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Saturday, 29 March 2008
01:32:23 PM (GMT)
"Hey!" called Ganiel, having spotted a bobbing black journal bag in the milling
crowd. The girl it was attached to, however, ducked her head and began to walk
	 "Hey! Wait up!" He called after her retreating back as he started to shove his way
towards her in the crowded hallway.
	 But the girl darted between two people and disappeared from Ganiel's view.
	*I'm starting to think she's avoiding me* he thought.


	At the end of the day, Ganiel raced to her locker- he needed answers and needed them
	Just then, she left her friend and walked to her locker- and Ganiel. 
	He thought he could see a sudden flash of- recognition? Hopefully- in her eyes, but
just as suddenly they were blank. She walked right past him and began to spin her
"Hey! Why did you ignore me earlier?" Ganiel asked. "And why are you ignoring me
	She didn't say a thing, just kept putting things in her backpack.
	"C'mon! When we met at the dance, I- I- I thought we connected! I thought you liked
me! What happened to that?!" he asked, really wanting a straight answer to his
heartfelt questions. She suddenly finished, yanking her bag out of the locker and
slamming the door. He jumped. Then, out of the blue, she turned and said her first
words to him that day.
"Don't you get it? Can't you see it? And I thought you were bright!"
	At this point, Ganiel was completely lost. "What? Huh? I- what?"
	"Please!" she scoffed. "Don't tell me you don't know. I'm not an idiot- everyone
knows the great and infamous Urie Axl!" 
	He blinked. "Wait, what? You're Urie Axl? Why didn't you say so?"
	Urie gave him a look. "If I'd said so, you wouldn't have touched me with a ten-foot
pole. But there is one thing- I never lied to you. I never said I wasn't Urie Axl,
and I never said I was. How did you know what to call me?"
	Ganiel thought. *Well, everyone called her Zel or RiRi, so I did too, didn't I! She
never did say her name....*
	 As she watched realization dawn across his face, Urie felt a bit of triumph. He
knew she hadn't lied to him, it was only a small victory, but every single one was a
bit more in her favor. 
	 When he looked back up at 'Zel', Ganiel realized something- he almost didn't care
that she was Urie Axl! Maybe-
	"No. don't you start thinking what I know you're thinking. We can't be together, no
matter what half-drunk things you said last night or things you think you're thinking
now. All guys think the exact same things, and every single one gets hurt. Don't be
like them- don't delude yourself. It'll only make this that much harder to get
over." Urie sounded very adamant- and like she knew just what she was talking about.

	"But I really don't care! I don't-"
	He was cut off. "You still don't get it, do you?" she said, sounding bemused. "We
come from- at the risk of sounding cliched- different sides of the tracks, entirely
different worlds. If we did get together, you'd be completely shunned. No one would
talk to you; no one would acknowledge your presence. I can live like that, but
there's no way you can! Never in a million years could you ever survive being shunned
like I am."
	"But- but- some people DO talk to you! What about those girls at the dance? What
about that girl I just saw you talking to a few minutes ago? What about them?"
Ganiel finished triumphantly. "They acknowledge you!"
	He was immediately shot down. "The girls at the dance only talk to me AT dances, and
that's just because I'm practically a different person there. And that girl just now?
Miko and I are both outcasts, so it's safer for us together. There's really no one
there, Ganiel. I'm alone. And do you know what?"
	"What?" Ganiel asked, afraid of what he might hear.
	"I have an appointment with the music teacher, and you have missed your bus." With
that, Urie Axl spun on her heel and disappeared.
Last edited: 23 May 2008

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