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when my brother ignores meCategory: HELP!
Thursday, 24 January 2008
07:32:56 PM (GMT)
some girl in my class got a older sister in 10 grade and she always sayin she goin
to get her sister on us.i have a older sister but shes too old to be at my school
fighting somebody.my older sister india(pixie_chick_340)is a little older than mee by
5 months.her sister is very mean and is horrible to the kids.she always askes people
for their lunch
and she got suspended 2 times.she talks back 2 her teacher and she hit her own sister
once right infront of her class.we are always nice to her sister so she won't get her
horrible sister.i wish i can be friends with this girl but if we get into a fight i
might get beat up.HELP!

blindwonder says:   24 January 2008   152399  
Just avoid the girl. Don't do anything unless your supposed too.
If she threatens you guys, why would you want to be friends with her?
Just be nice to her sometimes, but don't talk to her so much.
‹...Lauraa x3...› says:   25 January 2008   573295  
.....why bother with such a stupid girl?

daimond-chan, shes just a waste of your time and your  breath....why
do u wanna be friends if shes pure arleyyy!!!!!....

just dont fight fire with fire, tell a teacher or a parent, besides,
they'll sort it out, if it dont work than face upto the bully even if
it means getting your head nocked  off...its better to live, knowing
than nnot knowing
DIAMOND_GIRL_10 says:   25 January 2008   418174  
but she wants 2 be my friend
PIXIE_CHICK_340 says:   25 January 2008   328847  
DIAMOND_GIRL_10 says:   25 January 2008   245468  
haha!no way
Green_Buddy says:   25 January 2008   176831  
ehh i say RUN!!!!!
DIAMOND_GIRL_10 says:   25 January 2008   949634  
haha tjat was funny
jubaby3 says:   30 January 2008   481929  
tell her to fade up....dont show that you scared act like you aren't
scared even though you are......and trust me it works....well it works
for my cousin cause she is scared of everyone that acts mean....but if
dat was me at that school...if the chick bother me she gone get a ass
whoopin of her life....in i bet she won't bother nobody else after she
mess with me
DIAMOND_GIRL_10 says:   30 January 2008   224651  
girlllll now im scared of u!
Chidori_Chan says:   13 May 2008   992715  
If she beats you up,beat hr up better!!!!D:<
Well Ill try to be a less-beat-upper at school....I feel like a
But if it was my friend who was bullied then I'd KILL BEAT THAT
D:< I'm tough too!
Kirti says:   2 July 2008   263836  
run away from your problems! avoid her, unless you think she wants to
be friends with you in which case... have a hidden camera to record
the evidence if she looses her temper on you. (thats the best I got
pinkypincessz suggests:   15 September 2008   288644  
dnt b scared of dat bitch.. stand up 4 ur self.. no point hidin innit
money_lisa says:   25 December 2009   151286  
Ignore  her and if she bothers you tell the teacher on her. Stand up
for youself.
wolfcub777 says:   27 June 2010   991114  
shes probably hurting and knows that no one will stand up to her so
she wants dominence try to befriend her shes like an alfa dog give her
sweets (treats)
XoLuVyAmUcHhXo says:   22 March 2011   763596  
alright first tell someone aobut this ecound dont GO NEAR HER third
call child youth and family on her but dont tell her tlak to your
parents tachers adults and say your concerd it works pleae take my
advice thanks xoxox
flymama asks :   23 April 2013   799028  
Hey diamond 10 what you really  think about family whos lies post on
my page if you seem the truth.


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