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My god, Jimmy Page is not a Satanist.Category: Rant...
Friday, 8 February 2008
06:35:31 AM (GMT)
Okay, people. Here's the deal. I know that there are actually a surprising amount of
people who believe the silly Stairway to Heaven conspiracy theory.

If you haven't heard it, (and judging by the general age of those on Kupika, I'm
guessing not may Zeppelin fans...) I encourage you to go to and click on "Stairway to Heaven". Listen to it
backwards first WITHOUT clicking on the reverse lyrics, and see what you can decipher
for yourself. Afterwards, read the lyrics and listen to it again.
As for me, I know what they are supposed to say, so I didn't even bother. But I did
listen to all the other clips on the site, and except for the ones that were very
clearly intentional and the ones I have heard before, I could only actually
understand one clip before reading the lyrics. It should probably be taken into
account that I was specifically looking for some sort of Satanic message. That does
indeed make a difference. Were I just listening to the song backwards for whatever
reason, I never would have caught it.

My point here?
Jimmy Page was not a Satanist. Robert Plant did not intentionally put a Satanic
message in Stairway to Heaven. He didn't need to; the song would have been immensely
popular either way. It's a ridiculously well-written song and one of only two songs
over four minutes that I will listen to without skipping over after two minutes. But
that's not really relevant.

Everyone hears what they are supposed to hear. If you show the song to someone who
has never heard it before, they won't hear anything, particularly if you don't tell
them they are supposed to hear a Satanic message. If you read the lyrics, you can
sort of make out the words... but only because your brain wants you to, damnit! They
aren't really there. It's an auditory illusion. It is honest to god jibberish. Uhh,
it's pretty easy to tell the difference between intentional backmasking and accidents
that sort of sound like words, because one will be complete nonsense that sort of
forms words in a half-assed way. The other is pretty damn clear. 

And NO, 'sometimes words have two meanings' is not some sort of CLUE. Neither is the
'and if you listen very hard, the truth will come to you'.
Seriously. Use your brains here. Could it not be a legitimate part of the song?
Perhaps it is just something that people read into way too far? I mean, most of the
song doesn't make any sense at all. I've tried to relate the damn lyrics back to the
general theme of the song, and I can't get anything at all out of it. So no, there is
no Satanic message in this song.

Queen does not want you to smoke pot, either. Britney Spears did want you to sleep
with her, but she puts that forward in her songs; what is the use of putting it
backwards as well?

There are much freakier things that have happened... like Dark Side of the Moon
matching up perfectly with The Wizard of Oz. I still think that was intentional. It
really does line up perfectly if you start them both at the exact same time, but it's
hard to start them both at the EXACT same time. Even if they're a few seconds apart,
you can still tell that they DO line up. 'Tis weird. I want to know who figured that
out... I'm convinced they were very, very high.

Yeah. Conclusion: It is an auditory illusion. Your brain WILL make sense out of
complete nonsense if you tell it to. Only those who have not been enlightened with
the 'lyrics' will hear it for what it is. In this case, ignorance is the way to go.
Last edited: 8 February 2008

aTwistofVision says:   8 February 2008   857461  
I love that song
neoeno says:   25 February 2008   762865  
Of course he didn't intend it, it was THE DEVIL'S WORK.
saralyn247 says:   14 June 2008   232712  
I love that song... but it wasn't intentional.
‹jesus_of_suburbia› sings:   6 February 2013   150451  
*the tune will come to you at last


And there is at least one Zeppelin fan here C:
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says:   13 March 2013   844595  
What do you think about the "Mudshark incident"?
Jimmy_Page says:   11 April 2013   374818  
Damn right I'm not a Satanist
Jimmy_Page says:   11 April 2013   854771  
Shut up. That was ONE teenage girl. Shut up. 
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says :   11 April 2013   497716  
Omfg ; ; 


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