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Who knew I was such a crybaby.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 18 June 2008
06:23:39 PM (GMT)
Today was the last day of actual classes.
It was so good...and bad.

Good parts
-We watched "Be Kind,Rewind" in class.Best movie EVAR.
-We did NO work at all.

Bad parts
-I formed a new crush. >_> Isn't it great when you like someone and you'll probably
never see them again?God.
-We had to go to this retardo bible humper celebration.
-I'm gonna miss everyone in my class.Even the guys...even...even the losers.
EVEN KAITLYN.Just kidding,but I might miss her fuglyness.
-The teacher gave us these little pieces of paper each with a paragraph about what
she thinks of us.I read halfway through it and bust out crying.Seriously I was
bawling like a baby.It was so sad.This is what she wrote :
I didn't get to hear your voice too much this year but it was a pleasure to have you
in my first class.Keep working hard next year and I know that you will achieve great
things.Also,don't be afraid to speak for yourself!Let your voice be heard!Good luck
next year and take care of yourself! -Ms.Hodgson
And I thought she greatly disliked me,so I just started screeching.And all the guys
started staring. >_<
-Did I mention how much I'm going to miss everyone? <3 It's been a great year.Well
some of it sucked.But overall,I made some true friends,and had some good

Anyway...I should go study for fucking exams.xD

ProfessorRawr says:   18 June 2008   473543  
Imma miss you!
But Yes, That guy you formed a new crush on would be so HOT if hes was
xExotic says:   18 June 2008   699983  
-I formed a new crush. >_> Isn't it great when you like someone and
you'll probably
never see them again?God.

Not a new crush. Maybe not even a crush at all. But I'm sure as hell
going to miss him ):
NinjaDino says:   18 June 2008   826567  
MORGZ:How did you know it was him. :| Holy shizz woman.

Olive : What...I'm lost...
ProfessorRawr says:   18 June 2008   628682  
Psh. Corny,
We were both gushing over him in the last half of school.
Like Seriously, hes a major cutie
NinjaDino says:   18 June 2008   621872  
If that guy was emo,I would tap that.
Psshaw,I'd tap him anyway.
xExotic says:   18 June 2008   338427  
K, sorry. I explained that badly.

I formed a new crush too :]
Or not a new crush. Not even a crush.
But I'm gonna miss him next year. He's going to grd.9, I'm gonna be in
grd. 8 ):

Better? xD
NinjaDino says:   19 June 2008   943376  
xExotic says:   19 June 2008   566223  

Am I that predictable?
AerithLight says:   20 June 2008   193841  

LMFAO. No, you're just really obvious and fawked up in the head.
Really. I'm not even all that sad thaat the year is over. Prolly
It doesn't feel that they year's over. XD I unno why. I must be

But actually, I think I am gonna miss Bannerholt. Even a lil
And... I'm avoiding/ignoring and not talking to him at all...
He came back on Wednesday from Vancouver. I had a blast with him gone
for those days.But when I heard he was at school that morning, I
turned to Anday and was all, "That's so sad." I ignored him the whole
day and he noticed. He got really pissed.  He was all, "LUCKY! TALK
TO ME!" He was literally squeezing my shoulders. I whispered, "What's
wrong with you?". He heard, and was all, "Okay good. At least you said
something." Then walked away. I ran along with Andy afterwards. Then
after school I was talking to him, on msn. He was mad.

The next day. Which was yesterday. He didn't bother to talk to me. Or
whatever, really. I felt really bad. Cause, I waved in the halls. For
no certain someone. Just to see, how he'd react. He just looked at me.
He looked really sad...

And... I guess I'd miss... Mr.
zmirizingeyes. Cause. I'm just that creepy. Well really... You know
how I obssess over stuff people. Even though it was a bad
obssession. Not like, "OMG. I LOVE ___ blah blah." It was more of a,
But still. Still an obssession. Which I'll miss. 

Just like with Braden Bannerholt. 8D Did you know I was planning his
deathbed already?  Pretty fun~

HOMG. SORRY COURTNAY. D': I talk to much. XD
AerithLight says:   20 June 2008   522594  
& Blahhhh. Your certain "crush" I mean, "not crush", likes a certain
"Grade 9 car".

But I know you already knew that. I just wanted to get it out. Chyeaa

>_____> Anywhooo. =-= I miss Bannerholt. KAY. I'ma say hi to him today
or something. XD Before I go over the top and he'd never talk to me
again. Braid is mah bud in a way after all. LMFAO. I remember when he
was all, "I thought we were friends." on msn. I replied with, "Chyeaa
right. Have you been listening to yourself for the past month or...
year?? If i had a time machine, i'd lend it to you to go back in time
and listen." XD Crap. I need to say sorry huh? =____+
NinjaDino says :   20 June 2008   665536  
You...you like him? D:
Courtney is dissapointed. D:
And just....wow.

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