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Yoga Fun XXX (((Finished Sex Story)))Category: (general)
Saturday, 17 January 2009
04:31:02 AM (GMT)
So there I was, taking yoga, after my friends completely forced me. I get into my
sports bra and boxers because I don't care what this yoga hag thinks of me. I lay
down my tattered mat (tattered from many gym 'sessions' with Mr. Long) and
pre-strech. After a couple minutes I relize a man walking in with huge muscles and
jet-black hair. I stand up suddenly and walk over to him. 

"Excuse me Mr. Hottie, I think you have the wrong class..." I say pouting my lips. 
"Ah, new student, I am teacher, Mr. King, And I come all the way from Africa to teach
you-" He looks me up and down as he says this "-how to become flexible." He
smiles and walks to the head of the class.

"Good Morning Mr. King" all the hard nippled girls say bowing, as though he was
really was a king. 
Now, he does not smile he just frown's. "Let's get stretching!" He yells tearing off
his top. 'Omg!' I think to my self as we spread our legs and grab our ankles. We are
to hold this pose for 5 minutes. 2 minutes into this odd stretching, he walks my way,
catches my eye, and winks at me. I blush and put my head down. The next moment he's
behind me, grabbing my ass and rubbing his cock through his shorts on my backside. I
stand straight up and look at him. He whisper's into my ear so silently you'd think
we were on a secret Iraq mission, hiding in the forest with two enimies one foot
away. "See me after class." he whispers, then walks back up to the head of the


Class is over and all the girls are practically running out of here. I look up and
see Mr. King watching me, he hold up his hand and pulls out his index finger and
tells me to come here.

I walk up to him and he pulls me into his office and shuts the door. He locks it,
then smiles hugely. "Hullo, My name is Marco, and if you don't mind me saying, you
are quite the lovely girl." Marco says eyeing my Double D's and licking his lips.
"Well, thank you Mar-" I begin to say but I'm just as soon cut off because his tounge
is already in my mouth. I let our tounges play a while and rub his body as they do.
Becfore I know it I'm on his desk with all his papers and books on the floor and He's
ripping my shirt off and un-bottoning my bra. 

He begins to lick my nipples, making them harder and harder with every thrust of his
I moaned lightly and whispered "More." as he sucked them harder. The next thing I
knew, I was unzipping his pants and pulling the down to his ankles along with his
underwear. I pulled out his 8 Inch cock and started rubbing it up and down. I opened
my mouth and flicked out my tounge to touch his hot cock...

I was so warm and grew more at the touch of my tounge. I licked his stone hard shaft
and heard him moan something in another language. I smiled, and began to suck it
harder and harder while he screamed and moaned. "Oh god, I'm gonna cummmm..." He
moaned, opening his legs more. The next moment my mouth is filled with his delicious
'frosting' and its sliding down my throat. "Mmmm." I moan as I continue to suck him

I stand up and sit on his lap with his dick in my wet pussy. I begin to ride him up
and down. "Jesus, it's so tight and warm!" He screams as I go faster and faster.
"YES! YES! More Baby! Cum In My Pussy! Yes!" I cry out as I continue to ride him. He
begins to suck my nipples. 

Uh oh, someone was at his office door. "Hello?" Says a male vioce. "Aw Kyle man,
please go, I'm kinda busy!" Marco says. "Dude, I heard screaming, you ok?" Kyle says
and uses his key to unlock the door. I blush as he walks in and see's me covered in
cum and riding his friend. "Oh. Wow." Is all his friend says before he's pulling off
his clothes. "Uhm...." I try to protest but before i know it, I'm sattled backwards
now on Marco's cock and have another cock in my mouth. I continue to ride Marco and
his friends makes me suck his cock. I began to scream because this feeling is the
most amazing ever.

Then, I get on the floor and 69 Marco while his friend bangs me in my ass. "Oh
gawd...Yea yea! Please Papi! More!" I scream forcing Marco to lick my pussy harder
while I sit on his face. We fuck for a little longer until I relize it's 8 'o clock,
and my mother will be worried. We finish off by all cumming at the same time. I get
up because the guys are passed out and sleeping on the floor. "Hmmm..." then I get
this fun idea. I take a shower, get dressed, and come back into the office. Cum is
everywhere, and the floor is slippery. I put Marco's dick in his friends ass (by a
long time off draggin his friend OVER to Marco) and smile. I leave thier door wide
open and ring the front desk and tell the lady there was some screaming in the yoga
room. As I leave out the door I hear a "Good LORD!" and a thud. I laugh and head out
to my car.


I lay on my bed and get a call from my friend. "Hey, Vicky, how did you like yoga?"
Lucy asks. I smile to myself and keep myself from laughing. "Well, Lucy, I just don't
think it was for me..."

Last edited: 18 January 2009

‹Ally-Is-Beast(:› says:   19 January 2009   259292  
That really happened?
SecretStashOfXXXs writes:   19 January 2009   245449  
Nah, just a story.
‹Ally-Is-Beast(:› says:   19 January 2009   382594  
OH okay.
SecretStashOfXXXs says:   19 January 2009   958521  
Cuz what...
‹Ally-Is-Beast(:› says:   19 January 2009   127964  
Write more stories
I 'm not attracted to them ,but
I love it when it has a twist =]
SecretStashOfXXXs sings :   19 January 2009   962942  
Lol I'll start working on a new one tomarrow...


Spread the word about this one, If you could...


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