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Fire's Ice. Part 8Category: Stories
Saturday, 15 March 2008
01:48:31 AM (GMT)
Zena ran up to Ezra and Zora as they aproched the camp.Her eyes glowed and she
radiated happyness.Ezra grinned at her as begain to talk fast.
        "I cant beleve it i can finaly move to the Adults den!"She was bursting with
enthusiasm.Zeb padded up and nuzzled against Zena she bit his ear and tugged him into
a chace.
       "They are so cute togther."Mermerd Zora.Ezra looked down at her and he saw the
longing in her eyes.He would have done anything to make it go away.
       "Yes.I..."He trailed off as more of the pack came to greet them.
     Zora was introdused to the pack.The mane color was Gray.There were others.Sutch
as red and brown and black and white.They were all fit and healthy dispite the cold
     Zora remberd all the names and all the faces that went with them.When the pack
ahd settled down in a simi circle Zora sat next to Ezra and her mother beside the
rock.They were haveing Zena's ceramony.One for her becomeing a fullfledge adult and
her one to her mate Zeb.It was against the pacl rules to take a mate befor you had
completed your apprintecship.
      By the time they were done Zora eyes had drooped closed and she leaned slightly
against Ezra.Zora's mother watched as Ezra studied her.The pack was breaking up and
going off to bed.But befor they went they stopped by Ezra and wisperd something about
the Zora.She was simple the pack Princess.No matter what she was like her body was to
delacate to be termed anything but royal like.
     There used to be kings queens and princes and princesses.But realy thats what
the Alpha's were.If the next in like didnt want the Leadership they would take
volinteers and the pack would choos from them.That was why Ezra was so high in the
statis line.He had been picked as a pup and raised by Ike and Luna to be trained so
one day he could take the responsability of Alpha.That was anouther reson Ezra had
not chosen a mate.Both Fidel and Gust had declined the offer of Alpha.But they were
happy in their stations. Fidel medicen wolf and Gust head of the War department.Just
in case the other packs in the forest wanted their territory.
     When all but the Alpha's Ezra and Zora were in the clearing did Ike and Luna
come down from the rock.Luna licked Zora's cheek.She didnt stir.
      "Take care of her." Said Ike.His eyes were soft when they were on his
daughter.They harded just a bit when they shifted to Ezra."And please try not to hurt
her.I can already see she has a delacate heart.Like her mother."He said quietly.He
nudged Luna along to there den and left Ezra withe the sleepingbeauty.
    He sighed and rolled his eyes.He moved slowly until her was not touching Zora.She
looked exaughsted.He sat down and just watched her.She didnt move.
      Ezra began to groom her.That had always worked on him.Luna would sit and gently
lick him untill he woke.He had ot admit it was a pleasent way to get up.Soon her eyes
flutterd a bit and finaly opened.
      "So.....Your awake."He said between licks.Her eyes were clouded and just a bit
      "I.....Oh!"She said jumping up.Ezra laughed as she looked around."What happend
were did everyone go?"she asked as she looked around the clearing.
      "To their dens.And it would be a good idea if we did aswell.We get up at dawn
to start your training.Come on."he said.His voice was gentle and soothing.Zora
followed him not careing were he led her.She was just so tired.
      Ezra led her up a small hill and came to the mouth of a cave.It was simaler to
the medicen cave with the moss covering the opening.Her nosed past it and Into the
dark.Zora followed and padded untill she found the soft nest in the corner.She said
nothing and curled up in a ball and layed her head down.But she did tense when Ezra
curled around her.
     "Keep warmer like this."Then he begain to groom her once again.He enjoyed the
feel of her fur on his tong and her sent and tast.She tasted of the wind.
     "Why?" she asked quietly.
      "Because i feel something and i know i want to explore it."He said pausing a
moment."And besides its soothing for both of us and you need it after today.Sutch a
long day.Go to sleep you will think more in the moreing."He said and was pleased
after a few minets that her breathing regulated out in sleep.He settled his beside
hers and fell asleep smelling the wind.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   15 March 2008   259532  
awwwwwwwwwwwww i love it!
Dragonfly01 says :   16 March 2008   487129  
*sniff* okay.
but its sooo sweet!


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