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Opinions! Hot from the Oven!Category: oh hai 8D
Saturday, 8 November 2008
08:30:57 AM (GMT)

Eve is here to tell you about her opinions!

This may take a while....

Please do not offend her for this is her OPINION, it's not a FACT.

OPINION and FACT are the same yet different.


I know all of you might say that these things are badass and whatnot, but they
aren't. Or maybe some of you might say that they're just so wrong and so, so gross,
but maybe you're wrong.

I guess I'm standing up to those drug-pushers and stuff. I hate standing up to
people, but since I do, I'll do it. Because I hate it. 

Confusing, I know.

Hey, somebody's got to stand up for them and who else is crazier?

Me. [Haha. Yeah right]

So anyway, I suppose the smoking and drinking will help them forget their problems
and make them a bit happy, but there's also another way to that. Such as
cloud-watching or star-gazing, they're not much, but they pretty much help.

They're not stupid. They know what they're doing and don't say, "If they know what
they're doing, then why are they doing it in the first place????". They aren't lame
for using it instead of facing their problems, they're confused...

And if they're ready to face their problems, they'll face it.

Oh and those who oppose people who does it, then I have something to say to you; What
if you have problems and you're at the brink of your sanity? What are you going to
do? What if you started drinking? Eh? What then? Are you going to say, 'Oh Jesus,
this is gross and I shouldn't have done it, people will hate me!'? Well, let me tell
you, not everyone can escape the dreaded wrath of drugs. And you know it.

Which brings me to say, people who do drugs aren't all bad.

They aren't psychos or stuff like that. They're-They're well...they're just poeple
who are confused, I suppose.

God it's hard to type while I'm watching the TV...

Well, drugs are kind of like anime, you know?

...you get addicted to them and you can't live without them, but somehow, they always
seem to be limited and you want more. So you find more and more and more and more and
more and more and more and more until there are't any left. And you just -  well, get
sad and insane, I guess. And you just, lose interest in it after a while...


Okay, this is very complicated. Some of you might get offended so I won't say
anything here....


Homophobias, I give you, an answer.

You see, gay, lezbo, bi, homos and the like, are still humans. They aren't
freakish aliens, they are humans. Oh and I think it's sweet.

You know why?

Well, I suppose it has something to do with their courage. They don't care what other
people think about them, they don't care if their families are disgusted by them. 

Ah, yes, their sweet, sweet courage. I admire their courage :D That's why I support

Hate me, now?

You do?

Oh thank you :D

Anyway, I don't care if you are gay, lezbo blah blah monster or anything like
that, I only care if you're nice and if you can handle my annoyance xDD


‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   8 November 2008   727984  
Interesting views, Eve. I will type MOAR once I have the time.
‹Casey_Be_A_Vampire› says:   8 November 2008   168247  
i only read the end..
‹actual-mermaid› says:   9 November 2008   732238  
Sarah: Thanks :D
‹you_kill_me_well› says:   9 November 2008   371958  
i agree with u
Shagrath says:   13 November 2008   986376  
DUDE YOU TYPE LIKE YOURE PISSED!!!! cheer up woman!!!!
‹actual-mermaid› says:   13 November 2008   795866  
That time, atleast D8
‹IRuinEverything;;GetOverIt♥› says:   4 December 2008   354361  
Smoking sucks. When you fuck around with it, you feel good, but the
f'n goddamn Nicotine damages your organs.
REASONS WHY PEOPLE SMOKE: They think they'll look cool or popular,
stress relief, hobby, some other damn reasons.
Religion? Agh, sorry, I'm athiest. :U
SEXUALITY: OKAY, I don't care. my friend on Gaia loves yaoi, and I
don't really care. And besides, what yer saying is RIIIIGHT.

Now excuse me for the crappy things I've said.
‹actual-mermaid› says :   4 December 2008   633565  
It's okay :]
Nobody died :D


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