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SUPER SURVEY stolen from claudiaCategory: those awesome questiony survey thingies
Monday, 16 February 2009
09:31:01 PM (GMT)
Background check 
Who gave birth to you?- Wendy [her name is actually spelt "Wende" on her birth
Who is your biological father?- Michael, son of Michael, father of Michael xD
Do you live with both of your biological parents?- depends. usually i'm with my mom
Do you like your parents?- no, but my dad is kinda cool, and my mom can be okay from
time to time
Do you get along with your parents?- not really, i mostly avoid them, but my dad is
more chill than my mom
Where were you born?- HACKYSACKS [LAWL you would only understand if you lived near
What date were you born?- January 7, 1995
Do you have any siblings?- Tara: 18, Michael: 16, Andrew: 14 [twin], Ally: 13,
Tyler: 11? i don't pay attention to Ty.
You are child number?- 4
Do you have a large family?- yes. HUGE.
What is your family like?- they think they are italian when it comes to food, and
they are wayyy too caring.

About you
What is your name?- Alexandra Lauren Y
Do you have a nickname?- A.L.Y.?
How old are you now?- 14 going on 21
What color are your eyes?- err, they're weird...they change...they are hard to
describe. kinda brownish? yellowy.
What color is your natural hair?- dark, dirty blonde
Do you dye your hair?- not at the moment, but i have and plan to do so in the
Do you have a 'style'?- if you consider my legendary ponytail a style?
Are you wealthy or poor?- depends which parent i'm with
Are you single or taken?- SINGLE. HECKYES
Do you have any tattoos?- i got one removed a year or three ago :p it wasn't
supposed to exist.
Do you have any piercings?- :] yush and Imma get more when me is older
How tall are you?- 5' 7.75'' I GREW

What is your favorite
Food?- i don't like food :P JK I LIKE PESTO
Song?- uhhhh The Bird And The Worm by The Used is one of my favs
Mood?- content
Person?- uhhh i like many people
Movie?- many
TV Show?- Viva La Bam is great
Thing to do?- YOUR MOTHER. LAWL.

Future Goals
What do you want to be when you 'grow up'?- want to do SOMETHING with my life, just
haven't figured out what that something is. i used to know, but not anymore
Do you want to get married? Do you have someone in mind?- i suppose, if i find
somebody worth the commitment. and no, i don't intend on getting that serious for a
very long time.
What age do you plan to be married?- NOT ANYTIME SOON. 
Do you have kids? How many? What are their names?- i don't have any at the moment,
but i sorta want to be a mother just so i can prove to be a better one than my
mother. spite is ugly tho...
Do you want (more) kids? How many?- yes
Do you know what would you name if it was a girl? If so, what?- i think Elizabeth is
cool, also Alexandra is versatile, i guess i'll figure it out eventually.
Do you know what would you name if it was a boy? If so,what?- Zach, Keith, Xavier, i
don't know
Who would be your dream mate?- ADAMMMMM!!
What is your dream house like?- the house my dad is living in at the moment: three
stories, right on the beach, sun is ALWAYS shining, it's beautiful!
What is your dream car?- SKETCHY VAN!!!!!!!
Any goals not mentioned above?- pay more attention to my text messages. i need to
learn to do that. my friends are getting pissed at me.
Which goal of yours keeps you alive?- uh, TO LIVE!
Do you honestly think you'll accomplish your goals?- NO XD

Yes, no, sometimes or maybe?
Are you on a diet?- maybe, if you consider it a diet
Are you happy?- yes.
Are you at home?- yes
Are you nice?- sometimes
Are you understanding?- yes
Are you attractive?- NO
Are you athletic?- sometimes
Are you caring?- yes
Are you annoying?- maybe
Are you spoiled?- no
Are you picky?- sometimes
Are you smart?- no
Are you dumb?- sometimes
Are you trust worthy?- yes
Are you crazy?- yes
Are you weird?- yes
Are you romantic? maybe?
Are you sweet?- maybe???
Are you funny?- sometimes
Are you normal?- no
Are you popular?- NO
Are you tall?- yes
Are you skinny?- no
Are you fat?- yes
Are you muscular?- maybe
Are you amazing?- LOL MAYBE?
Are you perfect?- NOOOO
Are you talktive?- sometimes
Are you shy?- no
Are you responsible?- no
Are you mean?- sometimes
Are you addicted to anything?- yes
Are you easily influenced?- yes, unfortunately.
Have you ever had a pet rock?- YES! I NAMED THEM ALBINO AND MARKI. I LOVE THEM
Have you ever wet your bed over the age of 12?- no
Have you ever written a Song?- yes
Have you ever been in love?- yes
Have you ever danced in Public?- EVERY DAY
Have you ever given a fake smile?- yes
Have you ever made out in a theater?- LOL MAYBE
Have you ever cheated on someone?- no
Have you ever danced in the rain?- EVERY TIME IT RAINS
Have you ever gotten a broken heart?- maybe
Have you ever sent a hate e-mail?- maybe
Have you ever won a race?- yes
Have you ever failed a grade?- failed a subject, not a grade
Have you ever made a website?- yes
Have you ever blew something up?- yes, a million times over the summer
Have you ever swam in the ocean?- yes
Have you ever spread a rumor?- maybe
Have you ever written a short story?- yes
Have you ever licked a 12 volt battery?- yes
Have you ever been on TV?- yes
Have you ever had an imaginary friend?- yes
Have you ever had a boy/girlfriend?- yes
Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?- YES
Have you ever cried your self to sleep?- maybe? i wouldn't remember
Can you whistle?- sometimes
Can you play an instrument?- yes
Can you touch your nose with your tounge?- yes
Can you lick your elbow?- yes
Can you speak another languge?- it's a process.
Do you shower everyday?- maybe. sometimes i fall asleep
Do you dream?- yes
Do you day-dream?- yes
Do you wish upon stars?- no
Do you wish you could have someone you can't?- sometimes
Do you smoke?- if i told you, i'd have to kill you.
Do you drink?- once again, if i told you i'd have to kill you
Do you have a cellphone?- yes
Do you have your OWN computer?- sometimes
Do you have an ipod?- yes
Do you have a pet?- yes
Do you want a pet?- sometimes, but i've already got my hands full
Do you see ghosts?- no, who can? that's freaky
Do you like were you live?- sometimes
Do you lie alot?- maybe
Do you like to be alone?- yes
Do you miss anyone?- yes
Do you think your taller than most people your age?- yes
Do you eat alot of candy?- no
Do you love chocolate?- not really
Do you like some body on myspace?- no
Do you have a myspace?- yes
Do you have any talents?- no
Do you like to travel?- maybe
Do you hate it when people copy you?- sometimes

Right now 
Are you alone?- no
Are hungry?- i never am
How are you feeling?- great!
How's life in general?- LOVELY
Is there any noise around you?- Music, tv, adults telling stories, brother and sister
talking about the tv, dogs tapping on the floor
What are you thinking about right now?- whether or not to put on headphones and
listen to the red hot chili peppers
What are you wearing?- pj pants [AS USUAL], ursula shirt, hoodie, UNDIES!
What is the weather like?- winter in new jersey: the opposite of exciting
What is your mood?- good. content.
What date is it?- February 16, 2009
What time is it?- 8:44 pm
What season is it right now?- winter.
Where are you?- dad's living room
What are you listening to?- i decided to put on my headphones and am listening to
"Strip My Mind" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Are you having a good day?- of course! every day is beautiful and new
Do you like school? Why?- i don't especially enjoy schooling
What time does school start?- 8:05 am
What's the name of your school?- i can't tell you that. i don't being stalked all the
What grade you are in?- 8th.
Who's your favorite teacher?- Ms Salmon
Who's your least favorite teacher?- Mrs Maclean
What's your favorite subject?- Art and history
What time does school end?- 2:46 PM
When will/did you graduate from High School?- 2013 i think

Would you
Ever have an abortion?- perhaps, if i was desperate
Go out with somebody of the same sex?- sure? LOL
Go out with your ex's friend?- sure
Kiss your boy/girlfriend with your parents watching?- why not?
Tease a monkey at the zoo?- OHYEA
Shoplift?- probably not
Write homosexual in sharpie on the mona lisa?- depends on which of my friends are
with me. remember? i'm easily influenced
Cry in public?- why not?
Cuss in front of family?- sure as hell
Run naked in a famous city?- LOL IF YOU WERE THERE DOING THE SAME
Go to a forest alone?- sure? why not? creepers don't hide in forests, they are too
noisy :P
Go to visit a random person at any prison?- of course, if they are lonely and need a
Cheat on a test?- if i didn't get caught
Kill yourself for money?- depends on who the money goes to

If you could change one thing about your life it would be?- i'd have my parents get
along with each other. i wouldn't want them together, but i don't want them to fight
Draw a smiley:- 8D
What was the last word you said?- i giggled.
What is one of your pet peeves- i can never remember any of them off the top of my
Find your perfect place- anywhere during the summer
What is the relationship like with your friends?- we're INTENSE >D
Look into your own eyes for a second. What do you see?- I SEE MY SOUL! it's creepy
What's your biggest wish?- i don't think i have one?
What's the most important lesson you've learned in your life?- don't expect life
lessons to appear like they do in the morals of fairy tales.
What or who would you give up everything for?- i can't think about  that right now,
i'm oblivious
What do you fear most?- a few select people
Any dirty little secrets from the past you've share with no one?- of course
Share a secret- the only one i can think of would get me into a lot of trouble with a
lot of people
Have you ever experienced any major tragedy? What was it?- eh, i wouldn't say that i
have. i've had a pretty easy life, compared to others.
What's one of the biggest issues you're going through currently?- errr, my friends
bothering me about food. it's annoying as hell, and their efforts are unneccessay
In one word who are you?- Me
Which cell phone provider do you have?- verizon
How many states have you been to?- i have no idea.
How do you feel about freckles?- THEY ARE WICKED COOL
Are you married?- nope
Worst thing a teacher did to you?- LOL OMFG MY TEACHER UPSKIRTED ME TWICE ON
How many contacts are on your phone?- over 100.
What are you going to do for summer?- CAMP!
Do people think your crazy?- if they don't then they should!
What is your myspace URL?-
Who's your best friend?- MANY
What's your ring size?- i don't pay attention to stuff like that
What is the most missed memory?- camp D: I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK
Have you lost something or someone important to you? Who or what?- i don't know, i'm
too tired to think that deeply
What is the one restaurant you eat at way too much?- OMFGWTFBBQLOFL GOURMET GARDEN
What do you think about most?- my friends
What are you looking forward to?- campppp
Money or love is more imporatant?- love
What is your youngest cousins name?- Teddy? Jessica?  errr i don't know they live far
What is your third favorite color?- err...THE RAINBOW HAS MANY COLORS
What is the closest thing to you that is purple?- BRACELETS
What does your desktop background look like?- a pic of the beach in front of my dad's
house [it's my dad's comp, lol]
What is the last red drink you drank?- sips of wine
What college did/do/ you want to go to?- unknown
If you were opposite gender what was your name gonna be?- Andrew xD LOL 
How many friends on myspace/facebook do you have?- i don't know! i haven't logged on
for months
What is the best movie you've watched in the last month?- ACROSS THE UNIVERSE i
rented it from le library
What is the 1st word of the last song you listened to?- "I AM HE IS YOU ARE HE IS YOU
Do say soda, softdrink, or pop?- soda or pop, never SOFTDRINK XD
What color is your wallet?- i use my ipod case like a wallet, so, black?
Are your floors mostly wood or carpet?- carpet
Do you have your license?- not quite yet
How old was your mom when she had you?- 34?
What is a time or day you're looking forward to?- TOMORROW. AND THE NEXT DAY. AND THE
Have you ever shaken from anxiety/nerves?- YES. in school they made us present the
peices we write in language arts, and i get nervous and start to shake EVERY TIME
Can you see a calander from where you're sitting?- no
What color is the dry towel for dishes?- blue
What's your crushes/bfs middle name?- err i don't know
What is the first song on your favorite mixed cd?- All My Loving by The Beatles sung
by Jim Sturgess? it's one of my favs
Have you already gotten a kiss this year '09?- yep :] friendly kisses between
friends. LAWL
Why do you stay up so late?- because only MERE HUMANS need sleep. LOL JK
Do you want to marry someone smarter or dumber than you?- smarter. i like to learn
from people. if i try to teach people i get impatient
Have you ever snuck someone in to your house?- wait, who hasn't? certainly not me :P
i have countless times. MY MOM IS RETARDED

‹Nicolle;;Til we see the sunlight› says:   16 February 2009   126628  
mah middle name
If you name your daughter her, YOUR GONNA THINK OF ME!
hahaha : )
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   16 February 2009   357819  
you tried hiding your last name but by giving away your Myspace you
gave awake your last name 8D
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   16 February 2009   693224  

Oroborus21 says:   16 February 2009   643983  
Are you attractive?- NO
thats a ridiculous answer.

and secondly there is no point in blocking out the Y up top in your
name if your myspace URL gives it away... ><
‹AudioWhore› says:   17 February 2009   969279  
I KNOW! that's why i thought of that name!

i don't care if people have my last name YOU GAVE THEM OUR SCHOOL XD
that's bad.

yea i realized that, but i plan on deleting my myspace any day now
because i don't use it AT ALL
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   17 February 2009   558594  
Well guess what :P THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE Eisenhower Middle School's
‹AudioWhore› says:   17 February 2009   961411  
but people know from our profiles that we live in new jersey. kinda
narrows it down seeing as OUR SCHOOL IS THE SECOND RESULT WHEN YOU
GOOGLE IT. google is the ultimate stalking machine.

but it doesn't matter, nobody bothers stalking jersey kids, it has to
do with population density and statistics showing how butch we are and
the loudness we can conjure [i am COMPLETELY talking out of my ass-
probably none of what i just said is true.]
Oroborus21 says:   17 February 2009   341266  
lol @ middle school..

heheh makes yall seem so young *sigh* 
‹AudioWhore› says:   17 February 2009   629389  
fine :P it's "junior high"

‹Nicolle;;Til we see the sunlight› says:   17 February 2009   795542  
whats the song on your myspace? cause i ADORE it?
‹AudioWhore› says :   17 February 2009   686344  
OH that's I'm A Fake by The Used

Next entry: disorder survey? it's interesting. WOOOT I'M CRAZEH in category those awesome questiony survey thingies
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