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Bicc~~~Part EightCategory: Story!!
Saturday, 8 November 2008
07:12:46 PM (GMT)
~~Part Eight~~

Though Bicc was scared to death to take a step out of the tree, his stomach was still
begging for food. He bit his lip and tried to ignore the burning in his gut but
failed. He wished that he had made some kind of storage for days such as this when it
was life threateningly dangerous to roam free in the woods. Korre, sensing Bicc's
hunger and feeling it himself, stood. 
"I promise i'll be back." He assured the frightened little fox. Bicc stared at the
large cat with fear writen all over his face. He wished not for Korre to make himself
known outside the safety of invisibility in the tree. He was unnoticable, being as
small as he was, and could easily hide in a bush. However, Korre stood out and
couldn't simply hide in some small crevice. He watched the tail of the creature he
had come to know as a friend, exit the hole in the trunk.

After falling asleep waiting for Korre, Bicc woke to a darkening sky and empty trunk.
Korre hadn't returned yet and Bicc was growing concerned. He hadn't heard the
formidable bang echo through the forest so his big cat friend should still be
alright, correct? He bit his lip and stared out of the hole in the tree and stared at
the purple sky. He took a big sigh as he stared at the clouds and thought of his
beautiful, inspiring mother. Her eyes glittering like the sun off of the surface of a
crystal lake. Her fur as soft as any silk with gorgeous red and white. He remembered
watching her move...her body as smooth as water on a summer day. Each soft step she
took seemed to make the the earth sigh in awe. He smiled at her soft words in his ear
when he woke from a frightful dream. Her voice reminded him of the wind touching the
He stared into the deep sky and listened to the wind. He listened to his mother
talking silently to all the animals in the forest that dearly missed her. He listened
to her reassuring the sleeping birds and making sure that the forest lived on even if
she wasn't there. She was talking to him as well. In the wind, he could hear her
comforting words making his heart warm and keeping his spirits up. An owl hooted in
agreement of his mother's wind and Bicc felt a tear run down his furred cheek and he
wiped it up quickly. 
"Mother..." He whispered, adding his words to the wind. He could still feel the
excruciating pain dwelling beneath his fluffy exterior. His happy memories were
quickly swept away by the memories that still tore him to peices. Her beautiful
eyes...those glittery blue eyes....lifeless. Blank. Staring blindly at the watching
Bicc. He shook his head, trying to clear out the horrifying paintings on the canvas
of leaves.
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