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Tuesday, 19 February 2008
02:04:27 AM (GMT)
I'd first like to start this off by presenting who this is about - and also what its
                The one person today that I am basing this on is my departed
                                     Leonard Rakes
My grandpa passed away when I was 6.
So for all of you who have a grandpa, just remember your the lucky ones.
I know that to people a grandpa is just a grandpa.
But think of this.

When you have children - possibly but who knows - they will grow up.
When they are in their teenage years they will probably hate your guts, so remember
to always remind them that you love them.
When they are married and have children - hopefully married - they will love you as a
small child and as they begin to reach their teenage years they usually just think
about their friends or boyfriends/girlfriends and forget you exist until they are
forced to come visit you all alone with your husband/wife - if they are still alive -
and the experience for them is, well I guess, a drag.
The experience for you is that your happy they came but are sad that they didn't want
to be there with you in the first place.
So just remember to give your grandparents a visit or at least a call.
Because they get lonely.

                            This is going out to my grandma Dorothy Rakes
I know we have had our ups and downs but just remember that I still love you and
always will.
I know my life has been a horrible experience for me with all the tears I have shed
and the loved ones lost.
But I can't imagine how hard it is for you.
You have three sons - had four until one died - one of them was taken to
.....someplace...... - my dad - and the other one is just a pain in the ass.
Your husband was a sour old man to many people, but if people knew him like some of
us do then we would really know the truth. 
He was just a happy old fart that had a family that he loved and loved him back.
But then his life ended at the dinner table in front of his family that he cherished
so much.
I know he wouldn't have wanted us to see him die, but it just happened.

My grandma is 81 now.
She has had only two heart attacks - this year - and thats pretty good for an 81 year
old, but it scares us that it will happen again.
Her heart attacks were so bad that she fell down in her room and knocked her closet
door off the hinges and broke her ankle.
She is doing better now but we don't know how much longer she can hold onto life.
                    This one is based on my dads brother

Although I didn't know my dads brother that was departed it makes me sad that one of
his brothers died.
I don't know what it feels like to lose a brother, but I know someone who does.
My dad seems to take it well when someone will talk about his departed brother on the
outside, but what about his insides, nobody knows what gos on in there.
Rest in peace.
                     Life can be rough, and for my family it is.
There have been so many fights - physical fights -  between family members in my
family that I would be scared because of how fierce they were.
It pains me to see my family fighting  - physically.
There have been so many times that police have come to my old house searching for my
dad, and so many times we would say he wasn't there while he hop fences and hide in
neighbors backyards until they were gone.
One time was so serious that now my dad is.....gone for a while...... and our old
house that I already mentioned was torn down for reasons I don't feel like
So just remember that no matter how much you say you hate loved ones, you truly
I used to say I hated my grandpa, but after he passed away I noticed how much I did
love him after all and I was sorry that I didn't say it enough, to him.

Katherine4 says :   20 February 2008   522448  
Just so you all know
there was no point in writing this entry.
I was bored and had nothing to do.


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