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Tuesday, 21 October 2008
07:48:10 PM (GMT)
Jane was a poor kid from the town of Graham. She was a good vocalist, and her

 friends Claire and Sadie could play drums and guitar.  During school on a Monday,

Claire came  to Jane’s  table at  lunch. “Hey, guess what?” said Claire,
holding a piece 

of paper neatly folded. “What?” was all Jane replied. With her mouth full of bad

cafeteria food, It kind of sounded like “Whaf?”. “Well,” said Claire, ”I
got three tickets 

to the concert on Sunday.” “So we’re going to get to go watch the concert?”

asked. “Well, kind of.” Claire said. “A guy came to our door yesterday and said
that he

 heard us play yesterday at the concert in the park, and that we could open for 

Idiocracy at the concert!” “Really? Oh my God, that’s awesome!” Jane said, in

“I know, isn’t it?” Claire said with her snorting laugh. “Does Sadie know
yet?” Jane 

asked. “Yeah, I told her earlier” Claire said. The bell rang, and Claire and Jane
went to 

their classes and met after school with Sadie to talk about it, and then went home


          On Saturday, they all went to Sadie’s house and practiced.  On Sunday 

morning, they did a short practice session and drove to the concert. They set up

stuff on stage, and as the announcer started the show, there was the sound of a man

 yelling, and then the sound of a gunshot. Sadie, Claire, and Jane rushed backstage

 see what happened. Idiocracy’s singer, John Maxell was laying on the ground dead!

Everyone looked around and found nothing, but no one had come in or out of the

auditorium since the show started.

“Set up a metal detection thing!” Jane ordered, “Block the exits, Watch out,

everyone,  find the killer!” Jane had taken over and people began getting in line
for the metal detection booth. All of a sudden, a man in a mask ran out 

of line and fled the auditorium and into his car. Jane was fast though, and got in

car and chased him to an area where police had a roadblock set up. The police got

out of his car and to the ground and pulled of his mask. It was the band’s drummer,

Tom Alman! “Why did you shoot him, Tom?” Jane asked, anger and sadness in her 

voice. “He always tried to steal my spotlight” Tom yelled “He didn’t deserve
to be 

singer! I had a way better voice than his, but I had to play the drums because he

 wanted to be singer.” Jane grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him violently. 

“So you killed him! You shot him! Just because you wanted to sing!” She pushed

head into the sidewalk. She got up and the officers got him into the car. “Well,
for the 

rest of his life, he’ll be singing the blues.” one officer said to her. Tom was

of first degree murder and sentenced for life without parole.

      Jane, Sadie, and Claire were invited to play at John’s funeral. They were

to play at his funeral

‹~Harvest_My_Dark_Dreams~› says:   21 October 2008   933594  
Thats better than anything i could write.
monza7 says:   21 October 2008   377496  
Did u write that Kyle?
‹Ambulance› says:   21 October 2008   656566  
Yeah :]
Flexy1999 says:   21 October 2008   175174  
This is good do u want to be friends cause u sound nice and like a
good writer. I am a great writer als o, i need to put that in y
profile. I will read urs.
‹Ambulance› says:   21 October 2008   698384  
I'm not a great writer, that took 2 days to write.....send me a mssg,
we'll chat :]
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says :   21 October 2008   942519  
This is cool.
You're very creative kyle


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