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SS survey boy girl thingy (CAN'T REMEMBER NAMEEEEEEEE~)Category: (general)
Monday, 31 March 2008
06:17:45 PM (GMT)
Stolen from Aiki XD

1) Favorite colour?
Green(Like a yellowish green),Blue(Like my avatar)
and Indigo.

2) Favorite animal?
O_O You kidding me?
(execpt dingos....or anything that looks demonic...x3)

3) Favorite food?
LOTS!~ x3 Though Im a picky eater.!~
-Lemon Sourbet
-Peppy Pizza (Pepperoni)
-.....Ummm....APPLES!~ x3 (Noos,not really,I just eat them alot~)

4) Favorite hobbie?
Playing video games....(^-^; Drawing,making fanfics,watching anime(Especially

5) Favorite drink?
Strawberry Shake? Maybe Apple Juice...x3

6) The last time you were happy?
.....=_= Spring break.I wuz with ma cousins~....

7) What made you happy?     
>o< ---------------------Look up-----

 The last time you were sad?
When school started TT_TT

9) What made you sad?
Spring Break was over....TT_TT
And school had to start....I didn't feel like going.

10) Teh Moring.

11) At whom?
Teacher~And work... >///< 
I has a fever~

12) Are you hungry?
Nope,I has gum right now~

13) Who was the last person you called?

14) Who was the last person you drempt of?
.Sasuke from naruto~ (DON'T ASK)
For some reason he was just there.Execpt his hair was flat.

15) Have you ever trusted someone who let you down?
(same as Aiki,may I ever call you Alexandra?)
I feel pretty bad about it too~And I've done it more than once~

16)When was the last time you played with your pet?
Before I came on the computer~

17) What are you thinking about right now?
Im thinking of the song break the ice...and I'm thinking about my cat,and Sasuke O_e

1 Who do you wish you could be with?
My friends,too~I don't see them much~ 

19) What is your dream in life?
But that could be teh end of me,so An author would be fuuuuun~

20) Sometimes you...
want to rip someone apart.... 

21) Sometimes you wish you could...
Pretty much like Aiki's (AGAIN)
That would be cool,but somthing like the naruto world.Though japan was pretty much
like that.

22) Do you know who Walt Disney is?
Yes...I have since I was like 2

23) Are you a ninja?
YESSIRREE!~ *Uses sexy jutsu*
And now Im a guy!~

24) How many languages can you say "cat" in?
French,English,and OBVIOUSLY japanese.

25) Do you ever wish you had a tail like a feline?
Erm...Maybe I did when I used to like the anime Inuyasha

27) What nickname do you wish your bf/gf would call you?
Don have one XD
41) How often do you call your bf/gf?
*Grits teeth* DON'T....HAVE....ONE.

42) What's the nicest thing you've ever been told?
End Quote.  Hehe,Sorry,I love it when People tell me I draw well,ESPECIALLY when
there are other people who rock right beside me.

43) What's your favorite color?
....... 0_X......You know....That....

44) Did you realize that I already asked that?
O.O [sarcasm]NOOOOO!? REALLY!?[/sarcasm]

45) Who is on your mind right now?
A cosplaying kid dressed as Rock Lee because of Aiki's answer.

46) What physical trait attracts you most?
Eyes...Or hair ^o^ Its odd,but eyes can be really pretty.

47) What do you wish your bf/gf would say to you?
....*SPLODES*  I....DON'T....HAVE....ONE.
49) True/False; I'm totally awesome.
I don know you.....
Wait!~ Do you mean,am I awsome?
Possibly, True?

50) Are you tired of answering questions?
I bit!~:D

Copy and Paste to you diary and fill in your answers. 
Name it "SS Survey: Boys and Girls"

‹In♥His♥Shadow› says:   31 March 2008   128664  

And the Rock Lee kid is just this guy with Rock Lee's hair... And I
may have a thing for him. O//O
Yoshiko_Saruwatari says :   1 April 2008   334462  
O///O *GASP* But what about~~~Gabe?


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