the aventures of ky, kar and hanners (with special apperances from
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the aventures of ky, kar and hanners (with special apperances from
Category: (general)
Sunday, 27 April 2008
01:03:04 AM (GMT)
hannahs mouth was to the floor and her eyes were dinner plates. Becky had just
brought the best news any1 would ever hope to hear- edward (♥ and jacob and
the other cullens were finally going to be back in school. "yeah, they each called
this morning and said they were gonna be back in school by this tuesday" Becky
gushed. it was tuesday. Hannah was too happy to hear the cullens, and jacob where
goin to be back from there mythical "camping" trip, that she ran, nearly falling,
then running into- kar and ky. She spilled all the details as ky and kars eyes
narrowed and there hearts skipped a sudden beat. Finally around 7th period- lunch-
was when we 1st spotted him- his flawlessness, his beauty...his russet eyes and
perfect auburn hair outlining his white, smooth, perfect skin. his eyes were bright
and frozen by his body's coldness. He spotted us at once and smiled his crooked
smile. "where's bella?" anyone could have saw that coming- but it heart all the same.
We knew this was not our delicacy, it was bellas, he was out of the question. But we
all still wanted him with the same flaring agony. Just then, as edward sat down next
to bella-2 tables away- who had just arrived, Jacob entered the room his massive,
masculine arms at his side, his tanned skin glowering with light beating of the rain
drops that blanketed his skin. His black hair was messy and shining with water as
well. He gave a husky chuckle "new i should have been prepared for rain...could smell
it in the air" he came to join me and ky. Where was hannah. And as if jacob could
read minds like edward he said it "where is hannah..." he glanced around again
"...and becca" I stood to rap my arms around his neck "they went to see how alice is
doing..." he looked down in that instance, guilt bubbling to the surface...guilt that
reached his eyes... " wasnt her fault" he suddenly drifted into a whispered
tone, almost shy "she was too close and too vulnerable at the wrong time...she was
trying to help. but damn it...sometimes her visions strike a cord in me...and i
couldnt here it any longer." he laughed an awkward laugh. "sometimes i wish a didnt
explode into a monster..." i released my grip from his neck and nodded. I placed my
hand apon his cheek "you never chose that path...u are following ur nature...we all
respect that" by now becca and hannah, and apparently ky were back- i hadnt seen her
leave...i shrugged at that as they had a look of awww in there face. jake walked to
see bella and as me, ky, hannah, and becky walked away one of them whispered "you
look alright in the arms of jacob black" for a second i considered that...but
dismissed it...he's never want me-----to be continued

ky_bear33 says:   27 April 2008   663621  
hey!!! AWESOME!!! can u add fate just 4 me?? and can he b mine???
k_blackrose_78756 says:   27 April 2008   221978  
hmmmmm...idk....Fate is very awesome and hot, and y should i settle
for jacob in MY story? but then again...maybe we could somewhat share
Fate. but i will definitely add him...k?! ^^
ky_bear33 says:   28 April 2008   941268  
‹♥dontgo♥› says:   1 May 2008   593754  
um.......who's w/ edward?
k_blackrose_78756 says :   2 May 2008   831482  
bella...unfortunately *kills bella*


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