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Alright lets get a few things straight..Category: (general)
Wednesday, 27 February 2008
12:13:02 PM (GMT)
1. Putting "emo" or "X's" in your name does not make you scene/emo. 2. Hardly any of you kids can actually be in a band if you spend this much time on this gay site. 3. Black clothing and piercings don't make you gothic. Neither do tattoos. 4. My Chemical Romance is NOT an HxC band (they are actually an ALTERNATIVE band) 5. Stop saying you're famous, we know you are posing. 6. Stop saying you have real piercings when they are actually clip ons. 7. Cybering is being on the internet. Look it up in the dictionary. So when you ask to "cyber" it means to do something online. DUMBASSES! 8. Being bi makes you confused; So make up you're damned mind. 9. Online relationships make me sick to my stomach. It's not real god damnit! 10. I don't really care if you don't like me tbh. 11. I don't want to sound too conformist here, but I am an individual. I listen to who and what I what, I dress how I want, I don't need to follow your pathetic Clich├ęs. 12. Having a star tattoo on your hip is the best example of posing. (I prefer to have tattoos that mean something) 13. I hate people who find homo-erotica arousing to look 'cool'. 14. If I don't reply to your messages that's because I thought you were immature. 15. I'm a cunt; no censorship there. 16. Don't ask me for money; I'm not your damned parents. 17. Vampires/ghosts/zombies AREN'T REAL GROW UP! 18. Stop saying "I'm pissed" it makes you seem like a total failure. 19. Stop making your screen names into myspace names to look cool. It's stupid if you don't even have a myspace! 20. Don't steal my profile; It was amazingly EASY to write. 21. Don't say "Don't steal my pics" if you aren' that pretty, it makes you seem like a stupid vain kid with bad taste. 22. Don't talk to me if you are only going to back stab me. 23. STOP SAYING MY HAIR'S FAKE! 24. Stop asking for my myspace, kthanx. x

‹HANNER› says:   27 February 2008   721412  
You have some awesome points.
But one more.. is when people post a picture, and say "Dont call me a
fake" When no one has ever acused them of being fake before, because
they are PISS UGLY.
FuckingxDANIExGore says:   27 February 2008   795864  
I kno rite. Like grow up. x
neoeno says :   5 April 2008   683134  
1&3&4: One True Scotsman fallacy (there's no authoritative definition
for any youth culture group or music genre (see Genre Purist)).
7: And I suppose 'cool' means of a low temperature and 'wicked' means
evil? Definitions change, dictionaries are subjective, and English is
a descriptive language not a prescriptive one.
8: False, I have a counterexample, as if I needed one.
9: This is a far bigger question than you realise. Look up
philosophical Skepticism (of the external world). We have no proof
that anything aside from our thoughts are real. Furthermore, of
course, you're dismissing the whole concept of the written word being
able to carry emotion (as it obviously can).
10: Probably for the best.
11: True, but who confines and dictates your wants?
17: Again, no proof, of anything.
21: Beauty is subjective. People who consider it objective only make
it _far_ more dangerous (see anorexia).

You're the one who should grow up, I think.

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