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Kirti's Mind TheaterCategory: The Little Orphan
Sunday, 1 February 2009
09:42:33 PM (GMT)
Charactors plot setting ect ect property of Miss-RolePlay1995. Prewsenting Kirti's
Mind Theater- back by popular demand or at least by executive request. Role it!

* 3 *
* 2 *
* 1 *

     Passing through the eeire town of Solem made Eichiro wonder exactly what
had been going on while he was gone. Solem had never been a particulary big town but
it had always been busier then the empty dirt roads and boarded up windows hinted.
Smoke trikled up chimneys, as if people were afriad to reveal they're precense by
cooking. It wasn't so late that nobody would be doing laundry either but there was
nobody to be seen. It was the sort of scene that seemed to demand ominous clouds, but
on the contrary the sun shone brightly as if the gods themselves wished to spotlight
a town they had forsaken.
     This place looks more like Chan'yarie, after the plague hit. This is not the
Solem I remember... Eichiro thought nervously. He took a quick glance at Mana out
of the corner of his eye and subtly rearranged his expersion to one of calm but
forboding acceptance. Mana mustn't realize how disturbed he was by the state of the
town. The group proceded slowly towards the town square where Eichiro hoped to
refresh themselves on news and supplies.
     When they reached it Eichiro was shocked by a sudden onslaught of noise invading
the dead qiuet of town- Boisterous laughter was eminating from what was seemingly the
only occupied building  in the town square. The bar was filled almost to bursting
despite the early hour, and homey latern light flooded out the door, looking
deceptively like a beacon of hope. 
      "Oh good! There's got to be someone in there who can tell us what's going on."
whispered Shiki, throwing a hopeful glance towards the upon door of the bar.
"I don't like it. Something about that place gives me a bad feeling. And a criminals
hunch is never wrong." Said Ato, shocking everyone with his ability to speak in his
full voice in the quiet town, even if there was a noisy bar only a few yards away.
And although Ato was partially kidding about a criminals hunch, Eichiro fully agreed
about the bar giving off a bad vibe. But he had experience in this world and knew
       "Going in there is out of the question." he annouced. "It may be brightly lit,
but anyone who uses lanterns in the middle of the day is prosperous. And the sort of
person who is prosperous in a deserted town, and uses the money in a bar is not the
sort we want to be dealing with. No Shiki, the place we want is over there." Said
Eichiro, doing his best to sound confident and experienced- honestly this town looked
so differnt that he hardly knew if the drab brown building he pointed at was really
the shop he remembered. The only hopeful sign was that only one of it's two windows
was boarded. Betraying none of his misgivings Eichiro led them into the shop.
       The door opened with a creak- The friendly, tinkeling bell Eichiro remembered
was gone- and from the back of the shop Eichiro heard someone say,
"Teren! We have costumers!" And from even further away some, most likely Teren,
replied "Tell 'im we're all outa hang ova' cures!" 
Eichiro cleared his throat to speak but was cut off by the appearence of a young
frazzled woman running around one of the many bulky, cluttered shelves that filled
the shop. Her hair was short, brown and a bit lopsided, as if she had cut it with a
knife, quickly. She had on a dusty white shirt covered by a thick brown apron. When
speaking, she started out by avoiding they're eyes.
       "Terribly sorry sirs, but he says we're all out of-"  She had looked up just
enough to notice the odd asortment of travelers standing before her.
"T-Teren! We have real costumers this time! You'd better get here right quick
or I'll-" "What, what, wah doya mean?"There was the sound of shifting objects as
Teren emerged from the back of the shop.
       "These aren't soldiers; they're... uh..." She ran her eyes over them- a blue
tiger elk, a levitating coy, an angel with a koala on her shoulder, and a moderately
large number of teenagers in varying levels of armor.
"We're friends. And we're here to help."

I could have gone in to have the conversation with Teren about how Shikuros soldiers
have taken over town, but it got late and I got lazy. Kirti's Mind Theater 4- end.
Last edited: 1 March 2009

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   2 February 2009   148879  

Incredible job, I really like it! It kind of feels like reading
someone else's story. (I know, you wrote it, and that might not make
sense, but still...) ^^
*prints and uses ideas* ^v^
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   2 February 2009   585162  
Actually, I think I'm going to rewrite what I have of chapter 26 so
far, and change it more like this! This is REALLY good! 8D

A few things will be changed, of course, but it'll be relatively
Kirti says:   2 February 2009   641285  
whoa, really? thanks!

in the usual form of Kirti's Mind Theater I didn't use Mana's
perceptive. heheh...
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   2 February 2009   135536  
Lol. I noticed that it was in Eichiro's perspective. ^^

I've got some ideas to add to this already. :D
Kirti says :   2 February 2009   922315  
Can't wait to see it!


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