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Lost girl (ch. 11)Category: Story
Thursday, 16 October 2008
10:17:20 PM (GMT)
Wow. I remember I origanally thought this story would have only nine chapters. I
guess that not ganna happen! I'm thinking 16- 30 now... (probably closer to 16
though.) Oh and guys I need advice... I like the charactor Julie but can't figure out
how to keep her in the story without it seeming to Disney-channel "oh everything is
perfect!"-ish. help?
 Chapter eleven: Bilingual
     "Now" seemed to mean everyone scatter to varius tourist traps. Jacob and his
family hadn't booked a hotel yet though, and his parents decided to stay at the same
one we were so that we could babysit for them. After we had informed them of the
hotel Jacob said to Bill "Now I know they seem polite while I'm around, but are you
sure you can handle them alone? They tend to wander off..."  We all laughed but Bill
said "I think I can hadle it mister..." they went back and forth like that as we
wlked to the hotel (Only a few blocks away. The whole road was lined with Inns and
Bed and Break fasts for honey moon couples). 
    "Now remember, any trouble and I'm just a phone call away." said Jacob. Mrs.
Farjoun, Emily's mom, shushed the boys then, as the reservations for mom and her,
Frank and Aunt Julie, Emily and I, and Bill were under her name and she had to check
in. Emily and I rushed up to our room, which had a delightfuly not round window.
(Although Emily was dissaponted that we couldn't see the eiphal tower from it.) Emily
immediatley began decorating the room- Her taste seemed to run toward blue and
      Bill came in as she was she was replacing the lampshade to explain where
everyone else's rooms were. "So Frank, and Aunt Julie are right across from you guys,
and our Moms are across from me. I'm two doors to the... Left? My left? No, no it's
oyur left. That's two door to your left. So my right-" Emily cut him off,
"Bill's what's your room number?" "504... Hey! leave the curtains!" Bill said. "You
do know that we're only in this hotel for the wekend right? By Sunday mom will
have either taken the job and we'll find an apartment or she'll hate it and we'll fly
back home." "...And so until Sunday this will be home. And I seem to remember
you decorated your room on the ship." Emily replied and she put a baby blue table
cloth on top of the generic hotel dresser. I lifter the lamp (which Emily had somehow
decked out in the new shade) before her elbow knowed it over. "That was a three week
cruise! We're here for three days." He said, suddenly defensive.
     "Oh lighten up Bill. I bet you still hung your Tokio Hotel poster." I said. "No
I didn't. It's still in my suitcase. I didn't even unpack yet."
"Why'd you come up her so fast?" I inquired. Emily pulled a round blue rug out of her
suitcase and streched it over the floor. Bill brightened.
      "J'ai effectivement eu à demander ici si vous avez voulu aller à pied autour
de moi. Maman a dit c'est correct." He said. In French. In very good French it
might be added. ANd I have added it because I can't comment on what he said- I
haven't a clue. Emily responded without missing a beat "Qu'en est-il de ma mère?
Vous ne sont pas simplement de renoncer à moi êtes-vous?" She spoke French just as
well as Bill, and just as well as she spoke english. She even used her dramaticfacial
expressions, ending the question with a pout.
     "Pas de soucis-Elle a dit qu'il va bien. Il suffit de la ramener un café
at-elle déclaré." He said. I Stared at them and before Emily could respond I said
"English please?" They gave me what I now refer to as The Look. I get it alot. It's a
I-can't-beleive-you-don't-know look.
     "Don't tell me- I spoke French. "Oui." said Emily, who had trouble swtiching
back to English. "Fluently" said Bill. "Of course." I groaned.
"So what'd you say?" "Oh, I said that I came to ask if you guys wanted to wlk around
'cause mom said we could, and Emily asked what about her mom, were we just going to
abandon her, and I said her mom said it was fine but she wanted Emily to bring her
back a coffee." he explained.
     "And you said this in French because....?"
Bill and Emily responded i. unison "It's fun!" ... Okay... What kind of reason is
that? I mean really. Well the French speakers can go off to get coffee. I'll stay
     "you coming?" Asked Emily as they headed ou the door, "Sure." I said. Well it's
not as if I have anything else to do.
Last edited: 30 October 2008

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   14 November 2008   892378  
OOOOOO, awesome. Sorry i heavent' commented sooner, I've ben
Kirti says :   16 November 2008   916789  
gasp! what happened? did you come home late or be mean to a little
sibling or something?


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