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"Love Seems To Not Last Long"Category: A special someone
Sunday, 10 February 2008
11:34:29 PM (GMT)
"Love Seems to Not Last Long" 

A beautiful sunset was beginning, 
as a man, 
and woman walked together, 
holding hands, 
feet making impressions in the sand, 
that soon would be forgotten... 

Their shadows were long, 
their faces gay, 
their walk had a bounce, 
you could tell from a mile, 
they were in love. 

They smiled, 
and hugged. 

Soon the sun was out of sight, 
they were laying in the sand, 
making impressions, 
soon to be forgotten. 

In the morning, 
as the sun rised, 
beautiful colors on the skies, 
they were laying together, 

Enjoying life, and each other. 

They forgot about eating, 
brushing their teeth, 
combing their hair, 
or changing. 

So they got up, 
after an hour of waking up, 
sand everywhere on them, 
and began to walk back. 

It was a time to be remembered, 
their first sunset, 
first time to sleep by each other, 
and first time sneaking out of their houses. 

Once they got home, 
they showered, 
did all the necessities, 
took their cells, 
and went downstairs. 

Their parents were so stupid, 
they had no idea, 
they trusted them both, 
and of course let them go out to meet with friends, 
the kids were eager, 
to meet again. 

Soon they were sneaking out every night, 
just to talk, 
or go to a concert, 
the reason for this was, 
that they weren't sure if their parents would accept the relationship. 

Then one night, 
they got caught, 
'oh my god', 
'oh my god' was all that could heard from them. 

'So sorry', 
'So sorry', 
'We love each other', 
'We love each other'! 

Now of course the parents didn't trust them, 
they were forbidden to talk to each other, 
seemed like they were always watched, 
they got enrolled into different schools, 
maybe they would never see each other. 

Over the two years they had until college, 
they slowly regained the trust of their parents, 
barely ever making a mistake, 
they could meet again. 

Any mistake, 
the trust rate went down, 
they were afraid to talk to the opposite gender now, 
parents began to go crazy, 
they went emo. 

'Can't talk to her', 
'Can't talk to him', 
'Can't talk to her', 
'Can't talk to him'! 


Parents were over-obsessive, 
the night was never forgotten, 
hope was necessary, 
for the next two years, 
until college. 

They signed up for a college far away from parents, 
destiny had it, 
they were in the same colleges, 
it was a semester in already, 
when they saw each other, 
and remembered each other. 

She jumped into his arms, 
he pulled her into a tight embrace, 
they kissed for several minutes, 
they knew, 
if destiny made them meet again they were supposed to be together. 

They thanked the lord, 
kept on meeting, 
and dating through out college, 
on graduation he asked her to marry him. 

Of course she accepted, 
she was madly in love with him, 
and he to her, 
so they got jobs, and married. 

They worked, 
she a lawyer, 
him a FBI agent, 
worked out perfect, 
and live happily ever after? 

he got shot twice, 
didn't die just injured, 
she was pregnant at the time, 
and lost one of her babies, 
scared to death he'd die. 

She gave birth to the live one, 
he was healthy, 
her husband was awesome, 
madly in love, 
and a happy little family of three. 

After a couple years, 
she got bored with being a lawyer, 
became an agent, 
and stabbed multiple times. 

She dies. 
He dies with her. 
He hung himself, 
and now their son is an orphan. 

He stays away from the law, 
being an honest guy, 
then he meets a girl, 
a year younger than he, 
and he goes googly eyes over her. 

They kiss, 
they're happy, 
she has to go away, 
once again, 
he is alone. 

He weeps, 
He mourns, 
but gets back on track. 

Now he's 26, 
now he has a job, 
an investigator, 
she pops up, 
and he is confused. 

They soon fall back in love, 
they're married, 
she's carrying his twins, 
all happy, 
when she gives birth. 

A couple years go by, 
she cheats on him, 
he leaves her with the kids, 
she kills herself, 
he finds out, 
he hangs himself once his kids are grown-up, 
and his kids are left alone. 

They hang onto each other, 
trying not to repeat the same mistakes, 
but it's like they are cursed, 
their love stories turn out all sad, 

Then there are these twins, 
one boy, 
one girl, 
and they swear, 
no way will this repeat. 

The girl dies, 
the guy is left alone to keep the swear true, 
and he falls in love finally. 

They both die together in bed, 
murdered in their sleep, 
with gay smiles on their faces, 
but no child came out of the relationship, 
for she was pregnant at the time. 

Never caught the guy...


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