abilities! But that's the only thing I know.   I kept messing up my slate. 
And I called Andrew Lippa (the song writer of "My New Phillosiphy"), Andrew Lipid. 

But onto why I was talking about Ewan.  Well, Ewan had come onto Paramont earlier
that day.  And only him, not any of his stupid brainless friends.  I don't know if he
knew that I was auditioning, but yah. . . I hope we both get in.  4 week of summer
spent learning my craft, with him in my classes.  IT's perfect!!!!

Paramont is AMAZING! I wish I could be in the movies.  I mean, I know how to act and
all.  I should have auditioned for Bella in the Twilight movie.  I could have been
sooo much better than her, not to be rude or anything, but I hated most of her acting
choises.  And she sometimes looks like a plank thinking of . . . nothing.  Judi Dench
is amazing! she is my favorite woman actress, all the rest of my favorites are men.

But on Friday, it was sooo cool.  It was after school, and I was staying at school,
waiting for rehearsal.  And so I was talking to my friend Tyler.  About Spring
Awakening and Phantom of the Opera.  And Ewan and two of his friends were going to do
"All THat's Known" from Spring Awakening.  So Ewan's about to walk down the hallway
to rehearsal (he had an earlier call time than me), and my friend Tyler wants to do
the song "All that's known" for the same class.  But there are two All that's known
songs.  So I run after him, but I stand about ten feet away from him, saying, "Ewan!
What 'All that's Known' are you guys singing? The first or the last?"  And he stood
there, looking at me.  And he answered, "The last." And I relpied, "So your doing the
reprise, cool."  ANd then I walk over back to Tyler, I could still see Ewan, and he
looked stund, he did not move or anything, just kind of followed me with his eyes. 
THen I told Tyler that he could do the solo one becuase they were doing the reprise. 
And Ewan was still standing there, so I say, "Thank you," kinda in other words saying
he could go back walking to rehearsal.  But he didn't, so then I say," Thank you,
Ewan."  And then I pretty much stopped noticing what he did, because Tyler started to
talk to me again. . . yah.

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