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Monday, 28 January 2008
10:38:06 AM (GMT)
ugh....i hate hypocrites and liars....

so i used to talk to Chantal and everything seemed cool. she even drew me a kickass
Oekaki then one day she blacklisted me and i was like whats up with that? and she
told me her parents made her do it..and i was like ok that sucks but i understand.
(though she doesnt strike me as the type thats totally under her parents thumb but

anyways so i still thought she was cool and went about my business then the other
day, i saw she was asking anyone to send her some kps so from my xxemoFakerxx acct i
sent her some..

and i got this message from her:

A message from InVaDeRsOfThEeArThGiRl:

Thu, 24 Jan 2008  06:54:25 AM (GMT)
I'm into reading...but I'm messaging you, you are amazing. Just wow.
Thankyou so much for the points, I've been really pissed lately because I can't
freaking draw nything. thankyou so much. aaaaanyway...*looks around suspiciously,
blushing* I love your profile. the border is awesome, how it moves. Dude, I tried
for like hours and hours to shorten my profile. I deleted everything on it like 10
times, but I just can't help the fact that I like to type waaaaaay too much. lol.
anyway...thanks again, I hope you don't find me boring, and actually message me
back. i replied back something like, you're welcome...and thanks for messaging
me like i havent talked to you in so long and i miss you. and something about it
raining a lot right now and asked if shes done any sitting out in the rain like she
told be she likes to do before.

.......never got a reply and happened to just randomly come across her profile today
doing a conditional match search...and she's got some message on her profile about
how it wasnt her folks it was her after all who blacklisted me.......and like for me
to leave her alone..

and im just like WTF? i didn t message you (i mean i sent her the kps..but i didnt
figure she would message me or anything longer than a tthankyou)  she must have read
the xxemoFAKERxx profile cause at the bottom is where it says if you dont like to
read to message me..

and it just bugs me that 1, shes not mature enough to like have told me from the
beginning that it was her that doesnt want to be friends and thats fine, whatever
but you dont have to be a liar about it..

and 2) i just find it like a bit, idk shallow that she likes my fake "17 yr old
persona" (she's not the only one actually) but the real me "freaks her out"....  

its not the first time though that ive run int such agism and like
double-standards...... when i first joined for a month or so i played around,
role-playing and experimenting with another persona/profile that was "17 yrs old"
too and that guy was quite popular ..........

it just sucks though it reallly does..cause the personality is all me......just
different sides of me..but stick a number in there...and suddenly its a huge
deal... just venting..on my diary

loralora says :   8 February 2008   248885  
i totally agree with ya she seams like a bit of a bitch i think age
shudnt matter you can be friends with ne1 no matter how old they are!
luv ya loralora thats meee x x x


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