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Death Note fanfic part 3Category: (general)
Sunday, 3 February 2008
07:02:18 PM (GMT)
Before I start,I would like to post another picture of Yoshiko Here:

Okay here we go!!!!!!! ---------------------------->                 Life Note:
              Chapter 2
              Stay dead!

Ryuk and Yoshiko Both had shocked looks on their faces as they looked at the person
on the bench, "L...Light?" Yoshiko 
(if you are to much of a MAFUFUFUFUDODOMAMAFA!!! this is what light looks like
light yagami
I like this picture....O3O

  "Yay!!!!" Yoshiko Cried as she jumped onto Light Forcing a killer hug, "The life
note strikes again!!You're alive!~" 
  "Wai..wait," He managed to say as he was choked in her hug," I feel Like I know
what you're talking about...because normally coming from you this sorta sounds like
  Yoshiko frowned and got up. Ryuk then laughed and then said to Yoshiko,"If you make
him touch the death note he will see me annnnnnd regain his memory of everything."
  Yoshiko Turned around,She mouthed yes, and asked," Light,I know this sounds odd,But
if you touch this book,you will regain your memory of everything,And you will be
filled with the knowledge of this white book." (Lights face: -__-'') "Okay...then..."
He said while touching the book. He felt a huge wave coming through his body as he
touched it.
  He looked at ryuk,"RYUK! you're the one who killed me! And I also know everything
about the life note! One question. You didn't happen to bring anyone back to life
with the name,Lawliet(Something)?" "Um...erm..."She replied as she saw amalia flying
in the direction of her house(O_O"),"Well,WHat did they look like?" Light looked
slightly angry,
"Well,He has black hair,and he looks pretty unique,I think he always wears a white
shirt and blue pants." "Uh...Oh...." Light murmered,'' Well,is there still an "L" on
the T.V screens?"
Yoshiko nodded," BUT!~That L was Near, but since I brought Lawliet back to life, He
is now L" "Yeah..-wait! His name is Lawliet!?"Light burst out, " Well yeah, she
And Light,DO you even have a place to stay!?" He shook his head no. "Well, COme to my
appartment then!"


They opened the door,and when they came inside, Light saw all these pictures of four
boys,"Hey Yoshiko,are these people..." Yoshiko cut him off," Yes,I suspected that
you'd know who they are because you were kira." Light's had a sad expression on his
face, "Yeah, but it was for a reason...." Yoshiko Smiled," I Know,Thats why Im going
to be Kira Version.2!"

To be continued......

You cannot bring someone back to 
life who is over the age of 61, or under
the age of a year.

You can only bring one person back to life 5 times
with your life note, Using another life note
will work.
Last edited: 13 February 2008

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