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I win. TwTCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 25 November 2008
02:57:22 AM (GMT)
The fight. :D She lost. I won. <3 Surprised? Yeah, me neither. Victory party, y/y? ♥ Edit: You all know who I'm talking about -- my hater. X3 The attention-craving little girl, haha. And to her and her childish friends -- you DID lose, kids. Sorry. ;D Sucks to be you guys.
Last edited: 25 November 2008

Oroborus21 says:   25 November 2008   314957  
*blows up balloons...gets light-headed*
sugartastic says:   25 November 2008   469998  
Haha. XD That doesn't sound too healthy... how about some official
party drink, ROOT BEER?! <3
Oroborus21 says:   25 November 2008   781936  
how about root beer floats ^^
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   25 November 2008   878176  
Yeah! We all won, Nicole! SMITH TEAM RULES. D:<
And I think you made an error in that edit of yours. She's not a
"little" girl. Sure, she's a little girl who wants to have babies and
drink mentally, but she's certainly not "little" when we're talking
weight. n_n She made that pretty clear when she was blaming God for
her extra rolls.
sugartastic says:   25 November 2008   811963  
Root beer floats are great. <3

And ROFL. I think I just died laughing, Doo. XDDD That was the best
comment I have ever read in my life. :'D Now that, my friends,
is pure OWN right there. I think she just got owned into next year.
Lyncheh says:   25 November 2008   879823  
A winnar iz you.
‹Samantha;;ShushYourLips♥› says:   25 November 2008   573133  

StarDust says:   25 November 2008   349447  
Yay! -cracks open champagne- Partay peoples! :D yeh funky candy lol.
‹Kiwily<3› says:   25 November 2008   532728  
I want a root beer floaaattt D:
sugartastic says:   25 November 2008   349795  
A winrar is me? TwT ♥

And ROFL. I love multiple prizes. Almost as much as I love
several prizes. XD And sure thing. 8D -passes out root beer
floats- If they taste funny, that means it's working! =^_^=
blindwonder says:   25 November 2008   489141  
You soldiers fought well.
Great job~
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   25 November 2008   894272  
it was totally obvious you were gonna win!!!  AWESOME JOB!!!
sugartastic says:   25 November 2008   315396  
Hee! TwT Thank you guys~ ♥

And ahaha, yes, I have my soldiers to thank for this. ;D As in, all my
awesome friends backing me up. <3 And family too. Ha, she got
outnumbered BIGTIME. =^_^= Also, thanks, Sky Blue! ♥

You usually don't "win" anything if you just call everyone on Kupika a
retard, LOL.
Buniiez says:   25 November 2008   126586  
sugartastic says:   25 November 2008   335642  
That's right! ;D

Join the victory party? =^_^= <3
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   26 November 2008   613684  
let's party
sugartastic says:   26 November 2008   926846  

Don't drink the root beer. :V It was spiked! There's Listerine
mouthwash in it. XD
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   26 November 2008   783518  
Nah, you really shouldn't drink the beer.
( It was spiked with juice. '3' )
sugartastic says:   26 November 2008   958454  
Really? ;O
Thanks for telling me. ^^

Also, watch out for the alcoholic apple cider! It was spiked with
healthy alternatives. SHUDDER SHUDDER.

Like water, apple juice and 100% Juicy Juice made with 100% real
artificial juice.
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   26 November 2008   323963  
Eugh listerine?
That stuff is disgusting.
‹Kiwily<3› says:   26 November 2008   155683  
bragging rights.
sugartastic says:   26 November 2008   546998  
Listerine is delicious. ;9

It's so fresh and it burns and it's just plain yummy. 8D They should
make like... Listerine-flavored Pop-Tarts! ^^ ♥

And yes, Kiwily.

Bragging rights. I has them.
‹Kiwily<3› says:   26 November 2008   768436  
Listerine flavoured pop-tarts?
isn't that called mint?
Eww. I can't imagine that in solid form.

I have a friend that's allergic to mint. 
haha, he has to use blueberry toothpaste.
sugartastic says:   27 November 2008   186774  
Yeah, mint I think. XD Is there such a thing? o_O Mint-flavored
Pop-Tarts, I mean. Sounds kinda... good. :9

And ROFL. XD Katie is insisting she won. This is too funny. I can't
believe how stupid some people are. Those saying she won obviously
haven't seen the argument; this thing was over before it even started.
Like I told her, the moment she decided to fight with me was the
moment she lost.

Hopefully the mindless zombies will see the light and the real winner
soon, haha. <3
tabitha408 says:   27 November 2008   126434  
Yeah you won! Go Nicole! ^_^
sugartastic says:   27 November 2008   195714  
Thank you, Tabitha. =^_^= -hugs- ♥
I'm very happy to hear that. TwT
‹GatorBoots› says:   27 November 2008   321544  
You still lose in my opinion. >:|

;D I kid.
Grats, and such.
sugartastic says:   27 November 2008   953355  
I HATE YOU. T_____T;;; SO MUCH. So much that you wouldn't even
BELIEVE the magnitude of my intense hatred for you! ;O I am VIOLENTLY
flattered by your comment!

Not kidding. ;3
(Or... maybe sorta. :D)

And thank you! TwT ♥ I mean... "Thank you. >:/ -sounds of making
threats under breath- 8D"
Lyncheh says:   27 November 2008   662181  
Top of hot diaries list?
A double winrar is you.
sugartastic says:   27 November 2008   629425  
Eh? Really? TwT I'm at the top?
HAHA. <333 Guess we see who the winner is now LOL. XD ♥

I feel special. :D Let's get engaged for no reason, Lyncheh. TwT <3

‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   27 November 2008   131337  
I don't see how anyone can win it, speaking it was just an argument
with a immature, selfish girl who believes she's the best over a list
she was retarded enough to make. 

But then she also claims to win. So it's fair to claim you won. 

I claim you won! Congrats! ;D

I brought the cake and sparkling juice to the party! YAY PARTIES! 
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   27 November 2008   928884  
You were totally the winner. :B 

~1,931st comment~
sugartastic says:   27 November 2008   867539  
Aww, thank you! ;D <3 And ROFL, it wasn't really a competition in the
first place -- she acted like a loser when she made an immature
"retard list". :P I feel a little bad, when both of us fought it was
pretty much 1000 people to her three (her and some other girls). So
basically, no competition. 8D LOL.

And aww! :D I'm glad you think I'm the winner, haha. And thanks for
the congrat. ;3 ♥ I LOVE SPARKLING JUICE. <3 -steals-

And thanks Ashley! ^^ -hugs-
‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   29 November 2008   482189  
I saw that list. I was like wtf is this girl doing does she really
know what she is doing? 
sugartastic says :   29 November 2008   475447  
Exactly. TwT

And thanks! <333 I totally won. =^_^= ♥


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