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Wednesday, 31 December 2008
08:29:41 PM (GMT)

A girl’s face turned skyward as snow started to pelt towards the earth. She
smiled and opened up her arms in a “T” formation and giggled as she stuck out her
tongue feeling the cold ice land on her nose, mouth, and cheeks. The cold bit at her
finger tips and nose but she didn’t care. Her lips were deep red as the snow nipped
at them playfully. She breathed in the icy smell of the snow. She cupped her hands
and snow fell onto her unclothed hands, freezing them yet-

“MIRANDA WAKE UP!!!” A woman’s voice shouted randomly.

Miranda furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head.

“WAKE UP!” The voice sounded again.

Miranda’s eyes widened.

“WAKE UP!!!” The woman’s loud shriek sounded in Miranda’s ear.

“ACK!” She screeched falling over and rolling by the woman’s feet. “Uh,
hey…mum.”  Miranda said offering up a small wave and a sheepish smile. She
struggled trying to stand her feet numb against the cold floor. While her mother
preached to her about waking up early even though it was the weekends, Miranda took a
small peak outside her window. It was a frosty morning the dew slicked upon the grass
shined in the meager light that shone through the gray clouds. Miranda sighed.

“Are you listening to me missy?” The mother hissed. Miranda jumped.

“Sorry Mum, yes, yes! I know, 12:00 is not early, and I shouldn’t be waking up at
this time. Now, if you please excuse me I would like to get dressed for the day.”
Miranda rolled off her tongue. The mother placed her hands on her hips. Her mouth
closed and opened several times before she nodded stiffly.

“Alright then, I have to go to work so please eat something after you get
dressed.” She said turning on her heel and leaving the bedroom. Miranda rolled her
eyes and strutted to her dresser where she picked out a simple gray turtle neck with
a brown leather belt clinched at her waist. She wore dark skinny jeans and stuffed
her feet into her warm, fluffy, white moccasins. Once she was sure she was warm
enough for the day, and admiring her fit figure in the mirror she stepped from the
room closing the door securely behind her.
The floorboards creaked under the heels of Miranda’s shoes as she made her way to
the rather large and shiny kitchen. The mother was busy combing her hair in the
mirror that hung behind the dining room table. Miranda sighed again as she stared out
the window.
Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of seeing the snow. She dreamed about
how it would feel like to have snow surround her. Of course she knew it was cold and
icy. But the fifteen years she was alive, she never saw snow at all. Miranda watched
her mother pick up her bag.

“OK, sweetie, I’m leaving now.” Her mother chirped kissing her gently on the
forehead. Miranda chewed roughly on a piece of bacon. Swallowing it and reaching for
another one. When suddenly her mother popped out of the door and back into the
kitchen again.

“Oh, honey, I was wondering if you could go out and do some Christmas shopping.”
She said smiling. Miranda’s mouth dropped and a glare washed across her face. The
mother giggled nervously.

“BYE HONEY!” She said loudly, “Make sure you do the shopping!” With that, her
mother left the house leaving on very disgruntled daughter behind.
Miranda shoved another piece of bacon in her mouth and poured some orange juice into
a glass cup. She drained it and washed it out putting it into the sink. 

“Ugh, what am I even supposed to get for my brother?” She muttered angrily to
herself pacing in the living room, her shoes squeaking against the hardwood floor.
Her mind started to wander and she thought about snow again. She could never get that
stuff out of her head until she saw it, which was probably never since they rarely
Miranda sighed again, like she did all day. She went back into her room and grabbed a
brown coat. To match her belt and walked silently out the kitchen door.

Miranda stuffed her hands into her large pockets as the cold blasted against her
face. She walked along her street and onto a street that had rows of stores on each
side. She stopped and looked from one store to another and narrowed her eyes against
the freezing wind that hit her face. Her hair blew sideways and she turned to fix it.
Her eyes fell upon a large antique store with some children playing at the front with
a small multi-colored ball. Miranda decided that she would get some random cheap
things from the store. She stepped in to it and felt the warm air defrost her face.
She touched the old wares and shifted her gaze from pots to mirrors. A kind looking
woman with chubby cheeks and bright narrow green eyes walked up to her.

“May I help you?” She said sweetly, smoothing the random folds that gathered on
her apron.

Miranda nodded shortly. 
“I’m looking for something that’s for my dad and brother.” She said staring
the woman straight in the eyes.

The woman smiled serenely. “I know the perfect things.” 
So after many nods and shaking of the head. Miranda settled on a brass round locket
and a topaz encrusted mirror. She thanked the woman and stepped out of the store. The
cold was a shock to her system and she bunched her shoulders together trying to stay
warm, wishing she brought a larger jacket. She shuffled her feet as she walked by the
kids playing in the front. One girl threw the ball at the little boy and the boy
dodged skillfully. The girl raced after the fast rolling ball onto the frost street.
Miranda’s eyes widened. The girl was in danger of being hit by a car. She set down
the bags quickly and raced after the girls her boots slipping on the frozen ice. She
quickly picked up the girl and the ball and set the gently on the sidewalk.

“Road safety rule number one,” She said sternly looking into the girl’s
wandering eyes, “Look both ways before crossing. And also ask an adult to help you
get something that is on the street.” Miranda said.
The girl nodded. Miranda smiled and patted her head. “Stay here while I get the
storekeeper.” She said turning and walking back across the road. There was a sudden
loud screech of tires and Miranda whipped her head around.
Her eyes widened. Road safety rule number one…Look both ways before
crossing. Miranda felt herself fly through the air and land with a thud onto the
ground. Miranda blinked a couple times numb all over she heard shouts and screams of
a girl and other people. Miranda smiled sadly.

She didn’t even get to see sn-suddenly. Something cold fell onto her face. She
looked dazedly up her vision blurred. White particles were falling from the sky.
Miranda smiled.
Snow. And with that. She closed her eyes a smile still on her face.


Miranda died and because she did something good by saving a precious soul of a
youngin she was rewarded snow.

momoko101 says:   31 December 2008   784145  
nice story
‹DeliriousNightingale♥› says:   1 January 2009   434976  
This is one of my favorites. :D I give it 9 out of 10.
kenna_horselover says:   1 January 2009   915517  
That's a very nice story. I give it 10/10.
KusuKusu cries:   1 January 2009   823926  
Zelda3443 says:   1 January 2009   286648  
10!!!! it was a sad ending...but also happy in a way. which is pretty
hard to do!!! 
‹♥Kirsche♥› says :   2 January 2009   979564  
10/10! it was a sad ending, but it ended in a good way. that was an
amazing story. and u should definetly keep writing


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